King is not the back. Do it signed by red me Bob okay, so yeah it’s the same as to want her to keep twenty says it’s this time by red me. So have the sim ejector pin some warranty cards and mannose here Jolly Keith, because almost every show me phone and read me phone except I’ll, be the read me ad on itself. It looks cool, looks yeah, that’s, refreshing something new, especially the design which is probably for me, it’s a bit awkward trying to fit in that circle like the other phones, yeah, but well, they’re, just creative and placing another design over here and put them for the cameras At the center, pretty creative, though yeah, probably just a little now from other brands having the washing machine front, load, washing machine looking camera the front which is well for me quite a bit annoying okay, so have the yes, we tied the cable here and, of course, The 27 one charger good job on that for the Cape 20, so we have the phone itself here. You can see it through this time by red me and 64 a I super camera, so let’s run down. We have the 64 white center 12. No, I mean 8 megapixel ultra wide sensor, 2 MP depth sensor and, of course, 2 MP macro lens. We have the dual LED flash here. The red me logo simply on the middle. No, no other words printed here is quick clean.

I like it just the way it is there.