This smartphone aspire brand code, Alcatel modern numbers, you free and it’s a free G, Android smartphone. Now this smartphone is a budget price. Mid range, smartphone; okay, it has a decent specs for its price range they’ll go through and I will just show you exactly how he operates: IFIF, he’s, too slow, etc. I say you came a damn: smartphone Alcatel. It comes with user manual here with a service paper here. Okay, just follow that and gives you more information, and it comes with a microp micro, USB charger. It comes with earphones, Mouse’s and earphones. The fact that it comes with one that’s, a good thing, but it’s not the best quality, earphones, no bass or nothing go into this. You can talk through it it’s more of made for like talking while your earphones on. Otherwise you can use your own earphones. If you have one okay now, this um smartphone has a built in four inch screen with 1.3 gigahertz quad core processor. It has a female pixel, rear camera single camera with LED flash and front camera is a VJ, 1.3 megapixel front camera. It has a 40 gram room and built in okay and 512 internal memory, so it’s not much. You can probably down download just about one more, even again, maybe add just like him. You know networking app such as whatsapp or something, and there should be just about enough before you know the memory runs out, but you can also take a micro SD memory card as well.

So let me go through it. So at the bottom it has a micro USB charging port on the right side. It has a power button and the volume buttons here at the top. It has a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack at the back that a single camera and the LED flash. Now let me open this up and it has a removable battery as well. The battery capacity is 1500 mah battery capacity. It takes a micro SD memory card here it takes a micro sim here as well as this single sim. Alright. So let me close it’ll think so I can switch that on and just go for a few things. Ok, so so so it’s not like a very, very Fossum smart phone, so it is powered by Android. Go addition software and it is a very affordable budget price. Smart phone, so you can’t really expect much when it comes to speed or anything like that. The fact that I sound rude and can download whatsapp for the price of around this free pens, UK currency it’s, pretty good, alright, so the loading times taking in beer. Okay, so come up now when it’s logged on I went through there. I’M stopped so just keep everything, but this is how it looks now, if you go to settings – and you got the Bluetooth things here – a slightly slower, okay when it comes to touch, and you know to go to go back and forth, etc.

It also has apps notification battery. We got a display here there you can put the brightness down if the battery is running out to you first. He also has the sound settings here: the storage so without downloading anything, it’s already taken up around 69 69 of the storage. It also has zero speed security settings here. The security settings has security update here to find my device the Google Play and protect. He has if these are the some of them we can impose, or the swipe at em pin password. If you go down and go I’m show password. Okay, doesn’t really have any kind of fingerprint unlock or face. I do anything like that as the users an account, so we threw this can add extra cancer. I got the Google settings here system where you can pull the gestures and jump to camera is on. You got the languages here and so the languages that you can you can add extra languages all right. So if I click on that, for example, so is slightly slower, so cardinally I’m just trying to show you all the languages, so you can see that these are all the language, so it has basically nearly most of the languages that you need all right and then You go down, you go the autofill service, the pointer speed text to speech output, and then you got a reset option. The system updates here the regularity and safety and a Bell phone.

My Belle phone gives you information about what software’s on the the status the battery level seems to us. I mean information except reservations here now, that’s all the information he has and Sophia go to the camera. It’S a is a team, a pixel, so I currently expect much but the camera quality it does captured. It takes a while to capture, but you see that one captures it. The quality is not perfect, but in Latin, if there’s light you would pick up decent pictures and video okay. So let me go to video, so the video you can see that it lags a lot, but you know he’s a budget price smartphones. We currently expect much from this. Okay, so that’s all the information I can give you it’s a budget smartphone. It has a good features. I would say my opinion is quite slow when you’re trying to navigate free things, rather than that. I do recommend this. So thank you for watching my video.