Yes, definitely not the best name in a smartphone, but hey I’ve, seen I’ve seen way worse but living the name aside. The Samsung Galaxy Note m is the best Android phone of 2019 in terms of the amount of features that you get with that phone there’s. Absolutely no denying that – and we did a full review after my two plus months of use here, so feel free to check that video out. If you want to learn more about the best Android smartphone of 2019, however, the oneplus 20 pro is the best Android phone of 2019 in terms of value. In my opinion, because you get pretty much everything you could ask for in a phone at a much much lower price than, for example, the Samsung Galaxy Note, n plus costs, or even the 11pro max so yeah ghetto snacks and Rose drinks, ready and here’s. My full in the review, with my final thoughts on the oneplus 70 pro the best overall value smartphone of 2019 Music. If you’re looking for some great looking skins at affordable prices for your brand, you want 70 Pro or any other smartphone for that matter. Then you check out ez skins or sponsor for this video. I do think that this black camo and green camel skins look amazing, and then you want a 70 Pro, especially with the brand new 3d texture that adds grib to the slippery feel that your phone previously had, but easy schemes literally offer hundreds of designs to choose From for all the major smartphone brands, so whether you have an iPhone or Samsung or a pixel or even a oneplus ez skins, has you covered check out ez skins using the link below okay? So most of you watching this video are probably familiar as to who oneplus is as a company and what their vision stands for now.

In case, you are not they’re, basically trying to make flagship smartphones at affordable prices. Now they did have to cut some corners in order to achieve that which I’ll talk about in this review, and I got ta say the oneplus 70 Pro pretty much takes the crown in terms of the least amount of changes from a previous generation that I’ve ever Seen in any smartphone, I think yeah, the oneplus 70 Pro by the way which came out in October. So just you know a month and a few days ago is almost identical copy of the oneplus 7 pro that came back in May of this year. But this is still an incredible smartphone and pretty much every single way and it’s, not even better than the 7 pro. So here is everything in terms of everything of this phone, so starting off with the design. The 70 pro is still one of the only phones in 2019 that does not have a notch or even a camera cut out at all. All we get is a full screen display with zero interruptions for you when you’re watching your content, which is just incredible now. The screen bezels or should I say the frame of the phone is indeed thicker than on other phones, such as the Elven Pro Max or the Samsung Galaxy Note mplus, but considering that you don’t get any cutouts at all in the display itself, I’m. Very very happy with this tiny trade off, and I don’t know about you guys, but the 70 pro looks to me like a phone that came from the future like a 2020 phone or even 2021 smart phone, where you know smart phones are just a full screen Display it simply looks incredible and I’m absolutely in love with the design of this phone.

The back is made out of glass, but it does have this frost, glass, texture so same as di eleven pros or the Google pixel for so it’s. This very self glass that doesn’t catch any fingerprints at all another plus for two one plus now, unlike the one plus seven pro, which came in Mira, gray, ailment and nebula blue, the one plus. Seventy pro only comes in one single color, which is haze, blue and then there’s also a different addition. The McLaren Edition, which has this very unique, look on its back, which I do like a lot. But if you’re looking for just a standard, black or even the previous gold, then you’re out of luck and I have to say I actually do preferred the old nebula blue color over in a 70s haze blue since it’s a bit darker and feels a bit more Mature than the haze blue to me at least, then the sides are made out of polished aluminum, so they look very premium, but something that I don’t like about a seventy pearls design is just how how bulky and big it feels in the hand at the 8.8 Millimeters thick, the 70 pro is not speak, thicker than the seven point, nine millimeters of thickness that the note n has and also not so a thicker than the eight point. One millimeters in the I feel of an Pro Max has so yeah. This is a pretty chunky phone. Luckily, the sides do curved, so it doesn’t feel that fat, but still holding this in my hand, it does feel quite thick and considering that a display is also quite large at six point, sixty seven inches the 70 Pro is definitely not a phone that it can Easily use with one hand, so if we need to keep that in mind.

