Yes, finally, one of the kind of let’s see here the best alternatives to the Xiaomi and dreamy smartphones under 200 bucks, interesting specs, like always with the EDG phone, so we can buy it banquet and Ally extras penguin is selling it right now for two hundred and Ten dollars, while the L Express flash sale shows winter sale now selling it for 180 depends what you’re gon na look at this video. Maybe the Bengal will have the same price, but anyway, I’m gon na leave the buying links in description so purchase them. With my links link in advance so quickly, we’re gon na just do unboxing and hands on review in this video. If I find time and next week, I’m gon na try to do the full review for you also gon na have the gaming review battery love you and camera review on my youtube channel. I would try to do it as ASAP check it out. So these are the specs why people buying your MIDI G, probably because of the look design, specs battery size and also very important for the people. It is the LTE 4G LTE has huge varieties of LTE bands let’s see here. What do we have in the box? Everyone enjoy wallah, so what do we have? The phone is there. We have a case also a case included with the humidity phones, it’s, really nice, a different, a little bit kind of redesigned case from the you Medici.

I can see here that also they have a side fingerprint sensor which is interesting, let’s see here. What do we have in the box? Steps USB cable, it’s, a red color, and we have this pump charge support? Oh I mean this is Chinese. Oh no, I’m. Gon na leave it as it is let’s check it out here, top walls equal one point 5 ampere, so it does have the 18 watts fast charging support. Just have that in mind, the charger which is included Israel, it is that is what it offers you. What do we have here? Pin top an hour SIM tray in some humidity f2 manuals? We can leave that on in the box and we’re gon na move quickly to the smartphone to check it out what is cool about it and what are the main selling points of it? Let’S go here, we go here, we go and you just check this out. Yes, obviously you can see this small, tiny in display that punch hole the camera they don’t have the standard not anymore with the in DG phones, so they moved and probably they can also produce something which Samsung and Read Me. Kate xxx has the two cameras on the front by the end of 2020. In my opinion, they’re gon na probably put do something like that. Okay, so on the bottom, we have a speaker, type c, USB port, my main microphone and a 3.5 mini headphone jack.

Like you see by south ninjas it’s, very dark defense are super super black, so you can’t see you can’t even see here on over the camera. It was an acceptable slot. Yes, of course, you can also use an SD card there on the top. We don’t have anything and on the right side, of course, we have the volume rocker and power button, which is also as it works as a fingerprint sensor, and it goes inside of the frame you can see myself it’s inside of the frame I can see you Can see myself the difference here on the back for cameras flashlights on the front, we have one single camera that’s it I mean just super large phone. So what are the main selling points? 48 megapixel, ai quad camera on the back? Yes, it has quad cameras on the back, so you can see myself four cameras, the fourth camera you just under the flashlight. It has 32 megapixels ai ya, front, selfie camera. It has 6.53 inch full HD, full view display. So this is a six point. 53 inch. A full HD plus full view display, I also it has 6 gigs ram 128 gigs of storage, and here your piece 70. Yes, he will be 1792 P 60, so they did slightly upgraded to the hero. P, 70. 5150 mAh battery high capacity with 18 watts fast charge of support and NFC support. Yes, that was the device does have NFC and also this one.

Many people are buying humidity phones, they on standard under 200 bucks. They offer also and have seen huge varieties of the sensors fingerprint sensor is on the side check out this finish. Oh my god. The finish is really gorgeous. I have to admit super black can’t even seen it but check here the glass on the back also and a special edition here, it’s, even more polished and more cleaner. You can see myself here. Wow looks very very beautiful, yume de geeloger again evade indeed. Indeed, one of the best looking of phones right now at the market and the 200 box can see, but also the quality itself it’s a bit heavy when she I’m gon na mention later on. Anyway, it has a latest Android stock. So this is stock. Android 10 ninja eccentric 10 q, robot LTE bands and to our 4G LTE, so 12 4G LTE. You can use 2 SIM cards and Tuesday. In the same time, L 4G LTE connectivity, 8.7 millimeter thick, so it was seven millimeter so for the battery size. That’S again, I think it’s be sentence decent 201 grams, so this heavy smartphone, 200 grams it’s a very heavy device here. But I have to admit that the majority example I’m. Having also the ring me x2 pro, which is also under above 200 grams – and you can see by self, they are similar in the size really x2. Pro again ring me x2 Pro. It is around 170 dollars more expensive let’s move to the display checking out here.

