I make a video only for my company p2p the business. My company supports small order and small business. Also, we are set sample order from one pieces. We can make it collaboost Anton. We have almost 10 years of colobus ending and international trading experience. Since 2010. We can deliver the smartphones to you for water address in Sandton control or other city in China. I will put p2p the content, the land below the video. I will put some more order. A sample order land below the video, if you like, the phone you can play as ordered literally okay. Let’S continue to reveal the epsilon till school in smartphone license aces. You have two screens it’s affirmed. Schooling is 6.0 1 inch and Moloch dispray 2160p sauce by 1080. Pixels 402 PPI density and it’s. Secondly, the button is unlock for e ink display the secondly, ink display is 5 horses, 1 inch, HD, Plus display and and it blue light and the blue light eating display can see in display it is available to Tao low or applications at radical will gay weed Again entered applications, here’s fingerprint sensor power, onoff pattern together inflate, let poor it’s from the spray. The CPU is kalam, come Senate Oregon since Angeles St oughta coil 2.2 kike Haas Suzuki copy layer, 128 gigabyte long supports microSD car to 256 gigabyte per micro sd card. The battery built in is free thousand 300 million per hour per day. Beauty support, kill, see Philippe Chereau, fast charger charger and support GPS, a gps, PDS type CD u.

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