The oneplus 70 was it now. My experience with the 70 has been largely the same as it was with a7 pro, like replying to a troll comment and then blocking them from replying highly satisfying. I do prefer the back of the 7 Pro, though, because I think the 70s camera setup looks like a radiation baby and I like the alert slider on the 7. Pro more, I mean that’s, just personal taste, but it’s just better don’t argue with me it’s a fast phone with the latest specs. So you can feel important. It’S got one plus as oxygen OS optimizations, with more customisation options than Kim Kardashian, which is probably impossible and it’s running Android 10. Now, with perfectly functioning Android 10 gestures, apparently they didn’t work that great at launch. It’S got the same in display fingerprint reader as the 7 Pro, which works great same stereo speakers, which are grade and the same haptic motor, which is also great. You know what else is great the flat display, but I, like my waterfall, displays no bad, no anyways. Six and a half inches tight, bezels itty, bitty teardrop notch Full HD, plus it’s, an AMOLED panel and yes, 90 Hertz, baby bright colors, just the perfect amount of saturation and vivid picture mode, great contrast and crazy, smooth scrolling yeah. I prefer the higher resolution and slightly better quality display on a7 pro but goddamn dude for a 1080p display this one’s among the cream of the crop, it’s really nice, and even though it’s got a notch.

It’S honestly gone almost completely unnoticed and when it comes to the battery it’s slightly smaller on the 70 at 3800 milliamp hours, which surprise surprise, gave me slightly less screen on time than the seven pros 4000 milliamp hour battery. So, for instance, on the 7 Pro I’d get about 6 and a half hours, and on the 70 I get a bit over five and a half hours, but with the 70 we get a 23 percent faster warp charger. Oneplus calls at warp charge 30 T clever and the cameras well it’s got the same exact forty eight megapixel standard, wide angle as the seven pro almost exactly the same 16 megapixel ultra wide, but at 17 millimeters instead of the seven pros 13 millimeters and a 12 Megapixel telephoto, with a shallower two times, zoom range than the seven pros three times and yeah. It basically takes the exact same quality photos it’s, not the best at any one thing, but it’s a reliable performer. Sometimes, photos can look a bit soft, auto HDR can be a bit hit or miss which can make colors like a little flat, but most of the time it did what I wanted, that cool super macro mode is fun to play with, but wasn’t. On my mind, a whole lot when I wanted to take some pictures it’s nice to have, though, and can take some pretty cool shots. Other phones just wouldn’t be able to take without a clip on lens or some janky app.

You got a download so looking at the 70 compared to other Android flagship phones. If you think about it, it fits into the crowd perfectly cuz, just like the iPhone 11 is to the 11 Pro and 11 Pro max. It’S got the same internal flagship, specs as other much higher priced phones, but with a couple of acceptable compromises to lower the price enough, so that even more people can enjoy a phone with high end specs. And I respect that. Even if it means staring into the abyss of that black hole on the back now at the time of recording the seven pros on sale for 550 bucks and the Seven Pro is a better phone, so I’d recommend going that route. But if you’re just looking for purchase justification – or maybe the 7 Pro sale is over and now you’re looking at the 70 yeah man, the 70s, a crazy good value and the best deal on a phone to be had in 2019.