Finally, even though the seven pro and a 70 pro basically look identical aside from you know the different blue color, there is one visual identifier, and that is the fact that the laser autofocus is now outside of the camera module on the 70 Pro versus inside of The Caravaggio like on the seven Pro also the ring surrounding the camera module is now shinier and the megapixel count is now gone, but yeah other than that. These phones design, wise they’re, identical, okay. Moving on to the display it’s good overall, I would say that this is the best display on a smartphone, but it doesn’t really nail. You know every single display category and you’ll see why in a second, so the 70 Pro has exactly one display, as the seven Pro did so that’s a six point. Sixty seven inch Samsung made panel, which is also an OLED AMOLED panel, with a resolution of 31 20 by 1440, which actually translates to a PPI of 516, so it’s, a very, very sharp play. The black levels are perfect. The colors pop hits an amazing display. It also features a DCI, p3 color cabinet with 100 coverage, so yeah if you’re into photo or video anything on the go. This is an amazing choice for dots and, if you’re, into consuming media 270 Pro cm as the 7 Pro the support, HDR, 10 plus content. So it’s perfect for that as well, and since there is no notch or any display cutouts at all.

On this, I actually crown the one plus 70 Pro the best phone for watching and viewing content. It’S amazing for YouTube for Netflix, for reading news articles it’s pretty much great for everything, but wait there’s more the 70 Pro same as the 7 pro before it comes with a 90 Hertz refresh rate panel, meaning that everything you do on this phone is 50. More fluid than on any other smartphone on the market. Right now that comes with a standard 60 Hertz panel, putting the 70 pro next to denote, 10, plus or even DFA lovin pro max. You can see how much smoother the animations and the UI really is, and games can also run at a much higher frame rates, which I mean they already on the other phones as well. But what I mean here is that we can actually see the higher frame rates on the 1 plus 70 Pro, so you can see up to 90 frames per second versus 60 frames per second on you know any other phones with a 60 Hertz is play. So the display on a 70 pro seems like the best display ever on a smartphone and so far it really is. But you see there’s one complaint that I have, which might be a big issue for some users, and that is the brightness. So we’ve actually used a professional, color and brightness measuring tool and on a pure, wide full screen window. The 1 70 Pro only achieved the maximum brightness of 457 nits, which, while still higher than the pixel for excels 443 nits.

It was significantly lower than the 720 3 notes on the note, 10 plus or the 785 minutes on the Eifel Evan pro max. Moving onto the camera, this is where it gets really interesting, because you see when I said that oneplus had to make some trade offs to keep the price low. Well, the camera was actually the biggest trade off and pretty much every single previous one plus following, but then the 1 7 Pro came out in May, and that was one plus his first premium smartphone. So to say, it had many innovative features from the design to the pop up from Kara module did a 90 Hertz refresh rate display, and it also had a triple and camera module, which was supposed to be very, very good, and it was okay, it was okay, It was better than the one plus sevens camera, but still nothing close when it comes to an iPhone’s camera or a Samsung Galaxy S or a nodes, or even a Google pixel. It was just a better mid range camera, and that was it and the 70 Pro has the exact same camera for the most part, as the 7 Pro did a few months ago. So does this mean that a camera is bad? Well, you’ll be surprised actually to hear this, but at first when the one plus seven Pro large back in May, the Kara was mediocre, but in the past few months oneplus released. So many updates, like they slammed the hood, updates an improvement store camera app to the point where now in our latest blind camera comparison between the oneplus 70 Pro the pixel for excel the iPhone 11 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy Note M, plus the one plus 70, Pro actually got this second place after the iPhone 11 Pro max.

