You get all of the essentials the phone itself, a clear rear. Silicone case battery power, adapter and micro, USB cable, when you open up the phone for the first time, you’ll notice that the battery is outside of the phone that’s a really easy problem to solve. Just take the phone apart using one of your nails. The phone has a very noticeable ridge between the plastic back of the phone and the main chassis that you can crack open. With a little bit of pressure. The design of the phone is comparable to many smartphones on the market today, there’s no physical buttons on the front of the phone and there’s a teardrop notch at the top of the screen for the front facing camera. The speaker is on the bottom back of the device and the microUSB charging port is on the top of the device. The screen itself is a 251 pixels per inch screen which, when compared to mid range or premium phones, is a little bit lower from a pixel density perspective. But if you’re only using the phone, occasionally or if you’re casting video to a chromecast, for example, this likely won’t be a huge issue. The phone’s battery impressed me the phone last, send me an entire day. With my use habits, I even tried leaving the phone off the decide for a three day weekend, checking it occasionally and the phone lasted the entire weekend with battery despair. Because of this long, lasting battery and reasonable price.

I thought of some special use cases that you could have for this phone. You could use it as an emergency phone with a pay. As you go plan, you could give it to a child. Who’S never had a phone before or you could give it to your parent, who may not be as well versed with technology as you are. The camera itself was good, but not great, in good lighting with no motion, it takes great photos when you try and take video while moving, for example, that’s when it gets a little bit more challenging from a performance perspective. Some, the more intensive apps were a little bit sluggish on the phone, but some apps I tried like the podcasting out pocket cast worked just fine graphically intensive games like Pokemon go, for example, will be problematic on the device. So if you do want to play, games, go for something that either has an adjustable graphic setting or is an older game with lower graphics. My biggest nock on the device is with the devices speaker at higher volumes. It sounds blown out and there’s, almost no bass to the actual speaker itself. If you’re using headphones either wired or wireless, you won’t have a problem. This phone will not replace your premium smartphone if you’re buying this phone as a temporary replacement, giving it to a child or a parent who it’s their first phone or you’re using this phone for emergencies only. I would definitely recommend taking a look at the Lagoo m12 budget smartphone.