Do the full review of this real me x2. We just lost about 10 days ago, and I have been actually testing this one for almost 11 days now so I’ll give you my opinion and I’ll divide it between the pros and cons and guys to get an idea, an overview about this device. Watchman boxing video, as I won’t, go in every aspect of this device and, as I said in my unboxing, this is actually very similar to the real me XD at how you could say. This is the upgraded version of the real me XD, so let’s break it down between the pros and cons, but before that here are the specs for the real me x2 and, as you can see, it’s having the 6.4 and Super AMOLED screen and it’s fine with The new Snapdragon 730 GSoC and it comes with the 30 water, faster hoop charger and also has the quad camera setup and a 32 megapixel front facing camera. So now, let’s break it down to the pros and cons. Let’S, look at the pros first and again guys a very similar to other really devices. I would say in terms of looks and stuff. This one is that new color it’s the screen color. I like that, and if you talk about the screen, I like the screen on this one it’s a Super AMOLED screen it’s a six point. Four inch screen that we are having it’s a good quality screen that they have put.

It has all their regular stuff. Like auto brightness, also free flicker, free options and stuff in the settings, so again you can enable that, as you can see, low practice and flicker free option and all those things are there. If you want to keep it at very low practice, you can anyway. Let me toggle there, so all those things are there and I didn’t have to actually play around with the settings at the default settings. The image that I was getting was good, so a good panel, what they have your stuff. And now, if we talk about the processor that’s, the big difference, I would say this one is having the new Snapdragon 730 GS, o scene and if I compare it with the real mean XT, as you can see, this is a real me XT. This add the 712 I’m Aaron antutu on this one. If I switch on, as you can see, the XT got a score of 2 lakh 28000, whereas this called a score of 2 lakhs 65000. Secondly, faster both in the cpu performance, as well as the cheapy. In fact that this extra has the newer us Adreno 680 in cheap EU and say it’s even good for gaming and in general day to day performance, I did not have any issues with this device again it’s the color over six that you are getting – and I Did not have any issues of lag eNOS or anything while I was using the phone so in that way the processor handles everything and it’s a very powerful processor.

It should suffice, almost every fun, even for gaming. Actually, I had good experience now. If we talk about how the phone feels in the hand here also, I feel real me has done a good job. It feels comfortable in the hand, even though it’s having that 6.4 inch screen and it’s slightly curved here from the edges. So if you hold it it’s comfortable, I mean yes it’s having a six point, four inch screen, so you take a day or two to get used to it. But again I like the fact that the weight balance is done when on this one. So it does not feel top heavy or bottom heavy, so in that aspect they have done a good job. Now, if we talk about the, what do you say cellular network reception, I tested this one with a tell NGO and I tested then Heather Bob and I even now wasn’t go off for two days, so I tested it there and I did not have any issues In terms of network reception, the network reception was fine, as you guys know, in this area it a single level, is actually low it’s, currently with it Wilson. In fact, I just removed this Wi Fi and yes, I could take calls over here but again, it’s. The network reception in low signal area is just. I have it’s, not bad or it’s the one of the best I’ve seen so in terms of network reception.

I would say it’s neutral, but I didn’t have any what you say: issues regarding the network reception, what I’m going to call quality I’m happy to say that the gear piece from this is actually really good, and I could hear the calls very clearly – and it can Actually go to very high right. What is a loudness if you really want so in that area? Also, no issues and the microphone quality is also good on this one. So the other parties never complain about call quality, so that was good now, as we’re talking about sound and stuff, it has a single speaker over here and I’m did take some calls with the speakerphone and was fine. In fact, I would say no it’s just having a single speaker, it’s, actually pretty loud. For example. Let me play so. As you can see, the speaker is actually adequately loud, though it’s a single speaker that we are getting on this one and now moving to the 3.5 mm headphone jack but nice to see that they still have that and the audio quality was very good. With this one, it also has to all be at most, so you can enable it to get some better effects, but overall, I would say in terms of sound and even the output from the headphone jack. I was satisfied now. If we talk about the general performance, as I’ve told you in general performance, I did not have a issue with this one and also in terms of RAM management.

The RAM management was fine on this phone. I didn’t have pretty little problems with the RAM management. With this device, as you can see, I’m just opening and closing some of the apps that I had open earlier and they are in memory, so the RAM management also has been done very well. In fact, in day to day operations in general, UI and stuff, I did not have any show. Yes, it ran some color over 6, so I mean it’s typical color OS. I hope that the next new version of color OS of the real me who has thumbs on this one and now, if I have to also talk about gaming, I did test call of duty and even pop G on this and as expected, even at the highest Settings it played fine thanks to the new Adreno GPU and the Snapdragon 730 GSoC. So if you are a gamer also, then you’d have a good experience and nothing like the battery. The battery life is also good on this one it’s, similar to what does getting on the X 2. How much is slightly more efficient slightly more our standby time I was getting, and that is due to the fact that the Snapdragon 730 GSoC is based on eight nanometer process. To give you a very rough idea, I would say it should last for most users about one and a half days and if even if you’re sort of for heavy user easily about full day without any show.