It also got the same score as the pixel four and yes, and even higher score than the Samsung Galaxy Notes and Plus and in a lot of cases it even had the best night mode out of all four phones. Stabilization was great. Hdr was very good, so one plus good job, a good job, you’ve managed to turn a mid range camera hardware, at least into pretty much a flagship level. Experience and I’m very, very surprised. The pop up front camera mantra was very good as well with perfect exposure. A wide viewing angle and even the low light shots coming from the front camera were very good and my favorites out of all these four phones in the blind carrot test, so yep, pretty good oneplus, so what’s the catch. Well, you see the front. Camera can only do 1080p, video at 30 frames per second compared to 4k 30 on the s10 and melton or even 4k 60 on the iPhone 11 Pro max. So yeah there’s that also the wide angle lens isn’t as wide as on the iPhone or the nodes and it’s, also fairly soft and pretty bad in low light. But yeah is that from that it’s very, very good, especially after the recent software updates. Also, the 70 Pro does have a macro mode now, and this is actually a hardware feature or a mechanism inside a phone adjust the focus motor to focus up close, and you can see how much of a difference.

This really makes like take a look at how sharp the coin is on the 70 Pro compared to all the other phones which don’t have a macro mode, so that’s pretty awesome, and this is something that we don’t really have, or we didn’t have on the 7. Pro before, but I definitely do check out our ultimate blind camera comparison for a truly detailed look at everything you need to know in terms of the 1 plus 70 pros camera. Ok now, when it comes to performance, if you’re not yet convinced on getting the 70 Pro well, this is the section that will definitely convince you. The 70 Pro is by far the fastest and also the most fluid phone that I’ve ever ever used yes, faster than the I feel of and Promax faster than the no 10 Plus faster than a pixel for excel or anything else. So what exactly do I mean by? It is well spec wise. We get a snapdragon, a 55 plus processor, which is actually an overclocked version of the 855 that we got in the 7 pro a few months before now. The GPU is about 15 faster than on the 855, and the CPU is about 5 to 8 percent faster. So you should see some extra frames per second in games, but yeah nothing major, now Ram wise. This is where it gets really interesting, because you see the 1 7 Pro came in six gigabytes, 8 gigabytes and 12 gigabytes options.

However, the 70 pro only comes in 8 gigabytes, and this is also a reason why the price has actually gone up by quite a bit. Now, however, if you do get the new McLaren edition of the 70 Pro that’s, the one that comes with 12 gigabytes of RAM but yeah, the reason why this phone feels so fast is because of that 90 current reference rate display because of that ufs 3.0 storage, Which, by the way the s10 does not have the pixel 4 does not have. The note implies this have, but the no temples does not have a 90 Hertz. You for a display same goes for the iPhone, which has nvme flash storage, but no 90 Hertz. So there you go. This is why the 70 Pro just flies through everything and oneplus also has their oxygen OS Kian, which is an extremely light skin, pretty much stock android with just a few nice modifications, such as the ability to change the background. Color of your UI, the accent color of your buttons. You can also reorder the menu buttons as well, and things such as you know such as that, give you so much more customization options when compared to the pixel, for, for example, also oneplus is the second manufacturer right after Google, in terms of releasing software update and It’S not just that they’re really fast food updates, but are also great at supporting their older devices for a really long time like, for example, even the 1 3 that came out in 2016 three years ago.

Even that is still receiving updates. As of November 2019 from oneplus, which is amazing and one plus five and the five T which came out in 2017, we’ll both be receiving an update to Android ten and q2 2020, so yeah great performance. They want updates, and years of software support I’m pretty happy with it. So far you can probably tell so now that a camera has actually been fixed. The main reason why you might consider not getting this phone are the special features or the lack thereof, so to say the 70 Pro still lacks wireless charging, which I mean come on one plus. We are in 2019 now and pretty much. Everyone else does have wireless charging today. Oneplus did say that a reason why they don’t add wireless charging is because you know it’s not as fast as we’re charging, which is true, but yeah you’re wrong. One plus, the no 10 plus, for example, supports up to 15 watts wireless charging, which is extremely fast by the way and fun fact that is three times faster than a stock five watt charger. That Apple is to supply before the Eifel event pros. Also, there is no official IP water resistance rating or even thus rating now oneplus did add a rubber seal to unofficially add water resistance, but they haven’t paid for the certification itself. Now I have seen some cases where people actually submerge your oneplus 7 pro device in water and it survives, but then, at the same time, I’ve also seen cases where it didn’t survive, and you know it died so yeah.