The brightness it’s on maximum you see myself a little bit here, the UI itself. The NFC is activated I’m going to deactivate it because I don’t use and I’ve seen my country what else we can go. We’Re gon na go quickly here through the settings. Just show you here about the phone model name there. You can see myself everything build number virus update. Yes, I did update to the latest version. Oh my god ninjas just yesterday. Oh, we check the sound just before two days there, another another update released by Yuma DG call effect, optimised night scene mode added and other minor bug fix it Haho interesting interesting. So two updates us until I, since I unboxed this device, Wow, not bad, not bad. Like I’m moving to dip, oh yeah, this plate is gorgeous. It is gorgeous here. So this is 6 point 53 inch, LCD, IPS, Full HD, plus resolution 300 MIT at the redmi note, 8 pro and obviously the show me Nina in light with a mallet panel. It does have way better screen adjusts and also even the redmi note 7 pro with the LTPS display. It is better so again this device doesn’t offer the best display quality on the market. It does have this most tiny camera hole punching whatever they call it. I always forget time to you name of this thing, but nevertheless, if you want to go with this design, this is it. This is it for now.

This is what you get anyway: 2.5 D curved glass screen here: we’re gon na check HERE the viewing angles: okay, decent and regular for the LCD screen here: IPS LCD, IPS, yeah standard ninjas, nothing! You really impressive, like I said here, Samsung sorry, for that the Samsung panels on Xiaomi devices like show me me a3 and me nine lights, specifically, the me nine light will give you better. You have a new version. Install okay continue next here through the split screen option with the und gf2 ninjas. Here, of course, here the P 70 doesn’t have problems a little bit. Maybe I can feel here it stutters here but that’s fine here, because this smartphone was just released. It should get better with the performance here but again, like I see myself here, the video doesn’t lag here over on the top just here. A little bit cooling due through the Play Store all together, check the Sun. Trance will be nice. It does really nice anyway. Let’S check here the keyboard and the touch sensitivity on the edges. Okay, no problems, yep everything is fine. I don’t have any problems. The touch is good. The touch is good. Okay, it’s time to test the speakers, the speaker on the side of the MDG, f2 let’s. Go next volume: Music, why Music Applause, Music, okay, nice from one to ten I’m, giving it seven scoring just it’s a it’s, a decent quality, decent score? It can’t be the note 8 pro edition I mean I like they do offer a lot of the speakers.

The quality is there: the quality are honestly it’s, clear, it’s a bit deep here. Of course, doesn’t have a proper best that’s, completely fine, but the quality it’s it’s fine it’s, just fine here it doesn’t it’s, not how they call it. The sort it’s not distorted to at the maximum volume and obviously the clarity is also not that low it’s really rich with the sound, so it’s a pass pass. It is the past, but, like I said here, every other show me found a phone will give you a louder volume over the of course, speaker. Okay, mic check right now, let’s play it. I was just recording something to the mic check humidity. F2. My mouth is just a few centimeters away check this out; okay, not that satisfied with the mic quality here and the mic loudness knee just from 1 to 10 I’m, giving it 6 core author Xiaomi devices, give you an easily 9 it’s perfect score with the Xiaomi Device is loud and really great, so this one is really average. It is average ninja’s this. My quality is just average for this price tag. If you want to have it better, just better go with the Xiaomi device new. Just honestly, I mean to repeat the fact is the fact you can see by some eyes by my tests. How can I see something otherwise wanted it? My test shows this thing: man it’s, not that great ok. Here we go specs wise performance, wise.

Of course, we have the hero. P 70, like a mission than boxing two hundred and two hundred thousand points here, overdone to check the GPU score almost 40000 again. This is standard for hit apiece octa core SOC clocked at 2.1. This is the geek bench 5s corny. Just say it has a Molly G, 7203 core GPU, six gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage. So again, this is where it wins over the mean I’m light, and when we not eight pro for this price tag, the they don’t offer the this variant. I think that two hundred forty two hundred fifty dollars the 128 gigs versions of the meanin light and the redmi note 8 pro anyway. What else can I see here the? U FS? Storage 2.1, with, of course he will be 70 g said and in mine, SD card expansion independent. So this also really great fingerprint sensor is on the side which we’re gon na test. Just in a minute it this device, doesn’t, have a notification bar. It doesn’t have a light. An application bar now we’re gon na just quickly show you here the performance of the opening, the apps and reopening them let’s, see here how fast it’s gon na reopen them. Let’S go here from the app to the app okay. That is fast, that is fast ninjas. You have to admit that this is really fast and very smooth. So i am satisfied here will be 74 the performance mode.

