I think so this must have been a record in India regarding how many smartphones were launched, and these are some of the smartphones that I personally enjoyed, while testing them and reviewing it’s, not about the specs but it’s the X Factor. Sometimes you really like a smart phone, so these are some of the smart phones that I’ve really liked using in 2019 and again guys. None of these smart phones are perfect. So I’ll also tell you the thing that I did not like about them. So, first, if I have to pick, I would go with the samsung galaxy s 10, plus not the regular istic, but the S 10 plus, and I really liked the fact that this one has that big screen again a Super AMOLED screen very good one. But again still it is very, very light to hold. It does not feel like a very bulky phone, so it doesn’t do anything extraordinary, but a very good practical phone. I would say I mean the advantage of Samsung flagships in India is that they have that Samsung page, and I used it quite a bit on this phone and it works the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner is guest, not the fastest, but again it works, as you can see, And got used to it, so I really like this one and the cameras were also good, not the best, but got that triple camera set up. The only thing that I did not like on this phone was that front facing camera, and only are you getting the Exynos 98 20 variant.

Hence I would say, if you’re sort of a gamer also, then I would not recommend you this phone and I would say I have again done the full review of all these smart phones again. I’Ll leave the links in that so that’ll have the detailed pros and cons, but this was the phone initially. Then I liked quite a bit and still, if you’re getting a very good deal, you can go with this one. But again, not if you are sort of a kmac and the next phone that are really light – and this was a big surprise – is the asus rog phone. This was a big surprise to me country. The pricing is also very good on this one. You get the base variant for 38000 fre card, and that comes with 8 GB of RAM and it’s a beast of a phone. You have the Snapdragon, 85 plus and again this is a game, eccentric, smartphone, so very big, huge screen. Almost at six point. Seven six point: six, six seven inch Super AMOLED screen 120 Hertz. What I really liked about this phone is the speakers also – and this is a game eccentric smartphone, so you have that a triggers and stuff. So if you do that gaming, I had the one of the best gaming experience with this one. In fact, I started playing Call of Duty because of this phone raining lava. Do you have that extra stuff like what do you say? These are genie lighting and stuff or kill.

I would say – and again it works very well flawlessly speakers, one of the loudest front firing speakers on this one. So really like this phone and the battery is crazy. I would say in terms of the flagships, the problem is that most of the flagships, you have to charge it at night, but with this one it can go for about two days. The simple fact is that it has that six thousand milliamp hour battery, but things that I do not like is again it’s a very big phone and sort of also a little bit on the heavier side. So if you can look past that it’s actually good, also coming to the camera it’s a decent camera that if they have that 48 megapixel and the ultra wide angle. But again, if I have to talk about the camera it’s, not among the best that I have seen but again, overall, very good smartphone, I would say – and I would be okay using this smartphone as my primary driver, because now I’ve gotten used to this size of This phone that incredible battery that speakers so overall, I really enjoyed using this phone. Also, the cherry on the top is that this one still has that 3.5 mm headphone jack and the music output, also from the headphones, was actually really good. So I really enjoyed using this asus rog phone to the next phone that I liked the. While I was testing strangely the oneplus 70, not the regular one class or the even the pro I would say, but I feel that the pro is simply overpriced and the pro T first, just I don’t know why that 90 Hertz screen award at the pop up Camera, you really need that.

I would say this is a lot practical for the size is also not that big easily fits in your hand. Yes, it has that notch, but that doesn’t bother me that much the thing that I really like this one compared to the regular one plus seven was the cameras. Finally, after a long time, oneplus got the cameras right now. This one has a proper triple camera setup with proper focal lengths that are useful. For example, you have that regular one. Then you have that ultra wide and the two exo m’s, all the three lenses are useful and camera is the biggest upgrade. I would say finally on a oneplus device, so I really like that and again it’s a typical oneplus stuff that you have you have that ultra a fast in display fingerprint scanner and also oxygen OS. So I really like that, but again typical oneplus stuff, no headphone jack is a downer for me and again you’re paying that slight premium for oneplus but thoroughly. I would say I really enjoyed this phone battery. Life is just ok, nowhere near the ROG, but again for a typical heavy day. Also it used to last me for that typical heavy day, and now it comes with that faster 30 watt charger. So I really enjoyed using this smartphone and now let’s come to the phone that I’m currently using and not to be almost two months since I am using, and this is a peculiar phone guys.

I also never thought that I liked it this much. This is the Galaxy fold, so you can open it, and this is the Patrick of this one. I just watch my review wire like this phone it’s because of this. What do you say when you open it up? It becomes like a mini tablet, and that is useful for me, for example, just about a couple of months ago, I got this reading glasses with any other phone huh. The fonts are small. I have to wear this, but this you just open it up and everything looks way bigger and I don’t have to do that so freeze Lee I’m like liking this and now it’s been almost two months. I’Ve been using it normally it’s been working very well again. Yes, this is not a perfect phone. By any stretch I mean you shouldn’t drop it or stuff, but I’m, using it regularly very good. But again this is the first generation of foldable devices stands for very, very, very expensive. I do not like the that this one also does not have the headphone jack, but I am liking it and I have very high expectations from foldable buy devices. We should be seeing a lot of foldable devices in 2020 and hopefully in 2021. The pricing of these foldable devices becomes saner. So again, this is a smart phone that I enjoyed quite a bit using. Instead, my primary cell is in the galaxy for now.

If you talk about something mid range smartphones that I really like that this year, for example, let’s first talk about rear me to smartphones. That I’d, like from real me, well, the real me ex that came with the pop up camera. That was a good one in the mid range and also the recently launched. One are the real me XD. These are very good again. I like the fact that the in display fingerprint scanners have become so good this year, as you can see, even in these and mid range phones have become very reliable. I mean I like the using the real me XT and even the real me X was actually good and coming to Xiaomi. I would say the oneness mid range smartphone that I really liked this year. Was this redmi note 8 pro man for 15000 you’re, getting amazing value and on this one? Yes, the real me also has that quad camera set up or whatever, but on this one there really nailed that camera. I would say again: I won’t get into UI and stuff the color OS aadmi. Why again I don’t like those you guys, but if you talk about the redmi note 8 pro for 15000, you are getting amazing value, I would say, and again it performs very well bass. Medium comes with that 6 gigabytes of RAM 7 tons of general performance. Also, it was very good, and I really liked the fact that the camera on this one was actually very good.

I would say, as of now, one of the best camera centric smartphones that you can get for about 15000. So these were some of the smartphones that are really enjoyed using in 2019 and do let me know about what are the smartphones that again, the biggest flaw with this redmi note 8 pro? Is that ringtone volume very low? That is the biggest problem that I have again watch the. What do you say in depth review for all these smartphones for the details pros and cons? So these are my picks, but you guys, let me know, which were the smartphones that you really liked in 2019, if you are using them, what do you like about them and what are the things that you did not like about it them also post about that. So maybe others can benefit from that anyways guys that’s it for now let’s see in 2020. Incredibly, we should be seeing some very powerful, mid range smartphones and also a lot more foldable smartphone, so I’m excited for that.