So if you purchase it, you can expect to have this unboxing experience, edges and strangeness. I love it all that’s. What I look for you know: I’ve seen a few boxes in my day: hmm a couple of box. Okay. This is a very unusual smartphone. Look at how slim that thing is reminiscent of the original RAZR, which I owned, actually the classic form factor. So you close it down and look at that that’s the phone that’s, what you put in your pocket little one handed endeavor. Look: oh it’s, the addictive aspect! Well, that’s, fine, the satisfaction yeah you haven’t flipped in a while that’s fun; well, that’s, already fun. Okay, video! Over I’m satisfied – and you pop this baby out, we’ll guy, like you, Oh in public you’re, turning some heads with that this box is almost like. You want to hold on to it as a doc or something for your device. Well, yeah it actually. Is it dog. This is a doc, it kind of amplifies the sound. You can kind of see this grill right here interesting now this we say something you put your sunglasses in oh yeah, some kind of sustainable packaging to hold on to all your stuff. This headset has a braided cable. It actually looks pretty high quality as well branding on the earbuds type c, connector. Of course, there’s a microphone in there for conferencing as well type c cable for charging it’s got the same braided style going on and then lastly, the power brick 18 watt turbo power is what Motorola is saying.

Flip the prongs up – save a little space it’s also got a type C, 2 mini Jack. If you want to use some mini Jack headphones that you have and it carries forward the same braided design Kable, so which one is the powers which here it’s to your right, your power switch is right here on the frame, it’s tiny, it’s textured. So you can tell the difference. Let me check the brightness real, quick there we go. Oh, that is a fun that’s, fun I’m having fun Jack. Is that fun or what my goodness? So you pick that up you pop that open on the side like that and then your full future that’s how you get the exterior display same button now, if you get a notification, it’s also gon na pop up, of course, and in this spot right here and You can interact with it if you’re ready to sit down and immerse yourself in your phone. You just you, do the pop open and you get the full experience. But if you’re in an environment where you don’t want to be distracted, you just interact on the outside display, limited functionality, there’s options, there’s options – and this is gon na – be interesting for me to experiment with a little bit more as time goes on how much you’re You can use the outside instead of the inside or, if you’re constantly compelled to go all the way to the larger display on the inside.

This is something that I’m gon na have to experiment with over time. Big camera that’s your main camera unit on the outside of the device. Now you can use that as well as your selfie camera, because you have the display here. As far as taking selfies are concerned, this is going to be a lot more comfortable to reach out and snap like this. So this lets you use your better camera on the outside of your phone as a selfie cam. You can use it essentially for everything when it comes to unlocking the phone. You have a fingerprint scanner in the chin portion down here. The other thing that’s down there in the chin portion is this USB type c connector, and you can see the speaker grille over here. Also, you have two separate batteries, one in the top and the bottom, and you create this balanced feel in terms of specifications. This thing has six gigs of RAM 128gb of storage. It has a Snapdragon, 710 processor I’ve been told that there’s a lot of consideration that went into that decision in regards to protecting this particular design, thinking about battery consumption, heat and various other aspects, the overall capacity when you combine is 25 10, so it’s. Something to consider if you’re looking at this device, obviously you can find devices with bigger battery capacity, but that’s not really the focus of this thing. What about watching video on here it’s an unusual aspect, ratio and so I’m gon na load up some YouTube: real, quick and we’re gon na get a sense for the speaker, the speaker capability, okay, Wow, all right; okay, so it is maxed out already but interesting.

Alright! Now I should say it might be time for us to change the aspect ratio of our own videos. We shoot because, as these things get more and more slender and there’s a serious push. Look at this when i zoom into our content here, wow you’re moving way in, I guess it still works, so you can see if you’re watching 16 by 9 content and you zoom in to fill the display you’re going way in this is your Dhamma: how to Have a replacement twice, so I don’t think it up a little bit. I think it’s just so that you know Bluetooth. Speaker volume wasn’t received all that. Well, because they went they were so aggressive on the form factor and, as you know now they moved back to a more traditional form factor. Where do you put stuff Jack? Where do you put all your stuff? You got ta put a phone in there, dude components, batteries speakers now I know they are very proud about this hinge by the way and the hinge is really a magical aspect, because, unlike some of the other designs that I’ve seen it’s almost like this display is Floating a little bit watch that bottom part of the chin see that see how it is suspended. It moves a little bit into that section. The display is actually pulled there’s, a bit of tension on the display and what that gives. You is far less of an appearance of a crease I’ve talked in the past about how some of the other devices the Galaxy fold, for example, kind of feels like a foldable tablet, whereas this one feels like a phone still in its unfolded format, now let’s go Ahead and launch the cameras real quick this by default, you launch into the rear camera grab some focus real, quick bang.

There you go take one more bang, Kirk is seeing emojis. So, as you can see, the external display can be utilized to showcase well this guy. Whatever you want, whatever his name is boom and see the famous plant there represented 16 megapixel main camera that’s. What this year is shot on and a 5 megapixel internal camera look at that, and so it is mostly a rectangle. Still this um there’s no way I’m dropping it out here. So three, two one bang now I can also look at the photos captured right here. If I want to, unless you hands, if I flip up right within the photo I’m still there, you see the continuity that goes on there. It wouldn’t be a video unless Jack could check out the beard hair test as usual and, of course, the individual hairs are represented. This is an action shot, it’s mid sentence, I’m talking Kirk it’s, mid sentence, that’s an action shot, man it’s a whole new era that we’re living in a lot of his the open clothes. Well it’s huge it’s. This it’s, that, with the thumb and bang you see that Jack it’s got its own it’s like a spring loaded effect, almost see the way. The last part is assisted. All right, you clump, pull it out. You see you it is you pop it open. Yeah. Give me the details. I don’t care about st. Louis. I already talked to them who know I’m calling the Giants Oh see you later don’t get on the wrong side of that guy it’s, tiny, it’s small in the pocket.

Look at that little guy there’s that that’s the razor 2019 here is a typical excel. Look at that that’s, a jokey! You see that that’s the whole pocket talk to bottom and then let’s go for a little guy. Yes, it’s Isom, so you don’t insert your SIM card. It’S Verizon exclusive in the states it’s also gon na, come to Canada shortly after may, or may not be an exclusive when it gets here. It’S gon na be 247 support. If you do damage to display and need a replacement, it’s, not gon na cost, it’s not gon na, be the cost of the entire device. Instead, it’s gon na be 299 dollars. They aren’t going after an IP rating, but they do say that the device is splash. Proof with water repellency, I know it’s a strange aspect ratio, but on the inside this is 6.2 inches and the outside display is 2.7 inches in cases or one group.