Now, it’s it’s a little chilly out here, I’m gon na go back inside. So once the dog comes in I’m gon na go pick up my office a little bit my office is so messy. I recently rearranged. It was messy to begin with, but we need to do something about it before we shoot this video I’m. Putting up my phone on my shelf with the gimbal on the tripod did following me. I I have this entire box full of family history, stuff that’s. My great great grandmother right there taking up a pretty good sized chunk of real estate in my tiny office. Does anyone else have a vision board? I should show that to you sometime so okay, I think I’m, a ready to to shoot so I’ve always been a fan of the idea of a smartphone, gimbal or stabilizer for your phone, but I never really knew if the clunkiness of having an extra piece of Gear was really worth the trade off it folds up so it’s, not obnoxiously clunky, so full disclosure feiyutech gave me this vlog pocket. I got the pink one. I tried it out with my iPhone 10 and I just want to tell you what I think about it and whether it even makes sense to have a gimbal for your smartphone. So if we haven’t met yet my name is Meredith marsh and if you’re into creating videos for YouTube and social media to grow your audience and your income online, then you’re in the right place so pros and cons.

Really I don’t have any particular cons with the vlog pocket itself. It feels like a high quality piece of gear. It works. It stabilizes the footage – and you know, it’s pretty easy to use if you’ve never used a gimbal before which I don’t very often there’s some buttons, and you have to kind of figure out what to press to make it do what you want to do. But overall, yes, it does stabilize the footage and it gives you like a little bit of an extension of your hand if you’re holding it out so that you can get like a wider view from the selfie angle. Now, typically, like I mentioned I’m, not always sold on the trade off of having a clunky bulky piece of equipment just to get smooth footage for video. I sit here and make my videos – and I like doing that and usually gimble’s are kind of fragile there’s. All these little like motorized pieces and you have to take special care – I’m curious. If you own a gimbal for your camera or your smartphone, do you use it? Was it worth the price? Was it worth the investment or does it just sit on a shelf somewhere? Let me know in the comments that’s for the vlog pocket. Yes, it does need to be charged, but it is foldable and all the wonky bits lock into place, so it feels secure to throw it in a bag or into your purse.

You might even be able to throw it into your pocket depends on how big your pockets are, because it’s so mobile, I probably would be more likely to use it if I remembered to charge it and actually take it somewhere with me. I like that, you can download the FEA tech app. You don’t have to use the app with the gimbal, but when you connect to the app then you can use the gimbal the button on the gimbal to switch back and forth between photo and video mode and also toggle between recording and not recording. So, like. I said you don’t have to use the app, but it is, you know it is a little bit convenient. I could see using this for like my Instagram stories or something I could leave the gimbal on my desk and just pop my phone into it anytime. I wanted to do with stabilize story, so I could see doing that or getting b roll with my phone like I did to shoot this video you know and if I was using my phone for handheld, vlog style, YouTube. Videos, then for sure absolutely. I think using something like the vlog pocket would make a lot of sense and, like I said it is really simple to use you just unfold. It unlock all of the different motorized and moving parts put your phone in to the cradle, and then you just press that top button, the power button and it will literally just come to life it’s kind of creepy at first, but it just comes to life, holds It steady for you so that you can move it around.

I put links down below to this exact model. It comes in black as well.