I do a lot of water sports. I have killed quite a few phones by dropping them in salt, water, so being waterproof, it’s, a real real bonus and a pretty sturdy. Looking phone no icepick battery 5500 milliamp hour, I have actually broken a phone from running over it with the four wheeler when it fell out of my pocket, so uh first up we’ll, give it the four wheeler test and see if it survives being run over Music. Oh, I really don’t like doing that. Still recording that’s good it’s, a good sign, no cracks. I really don’t like doing that, but um I just had to see, see how strong it was and it seems to hold up to the being run over by four wheeler. So I don’t think many phones could stand up to that sort of punishment. I said it recording and I’ll put it in my pocket and take a wee video peddling around the bay. Take some photos and yeah see what’s the video footage it puts it up. Nice see what the zoom is like: that’s, pretty good, actually, that’s, really high quality Music. It actually takes a pretty good video, which is quite important for me, because if I don’t have my cameras with me, it’s nice to be able to just take my phone out and take usable footage and being 4k it’s, it’s quite clear and crisp perfectly usable. So that’s a big big advantage for me and I’ve dumped it in salt, water, five or six times still working perfectly, so it definitely is waterproof.

Well, some good built in app here might be too dark. It’S got the compass gradient, meter, height meter, barometric pressure, plumbob sound meter, the domitor, so so it count your steps. Heart rate, okay, I’ll, give it a toddler test. Now you go Music enough. Yes, still going dirty all right, I’m gon na drop it off the edge of the dick and see how it handles for me to drop onto the ground just never hammer around. When you need one well now, let’s all handle alright I’ll, get the video rolling and drop it off the edge. There see how it handles up, ready, still go, no damage sweet. Well, that was a good drop for it, not a problem. Another good thing about it: that’s got a decent light on the back of it. So when I’m working on machinery and that sort of thing, I can just flick it on yeah lights up the whole era so makes it easier to see what I’m filming Applause. So you just put the phone on the air and it’s charging magic, that’s, pretty cool and with a tempered glass cover. That’S really got one on there, though, so I won’t put that on just yet and use a manual warranty instructions, warranty card phone charging instructions pretty straight water thanks and also came with a its own charging cable comes with a little tether as well. The strap thing that’s handy little adapter for the standard mini USB and USB to another adapter there and you with speed a 3.

5 socket for listening to music. I guess and charger so that’s a pretty nice phone really I’m impressed with a the main draw card, for it is that it’s, waterproof and it can. It can take a good impact and battery life is good, so I’m not having to charge it up. Every 10 minutes also the camera, is very decent, puts out usable footage. If I forget my camera, so yeah that’s, the your phone armor 7 I’ll put a link in the description below and if you’re interested check out their website.