U 20 review! In September this year, vivo announced a new budget, smartphone called the vivo u10, which was powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 that also powered the two most popular budget phones, at a time that the redmi note 8 and the real me 5, as you can guess, vivos Entry into that very competitive price segment was a pretty good success, but the competition came out with newer models at a slightly higher price segment and well so did vivo with a slightly more premium. Vivo. U 20! There was announced last week, the vivo! U 20 is powered by a Snapdragon 675 that gives it a pretty substantial edge over its competition, but is there more to this form let’s find out as usual, let’s start with design the vivo you 20 measures, 162 by 76 by 8.9 millimeters and weighs in at About 193 grams that’s, not too large or bulky at all, even though it is a large phone to use. Much of that size is due to the large 6.5 3 inch IPS LCD display. Thankfully, vivo went with a full HD plus screen on the vivo. U 20! This is definitely appreciated because the utan had a 720p HD plus display instead, as you probably noticed, there’s also a water drop notch up top, which is a little large but not too bad. The display also has quite wide viewing angles, so there is some color distortion depending on the angle. It’S, definitely bright enough, so it’s comfortable to use even outdoors on sunny days, color reproduction isn’t as great as an amulet screen, but it’s not too bad at all.

The bezels on the side are pretty slim and vivo claims. The? U 20 has a screen to body ratio of 19.3, which is pretty decent for a phone in this price range is also a pre applied screen guard, which is appreciated, especially with the included case, so that your phone is protected right from day one. The case itself is actually really well done with raised edges where it will protect the screen. That being said, without a case, the front of the phone has a very odd Ridge against the curved frame which does feel a little uncomfortable when you’re holding it. But if you’re gon na put this phone in a case, that’s not gon na be an issue coming to the back of the phone there’s a glossy back panel that does catch fingerprints quite easily, so you have to keep wiping it clean really seriously. This for one attracts fingerprints like crazy. I spent a really awful lot of time trying to keep it clean for the photos and videos. I again not a problem if you’re going to put a case on it, you’ll find the vivo branding in landscape orientation here, along with the triple camera module and a single LED flash. The camera module is slightly raised at the edges to protect the camera lenses from scratches, but it’s still definitely gon na get scratched again, unless you use the case so yeah a whole bunch of reasons for you to use the case that comes in the box.

There’S also, the rear mounted fingerprint scanner, which is smaller than I’d like and place a little bit too high to be comfortable. That being said, the fingerprint sensor does work quite well, and the phone is quick to unlock coming to the sides and the right side of the phone you’ll find the power and volume buttons which are placed in an okay position and are comfortable enough to use. Personally, I feel like they’re placed a little higher than I’d like, but it’s, not too bad. The left side of the phone lacks any buttons only having the dual SIM card tray, which also has space for a micro SD card at the top of the u20 you’ll find no ports or buttons here either, while at the bottom of the u20 you’ll find the 3.5 mm headphone jack, the loudspeaker grill a pinhole for the primary microphone, and shockingly enough you also find a micro USB port here. The micro USB port is admittedly a bit disappointing, since most of the competition have already moved on to USB type c. But oh well, apart from that, the loudspeaker isn’t, the loudest so that’s, another minor, flaw so far: there’s two colors of the vivo: u 20 there’s the racing black, which is the unit I got, which is kind of a little boring but there’s. Also, a blaze blue, which is more flashy with reflecting gradients in the back panel, all in all, in terms of design, the view 20 is a little bit generic, not really much of a WOW factor here, but it’s, not too bad.

