Now in my unboxing I initial impressions, video of the remi 8 as a different exceeded. My expectations for iphone to have a micro USB supports fast charging. The 5000 williams battery a good design for 131 dollars of 48000 era, it’s unheard of so does this phone live up to the hype? Well in this video we’re going to find out now, one of the reasons Jeremy 8 is different from other phones in its price segment is because it has a five thousand milliamp battery. It supports fast charging and you can use the 18 watts charger to improve your charging time. It has an IR blaster to control your TV, your AC, fun, projector, basically any device with an IR receiver. It has an active noise cancellation mic on the top of the device for better audio when you’re, recording video or making calls in a noisy environment. It has the cast feature which allows you to project your smartphone display to a projector. You can also listen to FM radio without connecting anything to this device. The Ramin 8 also has USB OTG support, so you can connect a flash drive, a keyboard or a mouse to it for a phone that cost 131 of 48000 error. This is outright impressive. Now, moving to the design, these phone glows, I mean just look at it: it comes in three colors red black and blue. The row of this device is made from plastic while the front is covered with Connor and Gorilla Glass.

5. Now, switching back to the row of this device, this phone is a fingerprint magnet, but you get a TPU case in the box and that solves the problem. Also the red plastic scratches easily. So you definitely need to put on the case if you want to keep this phone looking brand new, the Remy. It actually feels well made its study and when I try to bend it it doesn’t give any flex. This is definitely a solid phone, unlike the flick. So far or the iPhone 6 moving on you get a 3.5 mm headphone jack it might. A micro USB supports a mono speaker, dual SIM tray with a memory card slots. By the way the memory card is expandable to 512 gigabytes. We also get a noise cancelling mic, an IR blaster volume, rockers and a power button. Now this one doesn’t have an IP rating and it’s not written anywhere that it’s water resistant but it’s definitely splash resistant and should be fine. If you mistakenly dropped this phone into a bowl of water, the screen found on the rim 8 is a 6 point. 2 2 inch 720p display with a resolution of 720 by 1530 pixels its cover with color in Gorilla Glass, 5 it’s, a hard glass and it’s hard to scratch. It can also take a bit enhance of vibe. The display has a pixel density of 270 and a screen to body ratio of its 1. The bezels on this device, isn’t large at all it’s about 0.

5 centimeters at the bottom. Now, using this one outdoors and under direct sunlight disability is a little bit limited for consuming media. The screen is quite good. Scrolling through Instagram is a pleasure. Thanks to the 6 points to 2 inch display watching YouTube is an enjoyable at 720p. Colors appear accurate. The panel on the Remmy 8 is a 720p panel, so the highest resolution can watch YouTube on is 720p. The notch on this device doesn’t really get in your way when you’re consuming media content, I think I’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t bother me anymore. Now to the performance you get a Snapdragon, 410 chipset onboard explorer Kenya who’s a subscriber. Had this to say the RAM is several released in March 2019 came with a Snapdragon 62 chipset and there isn’t any need to upgrade to Remy it. If you only dream is 7 and quite frankly, I agree with him shout out to explore Kenya, who is one of my subscribers? If you want me to feature your comments, leave something nice or subscribe to my channel now the tin is with the Remy 7. You get faster, CPU, speed, faster GPU, speed, faster download and upload speed, so it’s more or less a downgrade. If you’re coming from the Remy, 7 and you’re thinking of getting the Remy 8 and 2 to squander, I mean it is not impressive as well. The mediatek helio p22 chip found on phones like the techno common 12, is faster on paper, I’ll, be comparing the techno common 12 with the Remy 8, so subscribe to my channel.

If you don’t miss out on that video on the positive side using this phone. As my daily driver has been a good experience, I didn’t experience any slowdown and it hundred everything that true, at its like a charm playing pop G on the Remy 8, is good. You can play pop G on balance, graphics and medium frame rates. The game plate isn’t bad at all, but if you want to smooth on better pop G experience, you would have to download the GFX tool and that would transform the way you play pop G, the GFX to transform Jeremy 8 or any other phone into a fluid Gaming machine you get 6 difference per second using the GFX tool, and that would just blow your mind. Gameplay is just phenomenal with GFX tool, and it makes a world of difference. Playing as fat 9 is smooth as well. You don’t get to see any stutter playing. King of Fighters is fluid, guys I’m addicted to this game. Mario Kart runs well so yeah, the Remi. It can be used as a gaming device and because it has a 5000 Williams battery, you can game for hours. For the user interface Jeremy, it comes with Android night with me, UI ten point three point: two: you can now upgrade the RAM eh to me. Ui 11. One of the reasons I love me. You is because of the gestures, its intuitive and easy to use navigating through the user.

Interface is just place swiping across the user interfaces on point, and I think it’s even better than what you get on stock Android. You don’t get an uproar on me, UI, 10 or 11. All your apps are going to be on the home screen just like iOS, but you can always install a third party launcher like the nova launcher to solve that problem. You also get screen recorder and second space pre installed on the phone. Guys me, why is packed with useful features? It’S one of my favorite skins on android call quality on this one is impressive. Calls are loud and clear. I had no issues here. The phone has two mics: the mic on the top is a noise cancelling mic. So if you’re in a noisy environment you can still make calls the mono speaker is decent, but the position is located, which is the bottom right side of the phone. You can easily block it while playing games on consuming media. Now moving to the camera department at the front of the device, you have a 8 megapixel front facing camera. Jeremy 8 doesn’t have a front facing flash. The display acts as the flash here are some of the pictures they can use it in front camera of the remi 8 Music, hello, guys so here’s, a video from the front facing camera of the Remicade under good lighting conditions. As you can see, the 8 megapixel front facing camera does an amazing job actually like what I’m selling right now.

But what you guys think, let me know in the comment section below what you guys think about the front camera of the Remy AIDS. I did where you have two cameras: you have a 12 megapixel, 14 inch camera and a 2 megapixel depth and so pictures taken with the camera. At this end. Yes, some of the samples taking with a red camera, Music Applause, Music, Music, the camera software also has the pro mode allows you to change the white balance, the auto focus, the shutter speed and ISO. Now the Remy it has a 5000 Williams battery that does eight to nine hours screen on time, with networks set on 4G and that’s quite impressive. It comes with a 10 watt charger in the box that charges the phone from 0 to 100 and 3 hours 15 minutes. The roaming 8 is capable of using a 18 watts charger. The charger takes 2 hours, 15 minutes to charge the phone from 0 to 100. So you save about 25 minutes using the 18 watts charger, so there you have it guys for 101 of 48000 era get the phone as a big battery fast charging. You get a phone with a good design in front. I can play games on a phone with a decent camera and a decent display and for the cons. Well, I just wish the came with a snap like on 62 cheap, like the Remy 7. I wish it had a wide angle, camera lens and NFC that’s important to some people.