This is pretty much the best budget smartphone that you can find for around 50 bucks without a contract in the holiday shopping season. As we talked about in our unboxing, video samsung has been pretty aggressive in the past year in terms of pumping out relatively affordable smartphones in response to stiffening competition from Chinese companies like Xiaomi. Real me, among others, and they’ve, been pretty successful in terms of lowering the prices of their devices, but still retaining really good value, and I think that the a 10 is a excellent example of that again. The 50 that you’ll pay for the a 10 II, which is just insane and something that even the Chinese brands, really can’t compete with at this point. So Samsung is really trying to reclaim that market segment which they lost, starting with the design of the smartphone. You really can’t tell how this is a super budget phone just because it has a full edge to edge display, which Samsung calls infinity screen with a v shaped notch on the top which houses the front facing camera, which is 5 megapixels, along with a tiny little. Your piece and then on the very bottom there’s a small chin, but it still is really compact and, as we saw in our unboxing, actually is a even smaller bottom bezel than the Samsung Galaxy s8, which was their flagship phone from less than two years ago. The screen here, measures 5.8 inches diagonally great for watching content and videos with, but at the same time, still being relatively compact in a day and age where we now have phones with 6 inches and 6.

2 inch screens again, 5.8 inches is still pretty small. The overall size is similar to phones from before that have the older aspect ratio like this original Google pixel, which has a 5 inch screen, as you can see, the overall body size is still about the same now, unlike Samsung’s, more expensive phones, the display is not Using AMOLED technology, so you don’t get as punchy. Looking blacks, however it’s using still a very solid quality IPS LCD panel, which offers really good viewing angles. Now the body of the phone is constructed out of a polycarbonate plastic with that hyper glazed finish, which is pretty common in Samsung’s phones of yesteryear, it’s not going to feel as Premium in the hands as on they’re, more expensive flagship devices which were made out of Glass and aluminum this these days, however, as a result, it does feel more sturdy chances are it’s not going to break, and you don’t really need to have a case on top of it. Now, on the rear, there’s access to a single eight megapixel autofocus camera with an LED flash on the base, is a very modern, USB type c port for charging. Now the phone does not support quick charging. Unfortunately, although getting from zero to a hundred percent, it doesn’t take that long under two hours, there’s still a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, which is excellent to see alongside with a loudspeaker and this phone also comes equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, which is also really amazing, because there Are still countless smartphones, like the aforementioned Xiaomi me a three more expensive which still use an older bluetooth, 4.

2 chip, so 5.0 is going to give you even better battery performance and longer connectivity range less latency when you’re connecting it to wireless Yurbuds. The site here also features a sin: slash microSD card slot for expanding the built in memory. The phone by the way comes with 32 gigs of built in storage. About 22 gigabytes are remaining for you to download your own apps and content. Perhaps the only real omission from a hardware perspective is the lack of any biometric sensors. So you won’t find a fingerprint scanner, for example on this device, which means, if you want to unlock it, you have to use a pen a password or rely on the face. Unlock feature, which does indeed work using the front facing camera, but it’s, not quite as secure si on the latest iPhones since there isn’t really a depth sensors again, it does work in a pinch so moving into the software and performance. Now the phone itself is running on the Exynos 78 84 chipset, which is octa core compared to a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets. The performance here sits between the Snapdragon 636 and the Snapdragon 660. So those are both really solid, mid tier processors that you’ll also find on Android phones, typically selling for 200 and above really it’s, quite smooth and without any signs of delay or sluggishness for the most part and again really outperforms its price, even if it was being Sold at 200, it would still be a really solid CPU.

That Samsung has chosen other it’s technically running on android 9.0 pi on top of Android, one UI, which is already pretty up to date and there’s access to full gestures for on screen navigation, which works quite well there’s. Some hints at with the areas that you can swipe on to do various commands like back home and multitasking. You can also open up say additional apps and if I go back home, I can swipe from this site here to slide back and forth between currently open applications. Samsung has even promised a software update coming in the following months. That will upgrade this phone to android. 10.0, with one UI 2.0, typically budget phones don’t receive any software updates at all, so for samsung to guarantee an upgrade to the next generation latest Android OS it’s, just insane for only 50 bucks, let’s launch it the camera quickly again for this price, you can’t expect Outstanding camera performance, but it’s passable for the price for stability for to quickly zoom in and out two times at a click of a key. It is going to be a digital zoom, as opposed to optical, though so you should hold relatively still. There is auto HDR that can sometimes pop in and add some more contrast and pop to your images, which is nice, especially when you’re shooting outdoors. I can slide back and forth record video up to HD resolution, a pro mode that you can find, adjust the white balance and exposure and ISO even more, and we can see how the overall effect is really not shabby at all.

