Now this is a 40.00 lens kit for a smartphone that you guys can find on Amazon links will be in the description below. If you want to, of course pick this thing up and guess who’s not much more to say about it other than the fact that there is nine total camera lenses in here, I know there’s a wide angle, fisheye zoom telephoto, I believe so definitely a few adapters In here, which I will be trying out on, possibly my iPhone tennis max, I don’t know how that’s gon na work out, though, because it has two cameras or space I’ll, just try it out on iphone 7 and see how it turns out anyways, so let’s go And start with those showing you around the box here, Sierra on the front, says key wing lens pro photo lens system for your smartphone. This could work with Samsung pretty much any phone that has a camera really it’s, just in this case, I’m gon na be demonstrating. It on an iPhone on the side. Here you can see lens lens pro on this side. We have a label. Is that if you want to take a look at that, you can see their wide angle, nine and one lens on this side. We don’t have anything up here, key wing and then on the back key wing, along with some labels, so it’s going to open this thing up, and I actually don’t have my knife. So I’ll just use a screwdriver.

Why not you get my knife down here? To do this, let’s get it out here, get out, it shrink, wrap up to a site and go and open this thing up. Alright is that and alright, so on top we have a alright, so a little like invitation card or something we also in here have a instruction guide come on there. We go instruction guides right here, use a manual whatever you want to call it. You can see they’re all the different lenses, so okay let’s go and see what all this comes with so 0.63 wide angle, lens 20 times macro starburst lens 2 times, telephoto 0.36 super wide angle, 15 times macro lens, CPL lens, kaleidoscope, lens and 108 198 degree. Fisheye lens, so definitely a lot of things there i won’t, i won’t be demonstrating all these I’ll probably demonstrate maybe macro, maybe telephoto and definitely wide angle I’ll. Try that so there’s that right there and it’s going to open up the little carrying case feels pretty nice. Let’S go and open it up here and see what’s inside so alright there they all are. It looks like on the left. We have a cleaning cloth, yeah, a little key ring doctor or whatever you want to call it here, so there’s that once again, a little microfiber cloth feels actually really high quality. And then here we have the clips to go on to your phone let’s see what when this is okay, so those that this is the super wide angle lens I’ll definitely be trying that and then the see here this is the fisheye lens.

Alright, then you have the what is this? The 2 x telephoto lens right there. Then you also have the 15 x macro lens and then the you out of there. Then we have the early read this. This is the start, burst lens, ok and then this is the CPL mobile lens. I believe that says: yeah Cpl, Mobile mobile phone lens, ok, so there’s that and then lastly, you have the see here. This is the kaleidoscope lens, I believe. Oh yeah, you could kind of see it in that’s, weird, so cool coke and I just dropped it on the table should be alright, though anyway, so there’s that so uh yeah, you can see right there. Nothing else in the box, so very nice, so what I’m gon na go and do now is put these on I’m. Probably gon na have to do yeah, probably the iPhone 7, because I don’t think this is big enough to go over to two cameras on my iPhone. Can I smack so? Let me go and switch films here and I’ll go and see how all these lenses work. Alright, so here I have the fisheye lens on this is what looks like you see, it obviously kind of looks like a fisheye, as that kind of effect, I’ll go and move on to some of the other lenses now alright. So this is the 0.36 times super wide lens you can see here. It is actually quite a wide lens.

I believe we have a bigger one, so it’s going to be even wider. This is more like what you would get on a GoPro by the way I’m filming with an iPhone 6s plus. So this is definitely not something you would get from the stock camera lens, so here’s. This looks pretty good, alright. So this here is the Kaleidoscope lens. You can see here I had definitely working it’s very weird. You can see multiples of my Jeep. That is weird it’s. Definitely working, though, check that out very cool, so yeah, Kalai scope, lens looks good. Alright, so here is the 2 x telephoto lens. You can see here it’s a little bit more zoomed up, so it’s not losing quality that’s. What telephoto is for and again this is at the factory. I guess you could say default zoom and it’s way, zoomed up that’s because of obviously the telephoto lens. So it’s. Definitely working very well again looks clear, just like all the other lenses, quite nice right, so here’s the 0.63. What is this wide angle lens yeah, and you can see here it’s way wider than the I believe, 0.23 wide angle lens so way better way wider. You get way more things in the picture. This is more like a GoPro 4 way, what fraction of a price so quite good, I’m very impressed. So what I’ll gon na do now is go in and stub this clip and give you guys my final opinions and actually just for comparison.

This is without the lens right. There it’s way more zoomed up, so very impressive, all right! So, overall, what do I think of these camera lenses? I think this thing’s are actually pretty good for some older phones or lower end phones. Now, for example, my iPhone tennis max or my friends, I phoned 11pro over here. You can’t use these lenses with those phones. My phone, because as to camera to actual cameras, camera lenses, whatever you want to call them and Adams in this case, 11pro has three cameras and you can only cover up one camera with these. So, for example, I demonstrated it on my iPhone 6s plus and they’ve worked fine on their iPhone 10 re to work great on their. But if you have two or more cameras on the back, you really can’t use these camera lenses, but for any other phone than like. I always like my tennis max. These are really good camera lenses. They all worked very good and especially the ultra wise. I was very impressed by those I might even use those to get more things in my camera shot very impressed by those and overall I really like these camera lenses. Also like a little case. They come in sorry they’re worth twenty five dollars.