. Now this includes responsible material sourcing advocating for workers’ welfare, producing longer lasting products and reducing waste. I mean even the packaging here you can see has been packaged from responsible sources. I don’t know if you can see that there and vegetable oil ink has been used., So this is a truly fantastic ethos, But what is the phone actually like We’ll? Do a quick unboxing then take it out and about So opening this up? …, You are greeted with your Fairphone 3 device. If we take it out, this is protected with a nice bumper around the edges. As you can see here Now, this doesn’t cover the back or the front, but it’s very easy to remove and makes the phone very sturdy indeed.. Now you also have this nifty little screwdriver here I don’t know if you can see that. To help you remove and and change the modular parts of the device.. Now this is a modular system so that you can replace each component if it breaks.. So if we take the back off here, It makes it far easier. Now you can buy new parts on Fairphone’s website., Simply unscrew the screws that you can see. Here. We have one here one here and one here and the whole back will come off really easily. Now iFixit actually gave the Fairphone 3 a perfect score for repairability, and this should enable use of the smartphone for longer than it’s counterparts. So if we put this to the side over here and go further, .

.. you’ll find your Quick Start Guide, as well as a Health and Safety booklet. In here There we go there’s your Quick Start Guide and your Health and Safety booklet, and that is literally it., Which means you might notice a few omissions. So Fairphone do not include a charger earphones or a cable within their packaging so that you have to cut down on e waste, which makes perfect sense really.. So now, all of that’s over let’s take this phone out and about to see what it can actually do.. The Fairphone 3 is the most environmentally friendly phone in the world, advocating for workers’ welfare as well as being responsible in material sourcing., But as well as that it’s actually a pretty decent device. The 5.65 inch Full HD IPS display is smaller than most flagships. Currently on the market, but this might not be a bad thing for all of you. Looking for a pocket friendly device. that can be very difficult, nowadays., With a pixel resolution of 2160 x 1080 at 427 pixels per inch. The quality is certainly there. And allows for good colours and even better viewing angles that are characteristic of an IPS panel. The screen itself is protected by a layer of Gorilla Glass 5 that should help against any unwanted bruises.. The body of the device is noticeably large, though Measuring 158 by 71.88 x, 9.89mm and weighing 189g. Despite this, the device itself is surprisingly attractive, with a semi, opaque polycarbonate back.

That allows you to see some of the internals, as well as the slogan ‘Change is in your hands’ There’s, also a fingerprint scanner to the rear, which has been pleasantly speedy in the time that I’ve had with the device and doesn’t attract smudges. Like other devices, The 3.5mm headphone jack is also at the top, whilst the Fairphone 3 has dual speakers with stereo sound Moving slightly up the Fairphone 3 houses, a 12MP rear camera with an f 1.8 aperture. This is a Sony IMX363 sensor and is also found on the Pixel 3a, with autofocus HDR and phase detection. Google’s software is far superior. However, the Fairphone 3 does allow for digital zoom at up to 8 times., But results are certainly grainy. Pro Mode is also featured and allows you to tweak a number of factors, including ISO type of focus, filters and contrast, But general shots without these filters applied are generally very good with vivid colours and accurate detail.. If selfies are more your thing, then the Fairphone 3 has an 8MP front camera with a F, 2.0 aperture and HDR. This also supports 8x digital zoom and portrait. Shooting, however, does not include Beauty Mode or other similar features. Overall colour reproduction is pretty good and details are accurate without being crisp. You can also record 4K video at up to 30 frames per second 1080p at 30 frames per second and 720p at 60 frames per second Video recording is boosted by Digital Stabilisation, which allows for relatively shake free video, whilst colours on the whole, are vivid with acceptable Levels of details On the performance side of things, the Fairphone 3 runs Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 632, coupled with 4GB of RAM Now for basic day to day use.

This is more than sufficient, however, probably isn’t the device for you if you’re an avid gamer You’re. Also, looking at 64GB of internal memory, expandable with a microSD card up to 400GB. Android 9.0 ships in box with security and software updates, guaranteed for up to 5 years from release.. Now in keeping with the sustainability of Fairphone, The 3000mAh battery is easily replaceable. By pulling off the back cover, The is actually a decent battery size, giving 20 hours of talk time, overall., Fairphone 3 accepts a USB Type C. Cable and QuickCharge 3 is also supported so that you can charge from 0 100 within 3 and a half hours. The Fairphone 3 is also IP54 rated, meaning it’s protected against dust as well as being protected against sprays from all directions.. So you can use the device without too much issue in the rain, but if you drop it in a puddle that’s where your issues might begin. So what the Fairphone 3 is trying to achieve is quite astonishing and should certainly be praised.. Modules are easy to remove and sustainability is at the heart of this device. If we’re honest, are there smartphones that offer better specs or a cheaper price, Then yes, there probably are.. However, you purchase this device, knowing that it’s been fair to all in the manufacturing process and to the environment. Now the Fairphone 3 is available from Clove Technology with worldwide shipping for 400, including VAT so go and check that out.