It’S definitely helped by the fact that the screen here is so punchy and nice looking for the price goes up to the besides and gives you a really immersive viewing experience. The flasher also works quite well when you’re shooting in the dark again in good lighting conditions, are still plenty of details that you can make how in the shots. Perhaps it only starts to degrade a little bit when you are in lower light environments, and you have to hold more still. The only difference compared to more expensive phones is, I would say, the ability for you to capture different special effects like wide angle and also bouquet are obviously missing, because it’s only a single camera lens, but overall for a single lens that still is doing pretty good Job for the price, so here we’re pulling back how quickly YouTube clip just showing off again the vibrancy of the screen, which really is super nice for the price, and we can see that viewing angles are wide and generous with nice. Looking colors, we can of course, pinched to fill in the entire sites at the phone and just makes it look even more immersive. Now the battery capacity inside is three thousand milliamp hours. I would say it’s only about average for a phone of these specifications. It will definitely laughter through an entire day, but it’s also not going to be really a real endurance. King it’s not going to quite stretch to say more than two days, Music, Music.

So at the very least it’s not that easy to get covered up, you can set it onto a table and the music still comes out. It does get relatively loud, but it distorts a little bit higher volumes, but overall it’s definitely a passable speaker. You can always use your own headphones or use Bluetooth 5.0 wireless headphones and that further improves the audio quality, especially because, when you are using headphones, Samsung is also giving you the ability to toggle on Doby Atmos, which can further increase kind of the immersiveness of the Sound Facebook is pre installed by default. There are a few other kind of Bilotti apps, including wish Pandora. These are all pre installed. In addition to some of these games, here are also installed out of the box, including bubble shooter cube Rush World War Rising and also solitaire. So if you don’t want to use some of these apps, you can try uninstalling them, but it does occupy a little bit of space when you first take it out of the box back into the browser for a quick web browsing test. Let’S, try to jump into the verge, really no complaints here. Just because again, the Wi Fi signal strength is quite good with the antennas and also the processor, the seven eight eighty four Exynos chip. If we want to, we can try voting, but the desktop site and we’re not going to have too many issues either now in terms of RAM it’s, one of the other, slightly weaker aspects of the phone, because it comes with just two gigabytes.

So Samsung is still a little stingy in that department. It’S fine, when you have just a small map mount of app it’s perfectly fine when you have just a few apps open and you’re, focusing on one task at a time. But if you have too many things running in the background, it can start to boggle down a little bit. So my recommendation is to be a bit more conscious at the apps that you have open and manage it using a bit more attention and care, and otherwise it should still work quite well as far as the essentials, including making phone calls, are concerned, I’m. Glad to say that the eight and E performs really nicely again the reception, strength or the antennas is excellent, so I consistently received almost full bars here in the Seattle region, so no complaints there. The last thing to really talk about, I think, would be gaming performance. Even if you’re playing back more graphically demanding titles such as pub G, a Flo 9 or some of these other versions of games that we’re trying out right now, so, as you can see here, it make to a very impressive experience with that being said, if you Are kind of a heavy gamer and you’re always expecting to play the games at the highest graphical settings, then this is probably still not gon na be the device for you, even though it ready is performing super nicely for a budget phone and a mid to your Processor, so overall gaming performance definitely is extremely good for the price.

Again, typically, phones in this range will have mediatek chipsets, which will be pretty awful on their entry level, quad core configurations or, if you’re, looking at a snapdragon powered device. Typically, it’s going to be a Snapdragon 400 series, maybe the 625 but that’s not going to be quite as good as the performance that we’re seeing here so that’s, more or less it. As far as our review of the galaxy a 10 II again for the price, it’s pretty much an unbeatable ultra budget phone, a really nice overall user interface that feels smooth and responsive with lots of accessibility, features really there’s tons of details that are impressive here from Having a USB type c charging port, whereas the majority of phones in the price range still use micro, USB 2, giving you the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, whereas most phones in this price only have bluetooth 4.2.