Let’S move on to hardware as unimpressive as the design might be, the vivo. U 20 is hardware, is actually really impressive: there’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 v processor, which also powers the redmi note 7 pro, which is way more expensive than this phone when launched earlier this year. The snapdragon 675 is a pretty powerful processor, especially at this price point, which is able to handle multitasking and gaming with no lag or issues at all. It’S really interesting to see. Vivo come up with such a powerful processor on a phone at this price point, because the competition that’s known for cheap and powerful phones, Charmy Andreo me only have the redmi note 8 and the daily 5 at this price, which is powered by the much less capable Snapdragon 665 instead, and as if that powerful processor wasn’t enough, the u 20 also has 4 GB or 6 GB of RAM there’s, also 64 GB of on board. U FS 2.1 storage and a microsd card slot as well as you guys, probably already know you. Fs 2.1 really does help with faster data transfers and definitely contributes to the speed of this phone in some small but significant way in terms of benchmarks. You guys know I’m, not a big fan of benchmarks, but the vivo – u 20 desk over pretty impressively in unto two and Geekbench and much higher than its closest rivals, the redmi note 8 and the glioma 5s. As a result, gaming on the vivo? U 20 is actually a really good experience.

I played punchy mobile on the high preset, with graphics set to HD and framerate set to high and hey not a big surprise, but I had no issues at all. There was no lag and barely any stutters or frame drops, and it all played surprisingly well. That being said, like other phones with a snapdragon 650 v processor, the phone desk get a little bit warm after about 20 or so minutes of gaming. But, like I said, is just warm it’s, not too bad in terms of connectivity, the vivo? U 20, has bluetooth 5.0 dual band, Wi Fi and FM radio and pretty much everything else and you’d expect out of a phone in this price range. Alright that’s hard right, let’s move on to software, the vivo. U, 20, lands fun touch OS 9.2 on top of android 9 Pi, which is pretty much your usual vivo phone in terms of software font. Sos is something you’ll, either love or hate and is a tiny bit of broadway installed as well. There’S pre installed apps like Ghana, Amazon, opera and a couple more, but it depends on the market that you’re buying this phone in and thankfully you actually can uninstall. Most of them in terms of usability, if you use fun, touch always before you’ll, be used to the slight oddities here and there there’s a few non traditional things on fun touch OS that you have to get used to versus any other Android phone like, for example, You have to swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the quick toggles, which is the exact opposite of the action for every other, Android smartphone, but it’s, just like the old version of iOS, which is just a coincidence now.

Admittedly, this is a little annoying and a little confusing at the start, but eventually you do get used to it, and vevo also allows you to change it to a swipe down from the upper right side again, just like the iPhone, which is another coincidence, there’s. Also, a couple other customization options as well, and you can also change the animations and themes there’s. Also a vivosmart assistant called jovi, which can recognize products that you point the camera at. It can also remind you to drink water several times throughout the day, which is very important. But apart from that it’s not really much more useful than google assistant there’s. A few smart features like rays to wake and the ability to launch apps by just drawing alphabets on screen, there’s, also a motorbike mode as well and as expected, there’s also dark mode and gesture navigation. Apart from that is also an ultra game mode, which lets you block incoming notifications and automatically answer phone calls and hands free mode when you’re playing games so that you don’t have any distractions when you’re gaming, in addition, is also an off screen, autoplay feature which lets You run a game even with the display switched off, not entirely sure how useful that will be, but hey it’s in there. Apart from that it’s, your usual Chinese manufacturer, Android UI pretty much exactly what you’d expect nowadays, let’s move on to the camera, the vivo? U? 20 has a triple camera setup.

