Projector is only 130 dollars, but it has a good brightness. 4000 plucks. 720P native resolution and full HD support 250 inches screen size and Wi Fi synchronization, with a smart phone let’s make unboxing and full review of of Weinke. Oh, we sure 470. Is it really good for home, theater, college or office? The don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to our channel tear brothers. The books of a venti Elisha 470 is not very big, because the projector itself is quite compact. On the front side, we can see the image of projector company logo and the name of projector at the bottom. Okey let’s open the box inside the box. There is a bag, it has a logo of a Weinke. Oh, the back has a good quality and I think it is a very useful thing because you can carry the projector anywhere you want to the office college, curl, etc. Actually, the compact size and portability is one of the main features of Evenki olesia 470. We will talk about this later in the back. There is a projector which is held down by well crossed traps, different cables such as HDMI AV and power, as well as remote control. Of course, there are many paper documentation, such as greeting card from who nko and a user menu. Ok let’s look at projector closer. As I already said, Venky Alicia 470 is a compact projector. It is 220 by 165 by 80 millimeters, as the weight is about a 1000 360 grams.

Here is the size of projector. In comparison with my phone, you should understand that it is not portable projector because it doesn’t have built in battery, but it is really lightweight and compact, so you can carry it to the office school or any other place. The body of projector is made of white plastic on diesel and laga focus on Keystone wheels. A black, the Lance is colored by a plastic plug. You should close the Lance’s, as is black when you don’t use projector on the top panel. There is cultural buttons such as power, leftright, updown, clip outs and ok. Just above the Lance is located, focus and Keystone wheels on the left side of projector. You will find two HDMI ports use V: port AV 3.5, millimeter, audio jack and SD card slot. The power connector is on the right side. On the back. There is only VGA port at the bottom. There are three mounting house adjustable kickstand and a speaker SL ready set. The projector has remote control in the package. It looks a very similar to Xiaomi remote control. Don’T, you think so there are only few buttons but that’s enough to control the projector. Now I want to turn on the projector and tell you about main specifications when your leisure, 470 doesn’t have operating system. So you need to connect TV books, game, console, smartphone or any other device. When you first turn on the projector, you are prompted to choose the language.

There are many languages available, including English, Spanish, Russian, etc. The menu is standard for budget projector. I have already seen it in previous projectors, for example, when clear performance of with 620 in the picture menu. You can change picture melt, color temperature aspect ratio display size. There is also a sound menu time and other options by the way. One of the main teachers of event.kill Lygia 470 is connection with a smartphone via Wi Fi. You can also connect the phone to projector use an USB cable. There is also HDMI and USB port, so you can connect laptop game, console TV, stick, TV box and any other device. I decided to connect my phone via Wi Fi, because it is one of the main features of this projector. While you are watching the videos, I will tell you about main specifications when kaliesha 470 has a 720 p native resolution 1280 by 720 pixels. However, you can play full HD videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc. The aspect ratio is 16 by 9 or 4 by 3. As the image size from ‘ to 250 inches, the distance between projector and the wall should be at least of 130 centimeters. The lamp has brightness of a 4000 flux. The lamp life is 50000 hours, Music by the way, iPod information on Amazon that this projector is not recommended for office presentation. I think this is because the image is not very good in the room was like. However, if you turn off the light, the image of presentation is descent: Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music.

When Kia leisure 470 has buildings, read watts of speaker, the sound is very loud and pretty good quality. In my opinion, building speaker is good for home theater, Music. Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music – I can’t go outside Music, you less on the outside, come in Music, so it was unboxing and full review of a Venky Alicia 470 projector. Before the conclusion, I should tell you the price of projector only 130 dollars. I think the image quality is good for budget projector. Also Venky olesia 470 has other fishes, such as connection with mobile devices via USB cable and Wi, Fi 250 inches screen size and a built in speaker also. I, like the compact size and light weight of this projector. There is even a bag to carry projector to the scope office and any other place. Thank you for watching this video in description.