So if you have a screen that doesn’t support a stylus like it’s the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5e, you can use this a doughnut, let’s unbox. This package and let’s see this magic pan that will work with any device with any touchscreen. So this is the package this is the pan or the stylus inside you will have the pen and the charger. This is the charger, because the pan has a battery that will work. The pan has a battery that will work for that will provide functions for 14 hours. So after that you can charge it here. It has a magnetic clip. As you see, this is an USB charger. You can use it anywhere. For example, let me take an external battery and let’s put it here and after that, like this, it will charge in 45 minutes and after that you can use it continuously for 14 hours, almost one day, that’s impressive, so you don’t need any battery. Anything else. Just put it here for 45 minutes: ok back to the pen it’s made from aluminium, it has 12 grams, or something like this anyway. It’S very easy. It feels great because it has the dimensions of an original pan of a normal pan, and you even have this clip to carry it with you. I like it here, you have an LED. It will show you if it’s on or off or the battery it’s low. So here again we have a button.

If we press it once we have the pan on and now we can use it with any device. Let’S test it. This is a tip one point: nine millimeters right here, because the screen doesn’t have polymer ejection. You can’t hold your pal here and write in the same time, so you will have to write like this. What can I say from my first interaction? I would say: it’s impressive, the span and everything it’s premium with it, starting with the design with the materials with a feeling and how it works from the screen. Keep in mind that this tablet doesn’t support the device like this, so to be able to to write with this it’s really impressive. Let’S. Try to take a note in in this application. It seems that you can even use this button to write anyway is not the best way to take hand righted notes, but if you use the keyboard, for example – and this feature the swipe feature – let’s draw something. This is the best way to draw something on this tablet or to take even some notes. So in the end, should you buy this or not for me, definitely it’s a great device, because I can use it in photo editing in video editing. I don’t use it for drawings or for notes, I believe, but for video and photo editing, it’s a fantastic tool, and at this moment this is the best device for any touchscreen tablet.

Smartphone Android or not, I don’t need it’s a premium stylus for any device. This is the most important aspect. If you want something well made and to work flawlessly on the screen, then you should go and try something made by a donut, the a donut, this tree it’s the latest version, because there is a first generation and but this one is improved with a better tip. Great responsiveness and obviously the best because it’s their latest stylus anyway. For me, this tool is fantastic and I will highly recommend it I’m really impressed how it works, because don’t forget this screen, it’s not made to work with a stylus, even if he is not made to to work to function with the stylus. We can use this great tool for this screen so, as you see here, it’s very easy to use it on a smaller screen, because you can rest your palm here and you can write it better than on on a huge screen. This is my experience at this moment anyway. Let’S draw something here: something magnifique thanks for watching.