This includes a 16 megapixel primary camera with a sony IMX 4.99 sensor, an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle, camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera for selfies there’s, a 16 megapixel front facing camera vivos camera app hasn’t really changed much and has a variety of modes, including A night mode portrait mode live photo mode, there’s a are stickers, along with the usual time lapse and panorama modes and even a pro manual mode as well. The shortcuts on screen for HDR and a bunch of filters built in there’s also toggles to switch between the wide angle and super macro cameras there’s also an on screen toggle for 2x zoom, but that’s, a digital zoom, not telephoto, so don’t count on that for quality Too much in terms of camera quality, the vivo? U, 20, is quick to focus and handles exposure. Pretty well daytime images. Look pretty good in the gallery yeah, but do suffer in terms of details which is especially noticeable when you zoom into a picture that you’ve taken there’s, also a tiny bit of green that sweeps into each photo as well. The wide angle camera suffers from the same distortion at the edges and lack of details that we see with other wide angle, cameras in this price range. But that being said moving on to portrait photos, they have pretty good edge detection with a good amount of detail and a very natural level of bouquet, but not being said, there’s, actually a separate bouquet mode where you can adjust the level of bouquet and the results Are again pretty good there’s, also a macro mode that is pretty decent, but the images are just 2 megapixels large, which isn’t much resolution to work with, but I guess they’re good enough to Instagram.

If you want to coming to low light image, quality photos aren’t too great, unfortunately, there’s, a real lack of details and a lot of green, the dedicated night mode does help get brighter images, but they aren’t really that much better there’s, also no image stabilization. So you want to stay really still if you use the night mode to take photos coming to the selfie camera. Once again, the results are kind of average is a bit of green as suits into each picture once again, but in case you’re interested in selfie. Video is the camera can record up to 1080p resolution, video which is pretty decent, ultimately taking everything else into consideration: the camera quality and the? U 20, just isn’t the best in this price range coming to video quality, the vivo? U 20 can surprisingly record up to 4k resolution video with the primary rear camera there’s, also a bit of video stabilization that helps get decent enough results again. This is only in bright daytime lighting, though, because the low light video quality again wasn’t too great, as expected, but yeah that’s, pretty much the camera quality on the u 20 year, it’s a little bit disappointing. Considering that view was usually known for great cameras, so while it’s not really that bad it’s not too great either alright let’s move on to battery life, the vivo? U 20 is powered by a massive 5000 mAh battery which, as you can guess, is really freaking great battery life on the vivo.

U, 20 is actually really good. You can very easily use this phone for a day and a half on a single charge before you’ll. Even need to reach for a charger on the day of heavy usage, we like a bit of pop G gaming and a couple shots on the camera of the usual bits of social media and whatsapp. I still had plenty of battery life percentage left and I got home at the end of the day with the vivo. U 20! You have. This reassurance that you don’t have to worry about battery life. While you use this phone, which is really just an awesome feeling. Even charging up the u 20 doesn’t, take too long. Considering is a giant 5000 mAh battery the supplied 1801 dual engine fast charger gets the phone from 0 to over 30 in just half an hour reaching about 60 to 70 percent. In one hour, a charge to 100 takes about an hour and 45 minutes to two hours which again isn’t too bad all things considering all right guys, so with all of that out of the way it’s time for the CJ word it, and here we go honestly. No one expected vivo of all companies to come out of nowhere and suddenly be this really strong contender in this very aggressive entry level price segment I mean this is a company and usually pumps are very premium smartphones, and then here we are with the entry level Smartphone, that is really premium for the price range there’s, a powerful processor, a large battery great pricing and the only minor flaws is that the camera quality isn’t that great – and that is a micro, USB port but it’s still pretty good enough.

I mean I still think micro. Usb ports should be illegal at this day and age, but oh well. The only real competition is the really 5s, which is similarly priced, would have 42 megapixel quad camera module along with the 5000 image and then there’s the. Let me not aid which has a slow processor and smaller battery, but me you, I can be nicer to use, even if it is filled with ads at the end of the day. If you are on a budget and looking for the most powerful phone you can buy in this price range, especially in regard to gaming. Well then, the vivo: u 20, is pretty much your best bet right now, it’s just really the most powerful option, alright guys so that’s. What I think about the vivo? U 20! As always, if you have any questions about this phone, you can. Let me know write in the comment section below or you can ask me right over on Instagram or Twitter, a Clint and Jeff and hey. If this video is helpful to you, don’t forget to hit the like button right below or maybe subscribe cuz. That would be appreciated and yeah that’s about it.