So with that there’s, a lot of sales and it’s generally a good time to get a phone. However, not everybody can afford a lofty flagship and today we’re, focusing on value aka, the mid range. The mid range is really competitive and the differences between phones at 200, 250 and 300 euro are significant. So we decided to split it into three and have victors and runners up in each category with that, a mangie for gsm arena – and these are the best mid rangers of 2019 Music let’s start off with the lowest price bracket on this list. 200 euro. You can get a phone at a lower price, but it’ll be in budget territory. Budget phones are all about compromises and considering this is the tool that you use most every single day. You want it to be more than just decent in terms of user experience. Our runner up for 200 euro is the real me 5 Pro. This is a phone with excellent battery life and when you want fast charging well, not spectacular, the main camera is solid in most shooting scenarios, and the chipset has plenty of power for the money. On the downside, it has no NFC and the shots taken with the macro and ultra roid cameras leave much to be desired. Real me is also relatively new to Europe, so people are less likely to trust it than a brand like Samsung or Xiaomi. So, who is our Victor at 200 euros? The redmi note 80.

This phone has pretty much everything that you want at this price there’s a large and sharp LCD, a modern chipset and a huge battery. The build quality is also surprisingly, nice and you’ll find Gorilla. Glass. 5 on both sides, what might be annoying is the weights at 200 grams, it’s quite hefty, and if you’re using the phone for a longer period of time, it might get annoying moving on to the 250 you’re a price segment. Our runner up here is the redmi note. 8. Pro xiaomi is continuing to dominate the mid range, which is one of the reasons this becomes such a recognizable brand in the West. The note 8 pro has some of the best battery life we’ve tested. It has snappy performance and the 64 megapixel camera is great. Video quality was surprisingly good for the price too. However, it is an LCD rather than an AMOLED, and what the 4500 million power battery it’s also not the lightest phone around to be fair. Our winner in this price segment, isn’t exactly lightweight either Samsung Galaxy and 30s. The Samsung Galaxy M 30s has a crazy six thousand milliamp hour battery. The phone is on the chunkier side and the large 6.4 inch display means it’s, not the easiest one to pocket. However, it’s an AMOLED display and that combined with the speedy, mid tier chipset, means that, as far as media consumption is concerned, it should both last long and perform really well there’s, even a promising triple camera setup.

With a 48 megapixel me, camera what’s, less than ideal is the lack of NFC and the plastic build. Although the gradient on the back is still modern and beautiful, it’s, a fingerprint magnet and slightly less premium than the glass you’ll find on competing phones at three hundred euro we’ve reached the edge of the mid range here. We’Re. Getting many of the same features as a so called flagship killers, but with downgraded chipsets. Our runner up in this category is the real Mia x2 and boasts a bunch of excellent features. First is the amazing battery life and some of the fastest charging in this price segment. It can get zero to sixty seven percent in half an hour and from 0 to 100 an hour and 15 minutes. It has one of the best chipsets for the money and flagship grade, haptic feedback, so typing and gaming should feel fantastic. The display is also a very color, accurate AMOLED that should make general media consumption feel even more pleasant. Even if it’s, not the brightest display around the X two’s weaknesses are mostly in the camera Department. Well, its main cameras, excellent, the performance of the ultra wide camera is underwhelming and the telephoto is downright poor victory and our last mid range category goes to the Xiaomi me 90. First of all, the build quality and design of this phone are excellent. It has a beautiful backhand notch list display with slim bezels. All around the display is a six point: four inch AMOLED that’s color, accurate brights and HDR 10, capable the phone isn’t light thanks to the 4000 million power battery, but it’s a beast in terms of battery life and it got 100 hours on our endurance tests.

The 90 has a more versatile camera set up with three focal lengths, rather than just two. It got great results from all three and was reliable, both in broad daylight and more challenging conditions. Even the pop up, selfie camera is excellent. It has the best chipset outside the 800 series, snapdragons and as a whole. It doesn’t really have any weak points. Well, okay, maybe just the one it’s priced really close to the Xiaomi 90 probe. So if you have 50 extra bucks to spend I’d get that phone instead of the regular me 90 you’ll be getting flagship level internals or not, that much more. But if you’re strictly limited to the 300 euro range, then this is the phone to get thanks for watching.