Does that make the Xiaomi Mino 10 a great camera phone, or does it also make it a great all around phone I’m gon na answer that question in this video, so let’s start with the main attraction here when I first saw the Pinta camera setup on the Back of the Meno 10, I thought it was overkill and I thought the 108 megapixel sensor was unnecessary and probably a gimmick. I do still think it’s overkill, but all of those sensors make it one of the most flexible smartphone cameras that I’ve ever used. Listen to these specs at 32, megapixels selfie camera, a 5 megapixel telephoto camera with 5 times optical zoom, 12 megapixel portrait camera with a dual pixel: autofocus 20 megapixel ultra wide camera, 2 megapixel macro camera and last but definitely not least, 180 megapixel. Ultra high resolution, camera and all of those numbers just mean one thing: the Mino 10 can produce some awesome, pics the quality, the sharpness it’s. All insane DxO mark gave the Mino 10 a score of 121, which is the highest score ever for a smart phone other than the huawei mate 30 pro, although I don’t rely completely on the DxO mark, scores it’s, always a good indication of if a smartphone camera Is good or not, the camera app is also really easy to use. You can swipe between the different modes like on the iPhone or the pixel, and the layout is simple, and there are a lot of different options that you can play around with like different filters and beauty modes.

I’Ve never seen so many beauty modes before you can tweak everything on your face. Even your hairline I mean. Maybe I should start using this, but there are boatloads of features here. So let’s take a look at some image quality here, starting with the selfie camera. Up until now, my favorite selfie camera came from the Google pixel, but I think that the pixel has finally been dethroned by this 32 megapixel beast of a selfie camera. The sharpness, the color, rendering and just the overall detail is amazing: I’m, not a selfie person. But if I was this would definitely be the phone to get. So if you are a selfie person, you can just stop watching and go by the Mino 10 let’s talk about this new 108 megapixels Samsung sensor. We all know megapixels aren’t everything and there are a lot of other different factors that play a part in creating good images, but having 108 megapixels on the me notan is super cool and practical. It picks up so much detail that you can crop in forever and the pic still stay, sharp and usable in standard mode. The camera defaults to 27 megapixel pix, which is still a lot of resolution to play with, and therefore really big file sizes. With 1 picture file coming in at about twelve and a half megabytes, but if you want to shoot at the full 108 megapixel there’s, also a mode for that. But of course that also takes even more storage at around 15 megabytes per pic.

It’S, really amazing. How sharp the pictures come out with this camera so far, the Meno 10 has produced some great pics even indoors. When the lights gets a little dimmer. You can still see a lot of detail and there’s very low noise. Video is also great. It can record 4k at 30 frames per second, unfortunately, no 60 frames per second, but therefore slow, motion 1080p at 240 frames per second and 120 frames per second, along with super slow mo at 720p at 960 frames per second, it also comes with some cool vlogging Features I really like this activity’s effect that they have. You can do some pretty cool things with this and there are a boatload of other features that I’m not going to cover in this video, so the cameras are definitely flagship. Level are a few things that I want to mention, though the processing time after taking a pic is pretty long I’m, not talking about one or two seconds more, like five to eight seconds, it’s a little annoying. But after it processes – and you see the result – you forgive this shortcoming – I mean the phone is processing a 108 megapixel photo. Second, is the camera doesn’t really perform well in really low light situations? The night mode works well in semi low light situations, but in night shots like you see here compared to the pixel for an iPhone 11 Pro. The me notes in is a little behind, but no camera is perfect and how often are you gon na take pics in such dark environments anyway, oh and since the cameras are all lined up in a row, my finger sometimes covers up the macro lens, which can Be kind of annoying if you think you get a good shot, but your finger ends up blocking part of that picture, so it’s pretty obvious that Xiaomi put a lot of focus on the camera.

What about other areas that we find important on a smartphone like design? Well, in my opinion, this phone looks great and not just for a budget phone, but for any phone. It comes in three colors midnight, black glacier white and Aurora green, which is my favorite. By the way it looks awesome. It also comes with a gorgeous 6.5 inch. Curved AMOLED display with a full HD plus resolution that is really sharp and nice to look at on the right side. It has a volume, rocker and a power button, and I like the placement here, if you saw my pixel review, you know that I prefer the power button under the volume rocker and Xiaomi executed it perfectly and look here for the people that are missing the headphone Jack, this might be the phone for you, because the me Note, 10 still retains one, which also makes this home perfect for vlogging, because you can connect it to an external mic and in conjunction with the six great cameras you can get really creative. There is also an IR blaster on the top for those that want to turn their TV on with their phone. If there are people who still want to do that so it’s looking all good. The Mino 10 has crushed two out of the three most important categories for me: camera and design. But what about the performance? Can a snapdragon 730 mid range processor perform well enough to power all of these cameras and a large sharp display.

The short answer is yes. Kind of, of course, it is not as powerful as the flagship snapdragon 855, but for what most people do on their phone it’s more than capable. I did notice a small performance decrease because I’m coming from the fast pixel 4 and the iPhone 11 Pro. So in comparison, it is a tick slower in opening apps or multitasking. But if you don’t have these two phones right next to you to compare it to the Meno 10. You won’t notice it playing games and doing all the normal tests that a normal person would do. Everything seems smooth and fast and at a price point of just 550 euros mobile photographers it’s, a no brainer just go for it, but I know that not everyone is an aspiring photographer and other specs might be more important. So the Xiaomi Mino 10 gets an eye rating from me on the Pitt rating system, which means it’s worth considering, especially if you’re a mobile photographer or you like to take a lot of pictures with your phone, because this is a great high end camera. At a really good price, I don’t think you can find this type of camera flexibility with any other phone in this price range. But if camera isn’t, your main focus, I can still recommend to show me me, 19 Pro, which is also at around the same price. Point actually a little bit cheaper at the moment around 400 euros, but it also has a great camera and it has high end specs with the Snapdragon 855 processor.

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