It is a beast, in my opinion, recipes for this price tag. It is more than powerful to handle these everyday apps and just for you, beautiful that is smooth, okay, so more about the connectivity. Remember like i mention here. The biggest reason to pardon me did you over the xiaomi and really devices it is the LTE band support the the by far this is the best month on the best band from china under 200 250 dollars. That can give you really huge varieties of. Of course, bands anyway, you do have all the bands – and it is completely usable in america, which is really important for the americans. Dwarfs am acceptable: dois band, Wi, Fi, Wi, Fi, direct bluetooth, 4.2 version and not the bluetooth 5, and fortunately, a gps beta bonus, an gps with this device. Of course, we have OTG OTA, we have audio jack, we have radio FM, we have ulti sync voltage support and, like i mentioned at the beginning, NFC support – and this is one of the reasons to buy this device sensors. Yes, it does have a gyroscope micrometer proximity light and exeter mater ninjas battery wise. I charge it today again here because I’ve been using this device doing this video at the night bear because at the day I’ve been using. It outside also make sure to check my full camera review. I’Ve done a really nice camera view at the day, 10 hours in just yes, this is impressive.

One of the best it does offer a better battery screen on time than the redmi note. 8. Pro on the Xiaomi me 9 light crazy great battery. Here there is no anymore: they don’t have anymore the performance mode or whatever you call it it’s just standard right now we can go to the battery saver turn it on. If you want to do that, I said a sketchy all the my battery manager is, you can use detect when apps doing battery can also use this option and that’s it simply hear from the battery options. Nothing else at all. You can go to here, maybe just to the battery usage. If you want to check it in details for now I’m completely satisfied with the battery life up to 10 hours clean and time, then it’s really nice and I and that’s 5150 mAh battery 6.5 inches. Full HD resolution will hit a P 70 it’ll P. Scientists are really great and overall battery efficient chip, it’s a battery efficient chip here, a clock, a 2.1 it’s, not that super super powerful as this example something in 710 or no far beyond the halo. G9 ttg 90. 80 easily kills the hill at p 70. So if you want to the gaming better spend xx like 30 more dollars and buy yourself, the redmi note 8 pro anyway, let’s go next. Okay, now let’s go now and check the face ID ninjas! No! No! First, for the fingerprint sensor it’s a little bit awkward to use the face ID because the power button is this in same time, the fingerprint sensor.

So if you’re gon na enroll face ID and fingerprint sensor, it’s just better use the fingerprint sensor as at first so check it out again in just a bit slow here and compared to the mean line, light and the redmi note 8 pro. Obviously, okay ii mean enlighten display me a remi, not a true a physical one, but yes in just limit. If you will have to also improve here in the fingerprint the side fingerprint one needs to be more optimized and polished. Regarding this successful rate, out of ten, you see that i’ve had one or two unsuccessful and also the screen. Wake up. Time should be better let’s go now with a face ID okay, i just touch it and i just told my face let’s: do it one? Two? Three one, two, three one, two three one, two three one, two, three, okay, an interesting face ID. It seemed that this mean wake up time weeks, but works better than the fingerprint sensor yeah for now, maybe it’s better to use the face ID. But obviously the fingerprint sensor is more reliable and in just yeah let’s go next Music Music. Oh my god, I don’t have any more bullets. What is this? Okay, we are in a regular mode. You can see myself completely playable. It is completely playable here, but, as you know, and you probably, if you are watching my youtube video, if you’re one of my followers, you know that the snubber looking 710 – it is more optimized for android games and it will beat hero p70 in overall gaming experience.

Okay, just soleimani come welcome back. So this is the camera view of the Yuma DG. F 2 front: selfie camera. Oh my god, the same thing which the Medici f1 had and de Medici acts. Like you see myself.