5S. Now this phone is a minor refresh of the real me five, with the major new changes being this brand new red color. We have a promise of a slightly better battery life and a new 48 megapixel primary camera. Now this gives real me a smartphone that’s equipped to take on the current competition, which happens to be the redmi note 8, and even the vivo, u 20, but have they succeeded let’s find out in our review now before we begin don’t forget to subscribe to our Channel and hit that Bell icon so the first to know whenever we have a new video, the physical design and features the real me 5s are identical to those of the real me, 5 and we’ve already covered that in a different video, so be sure to check That out in this video we’ll focus on the cameras of the real me 5s and a couple of other major features. The 5s has a 48 megapixel primary camera compared to the 12 megapixel camera on the journey 5. This is the same Samsung gm1 sensor that we’ve also seen in the redmi note: 2. 7S in the past. The other three rear cameras are the same as that on the driven b5. You get an 8 megapixel wide angle, camera a 2 megapixel depth sensor and a 2 megapixel macro camera in daylight. The primary sensor captures better dynamic range and details compared to 85. However, there’s also noticeable noise in the objects to the side of the frame.

Potin mode is handled very well too, with better exposures and skin tones. Close ups have good detail with well defined edges and good contrast. The wide angle camera can give you an interesting perspective, but details are visibly weaker and colors can look a little washed out compared to shots taken with the main camera macro. Camera has a low resolution, but if you’re patient and the light is ideal, you can get sharp looking shots. Three owe me: five struggled a lot in low light and while the 5s does deliver slightly improved white balance and colors it’s largely the same experience in some shots, there was evident improvement, but more often than not, we had to go looking for the differences now. Nightscape helps a bit in correcting the exposure and bringing on slightly better detail, but the real v5s isn’t always a clear winner here. In some cases we actually prefer shots taken with 305 for selfies. We also have the same 13 megapixel front camera, with an F 2.0 aperture selfies taken in the daytime looked decent with natural skin tones and a fair amount of detail. Portrait mode still needs a bit of work as a background. Blur can be a little too aggressive in low light. The selfie camera struggle with detail and there was lots of visible notice. The screen flash was quite powerful, which helped in very dark situations. Video quality was okay during the day, but there was some focus hunting when panning the camera around or walking about videos are electronically stabilized for only of the 1080p resolution and not at 4k.

You can shoot using the wide angle camera too, but the quality drops a bit in low light. Video quality was below average as even a 1080p. There was lots of grain and shimmer in the footage. Now, let’s quickly go over the performance, software and battery life of the 5s, even though not much has changed from the rainy 5, the new phone also ships with the snapdragon 665 SOC and comes in two variants, one with 4gb of RAM and 64gb of storage and The other, with 4gb of RAM and 128 GB of storage, the real me fibers doesn’t heat up too much, but we did notice it getting a little warm and gaming. The Snapdragon 665 isn’t the best SOC for heavy games and even though babji mobile offers a decent experience at low to medium settings. Babji mobile light is more suited for this phone now lighter game such as Altos, Auto sear and well, but the last screen and HD resolution made the edges of objects. Looked a bit jagged they’re, only 5s runs on color OS 6.0.1 and our review unit has the October security patch. The phone comes with plenty of pre installed, apps of which the third party ones can be uninstalled. Now, according to the company’s roadmap, the real me viruses also share you to receive the color OS 7 updates sometime in May 2020. So that’s again, something to look forward to the real me 5s has the same 5 thousand milliamp hour battery capacity as the older model.

However, this phone ran for a total of 27 hours and 16 minutes, which is extremely impressive, even considering that the older model ran for about 22 hours now, a normal use, one could easily go two full days before needing a charge. Sadly, the phone doesn’t charge to quickly the only managers charge the battery up to 43 in an hour which isn’t great and charging it all the way to about a hundred takes well over two hours. The new main camera Honda Brio knee fibers, deliver slightly better results in daylight, but still struggles in low light situations for Stills and videos now other than this and the new body colour there really isn’t anything to distinguish this device from his predecessor. We feel that real me could have done a lot more with the 5s to make it truly competitive and the really five was a very good phone at 10000 rupees when it launched a couple of months back. But in that short span of time, we’ve had some pretty fierce competition, like the redmi note, 8 from xiaomi, and even the vivo, u 20, both of which offer a little bit more, especially higher resolution displays, we think only could have made the 5s a little more Competitive by adding little features such as a type c port, or maybe even fast, charging just to give it an edge with a current competition.