This is the iPhone 11 Pro Sol. Arius zenith buy caviar, Music, all right, what’s up guys I’m. Kid Bhd here shout to everyone else on family tech support duty during holidays. I feel you so this there’s literally nothing. I can say about this one that’s useful to a normal person. This is purely just a showcase of a fun and ridiculous iPhone 11 Pro Mod, because you really just don’t, get to see something like this every day. So this boutique, this small company out of Russia, called caviar they’ve reached out and they wanted to know. If I wanted to check this thing out, it said, would you like to check it out? I said okay and then they flew someone here to hand deliver it. So what exactly is this? This is a Space Gray, iPhone 11 pro with the glass back replaced by a massive mechanical clock, structure plated and covered in 24 karat gold, and exactly a hundred and thirty seven diamonds, it’s ridiculous and actually the ridiculousness starts from the unboxing experience. So after you get past the included pair of microfiber gloves and a cloth sleeve you get to the phone box and the phone itself is in this custom: black and gold box, Laughter Applause, Music, okay, so the peel was just as satisfying as any normal iPhone and Then for all the accessories we’ll blow, it there’s another section of this custom box with some paperwork, including a certificate and a serial number and a one of one certification.

And then you have three black boxes with your caviar accessories. First box is a USBC charger in the box of an iPhone with a fast charger in the box, so you could its. I guess you have to spend a hundred thousand bucks on an iPhone to finally get a fast charger in the box, and a second box is a lightning cable and a couple of smaller things, including a custom gold plated shark, shaped SIM card removal tool. This golden rod thing that we’ll get into in a second and then this third box is a completely custom pair of matte black air pods pro and a painted case with painted logo and painted air pods complete with the gold caviar logo that took me off guard That’S, actually pretty impressive, Wow okay, so the accessory bundle is really legit. I was impressed with that, but that’s, not what we’re here for the main attraction is clearly the phone first thing you’ll notice – and this is not a joke. This is super serious. This phone is incredibly heavy as soon as you pick it up. You’Ll notice this I put it on a scale against a normal gold iPhone 11 pro. The caviar phone weighs more than twice as much 434 grams that’s more than two Galaxy Note, 10.1. At the weight of the one gold caviar phone, so yeah it’s heavy in the hand it’s thick too, which you can obviously see and then, of course, there are tons and tons of details to admire the lines, the concentric circles, the engravings that diamonds all over it.

It is absolutely nuts but it’s all still connected to a regular iPhone 11 Pro. It does have a pre installed, pretty low res cavy, our wallpaper and the region is set to Russia, but other than that. The functionality is exactly the same. The great camera, the great battery life, the whole thing I mean you know what an iPhone is, although I guess you don’t have wireless charging anymore, you’re gon na lose that and then you might have also noticed. The text on both sides on one side is the name brand and you’re limited edition number one of one which is so sick and then on the other side, you get a little more info, it’s an iPhone 11 Pro it’s 24 karat gold it’s got diamonds and It’S, a caviar phone. So what was that rod thing from before the thing in the unboxing? Well the clock on the back of this phone? Did you even notice that the clock, the clock on the back of this phone is a fully functional mechanical watch instrument thing? Because of course, it is so you get this gold plated rod in the box, with the logos printed on the caps, and you can unscrew it to reveal a hex tool, and it turns out this hex tool is what you use to wind up. The watch at the beginning of each week on the corner here you can use that to wind up the spring mechanism and that gets it going and it just keeps running all right.

Actually looked it up. It’S called a terbium, apparently I’m, probably saying that wrong. Who will be you, but if you want to learn more about them yourself, you can just read the Wikipedia page for that word: I’ll, link that down below. If you want to have your mind blown a bit, but now you have a working mechanical watch, complication on the back of your hundred thousand dollar phone. It clicks and ticks constantly, and you can hear it all the time, especially if you have your phone up to your ear, to make a phone call now I don’t actually want to put my SIM card in this Russian phone to test it here. If you can hear the audible ticking through a phone call, but yet trust me, you can hear it. Okay. I also noticed there’s a glass screen protector pre installed to really protect your investment. I personally almost never use these, but there you go it’s on the phone and yeah. If you go spec one of these out on their site right now, you can have a similar one made this one as SPECT is a hundred and one thousand five hundred ninety dollars, and if you go up to the iPhone 11 pro max since it’s, bigger it’s. Much more expensive because there’s more gold, and just for the hell of it spec it up to half a terabyte that’s one hundred twenty one thousand two hundred eighty dollars, but also limited edition, one of one so that’s kind of sick.

I couldn’t eat that I was gon na drop it. So what why? Why does this exist? Why does anything like this exist because you’ve seen like those other random insert luxury item here plated in gold costs ten times what it should you’ve seen that right? The answer is again kind of like the others, just because they can and and there’s a small group of people who will appreciate the customized mastery of the mechanical engineering that goes into a watch face like this, I mean think of the whole watch world matter. Of fact, luckily, on the last episode of the waveform podcast shout out to it, if you want to check out our new podcast, it is also linked below. We spoke to kevin o’leary aka, mr. wonderful, on Shark Tank, and I was just chatting with him for a bit and at a certain point we noticed I was wearing an Apple watch Series 5 and he was wearing an 80000 collector’s item. One of one watch with a special red band and we talked about it. You know the other day I looked. I was looking at this watch and a woman beside me who I didn’t know said what time is it? I said. I have no idea. She said you just looked at your watch. I said that is nothing at the time I’m appreciating the art, the mastery of making this piece, which is one of ten in the world, and it just brings a tear to my eye and I love to look at it yeah.

I have no idea what time it is. I don’t care yeah. So for that person with a penchant for collecting stuff and appreciation for the mechanical engineering going on here, I could totally see that incredibly wealthy person getting this phone reaching in their pocket to pull it out and just staring at it. I mean sure there’s technically a clock on the back. But are you really reading that maybe just turn the phone over and see the time with the digital clock on the front, but go right back to enjoying the crazy design on the back and that’s it to be clear? I don’t think this is a great idea for most people, it’s a pizza of text, still it’s kind of like how that Apple watch edition gold version never really took off and Apple eventually discontinued, because there’s a new one next year, but hey if you got ta Flex, this hard just start a conversation. I guess that’s a hell of a conversation, man so that’s pretty much it. This is the opposite of the tech that I normally play with. Where we’re like hey. Should you buy this? Should you not, but I figure this is an opportunity. I probably we will never get again to hold 100000 phone like this, so I figured I’d share that with you guys right back to the stuff. We typically talk about in the upcoming videos and again shout out to the waveform podcast down below we’re on Episode, twelve already coming out on Friday, I think it’s been pretty fun either way, thanks for watching donate to team trees, if you haven’t already by the end Of the year talk to you guys, the next one peace, okay, so that was clearly a video about something extremely expensive that you should probably never buy.

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