But one thing I would really like on this device is that it comes out of the box with a 30 watt VOC charger, which is significantly faster compared to other Mook charges that were coming with your media message. For example, the XT came with 21, so you’re, getting the 30 watts other, so even topping it up was a very quick experience when it was let’s say about 15, but generally I charge it when it’s 1 over 15 and in less than about 250 minutes. It was fully charged so again the charting speed has benefited quite a bit because of that book, 30 watt charger and I’m happy that you don’t have to buy that charger separately. It comes inside the box now let’s also talk about the cameras again, as you can see, it also has the what camera setup the main camera is at 64 megapixel. Then we have that 8 megapixel ultra wide. We also have a 2 megapixel for macro and 2 megapixel for what’s a portrait and the front facing is actually a new 32 megapixel shooter, and here are some of the sample shots that I have taken with this one and, as you can see, the outdoor shots Come out brilliant in natural lighting see the sharpness, they look so a lie. Even the color reproduction, as you can see, was very good, but he a skin tone itself. So in outdoors situation, I was thoroughly impressed with the camera and also how it handles colors.

So in that area it was very, very good, as you can see now, even moving to artificial and night lighting. As you can see here, I was surprised because here I’ve noticed quite a bit of improvement and, as you can see, these were taken in outdoor lighting night then also they came out very good here. I was in Hua and, as you can see, this is very, very low lighting, extremely low lighting and here I’m able the night mode and stuff. And yes, as you can see, it did a good job. Yes, there is some nice and there was it extremely low lighting. But overall, I would say in this price range in what do you say: difficult lighting conditions, low lighting conditions, this one produced one of the best results that I have seen now. Even if you talk about the front facing camera, as you can see, the new 32 megapixel front facing camera is actually doing a very good job. In my opinion, but even in situations at night when the lighting was not good, the front facing camera performs very well. So again, I have to say the camera setup, but they have really worked on it and they have also optimized tech. Now talking about video. Yes, you can shoot video with this one, and the good thing is that now they do allow shooting the video, even in the ultra wide mode. But here are some of the video samples that I shop with us real me, x2.

Shooting this video with the real me x2 and I’m shooting this at 1080p and, as you can see, I’m just walking around so that you get an idea. How is the stabilization, as of now looks like the es, is doing a good job, even though I’m walking just normally, but you let me know what do you think about the video and the audio with this real me, x2? Shooting this video with the front facing camera again, I’m doing the same thing using it against the light. To give you an idea, let me move to a shadowed area and don’t. Let me know what do you feel about the video with the front facing camera? I think so it’s also again doing that E is and because of that image as zoomed in. But so again you have to stretch your hands a little bit for these vlog style videos, but again do let me know what do you feel about the video quality? So there was a camera performance and it also has this in display fingerprint scanner, as you can see, and again, as we have seen earlier or ume devices, the performance is actually really good, as you can see so no issues regarding that the in display fingerprint scanner Is very, very responsive on this one, so these are the good things that I liked about this device now let’s move to the console, and the first call that I have is that, like other ble devices, this also looks very similar to other.

We can be devices, in fact, as you can see, the real me XD and this one they look almost identical. So again, I feel Larry. We should work a little bit on the design and change the design, but it’s almost the same as you can see from the front and back so. This is something I hope they change in the future now also coming to this display it’s an AMOLED screen. So you can have this always on display in the settings you can enable it. It was not any, but I anybody, okay, this is half baked, I would say only four missed calls. I get an icon of that, but for any other notification I simply don’t get and I don’t know – and the fact is that this smartphone does not have any physical LED notification light. So you have this functionality, I hope for future updates or the next Android 10 update. That is coming. They this always on display and make it more functional. Now, if we talk also about the Android version, as I’ve told you it’s still on Android 9, that is Android PI on this one. I don’t know the rumors that the next real me, the color OS 7, is already on Android 10. So this might be getting that very soon. They said that announced exactly, but they said that it will get the Android 10 during the first quarter of 2020, so let’s see what we get and hopefully, if we get the rumor real me OS with this one.

But as of now it’s still on Android 9, that is Android type. Now, if we also talk about the back as I’ve told you this I’m using it without the case, hence as you can see, it’s a fingerprint magnet. So again you have to constantly vibrate type you’re using it without the case. But if you use of the case, you won’t have that issue and also as I’m, using it without the case. As you can see, the cameras actually chart out. So if you just place it like this and press it, it is more agreeable on the table. So that is a small thing that I have noticed and again apart from that. Another thing is that if you go to the camera interface, it’s good as I’ve told you regular 1x, you also have this 2x and you’ll also have the 5x, but I would say, don’t use the 5x more, for example. Here are the sample shots. This was 1x it’s fine. The 2x is also fine but notice. When I go to the 5x, the picture is so pixelated, so I feel they have pride at 5x for just heck of it. It shouldn’t be provided because it’s, not optical zoom, so just don’t use that 5x more so that I use a apart from that it’s. Actually a good smart phone, particularly. I, like the improvements in the camera, both the rear and the front facing camera, and I have to just say nitpick also, I would say it starts at about 17000, but for that you get that 4gb RAM barrier.

The ideal variant for me personally would have been the 6 GB RAM barrier that 128 gigabytes of internal storage, and that is priced at about 19000. I felt they could have been slightly aggressive but that’s what a test. But apart from that, I would say overall it’s a very good Android smartphone and certainly one of the more powerful Android smartphones under the 20000, a price band and, I would say, you’re getting the 730 GSoC and also you’re, getting some very good camera performance and not To forget that 30 watt charger so definitely a very good mid range handset. That is the real me x2. So guys that was my review for this real me x2.