You can check out their deals at Direct Mobile’s Kovach. Okay, so welcome to be tagged. You know. If you follow tech, then you might have heard of a company called Escobar Inc Island by the brother of the notorious drug dealer, Pablo Escobar they pop in and out of the news every so often the last time was because he was threatening to sue Elon Musk. For produce in their not a flamethrower, flamethrower Escobar Inc produce a very, very similar device to this, which was primarily designed for burning money, more of a glorified Bunsen burner than actual flamethrower. This device was selling for about 500, although since then it seems to have disappeared from the escobar website, so why am i making a video about this company? Well surprisingly, they’ve recently listed on their website and Escobar Inc branded phone that actually has a folding display. This is the Escobar Inc fold. One Apple board, Steve once looked into space. He saw Pablo Escobar with the phone beyond anybody’s imagination by the best and the future drew power in your hands, ready to fall ready to become you, the Pablo Escobar. If you take a quick look through the escobar website, you realize that much of what they sell is pretty expensive. So it was surprising to me to see how aggressively priced the fold one is starting at ‘9 for a 12080 version with 60 acres of ram, then going up to 500 for a 512 gig phone with eight gigs of ram the specs really don’t sound too bad.

Either it’s running Android 9, the website states that is powered by a Qualcomm, 850 chipset, so I’ve never really heard of this Snapdragon 801 50. So I did have to look it up and it turns out that this is the name that they use internally. For the Snapdragon 805 5, it has a seven point. Eight inch flexible AMOLED display with 308 pixels per inch, so it’s a slightly lower density than the few flexible funds that we’ve seen so far. But it does have full HD plus resolution and 1920 by 1440 and according to Escobar ink is indestructible, although I have to say that’s kind of unlikely, considering how fragile we’ve seen these flexible displays to actually be. It has 256 gigs of expandable storage, Jill Sims, a four thousand milliamp hour battery and it’s got to be the cheapest flexible phone that you can buy at a moment. Okay, so there is a big question mark around the styling. I mean it does have that kind of big time. Drug dealer. Look if you know I mean it is, I guess you could say kind of similar to the huawei mate X, but without the sophisticated hinge. It is just the screen that flexes over to form a squashed C shape with an area to hold it. On the right hand, side of the screen, which has these two cameras, which are used for both selfies and as the rear camera, is finished with leather and gold padding around the back to protect it, and it comes with its own case and logo printed on the Front the cameras are 16 megapixel, with an F 1.

8 lens and a 20 megapixel, also with an F 1.8 lens and obstacle image stabilization. So on paper, this phone actually sounds pretty good for the price. It sounds very good for the price actually, but is it executed? Well, the styling is definitely to a particular taste but I’m still in shock, the Escobar’s managed to bring a foldable swath onto the market before many of the other big name manufacturers and have brought it in at about a quarter of the price of the latest potable Smartphone release, which was the Motorola RAZR. It is cheap and such an interesting device that I am kind of tempted just to get one and give it a proper review, but I’m, not sure I can bring myself to do that man anyway. Let me know what you think about the Escobar fold: one I mean because you bring yourself to get one or do you like it. I mean. Is there anyone out there that likes it? Personally, I think the styling is from another era, but let me know what you think down in the comment section below and before I go. I want to say a big thank you to our sponsors, Direct Mobile’s for looking after us here at beat X over 24 years of award winning customer service, and you can go there and compare all of the available deals with all of the UK networks. All on a one website you can find their link down in the video description below or you can search there at mobile Skoda.

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