Considering that and the fact that we also have the pop up camera module now on the front which does increase or decrease, how sealed your phone really is, I wouldn’t submerge this in water in any way, then the headphone jack is also gone now. The speakers are good, but not great Music there’s. No, my Christie card slot, no crazy features such as an S Pen or anything like that. So yeah it’s, not looking that great so far in terms of the features on the oneplus 70 Pro. However, I do have two very positive features that I want to talk about: the first one being the in display fingerprint reader. Just how fast it is. This is the fastest in displaying perimeter on any smartphone, it’s, crazy, crazy, fast and then. The second feature is the fact that the one possibility Pro also has a haptic engine, so this is similar to the one that we have inside the I fell upon Promax, which brings haptics to the entire UI, and this is one of the best ones on any Android phone right on par with the note 10 plus and the pixel for excel okay. So, having said all of this, how is the battery life on this phone? It’S? Ok, so the 70 Pro comes with a four thousand and 85 million power battery, which is slightly larger than the four tells me the power battery that we got on the one plus seven Pro.

However, because of that large 6.67 inch display that’s, also 90 heards. The battery lasts not slee, less, that on phones such as the nope 10 plus the envelope on Promax or even the samsung galaxy s 10 plus now you can indeed switch to a 60 Hertz mode on a display which will improve the battery life. But you know considering that 90 Hertz is literally one of the main reasons to get his phone. I really don’t think that that trade off is worth it and the main reason for that being how fast this phone charges. So you get a 30 watt charger inside the box, which, yes is actually six times more powerful than one Apple used to shape until the iPhone 11 pros. Now, in our fast charging speed test, the one plus 70 Pro managed to charge to 50 in just 24 minutes and up to 100 in just one hour and seven minutes, yeah insanely insanely fast for a 4000 mAh battery. This is by even faster, then slightly faster than on the oneplus 7 pro from you know just a few months ago. However, what I don’t like about this is that fun fact you have to use the official oneplus charger to get that really really fast charging or any fast charging. If you use a USB type c charger like you know, macbook charger or a Samsung charger or any other, you know smartphone charger or your DC charger. You would not get USB type c fast.

Charging speeds yeah. So you need to use a stock charger, which is a bit inconvenient, I would say losing my voice again and also I don’t like the fact that we do not have wireless charging. So those are my two main complaints regarding the battery and finally, value is the oneplus 70 Pro worth it? Well, the oneplus one is to cost three hundred dollars back in 2014, the oneplus 70 pro now costs seven hundred pounds or nine hundred and ten dollars. If you convert that into a US dollars because interesting enough, you cannot buy this in the US by the way it’s not available in the US. So yes, the 70 pro is three times more expensive than what the first one plus phone is to cost. However, it’s still cheaper than the note 10 plus, which costs one thousand pounds in the UK or 1150 pounds that’s the I feel, oven, Promax costs I mean for the most part. You actually do you get the same experience just with no wireless charging, no official waterers. This rating and a slightly worse camera than you know those flagship flex, your smartphones, but considering that you do get an even faster performance and usability of full screen, display a pop up camera module, which is you know, a really cool party trick. I do think that I want plus 70 Pro is worth it so much more than any of the competition, the only exception being the non pro one plus 70, which actually offers the exact same specs, the exact same camera, just a slightly older design, which you know Still looks great to be honest, but that one starts at 550 pounds in the UK compared to 700 pounds, so I do think that that phone is actually worked at even more than the oneplus 70 Pro is, but yeah.

Let me know to come in to your thoughts on this phone. I think it’s, honestly, amazing, you found a purchase, it then feel free to and please use the links below because you get. We do get a small commission from all, for example, Amazon, we’re and I was on few eat, so you don’t have to pay anything, but Amazon gives us a small percentage of their sales, so that’s cool. So, if you’re on a supported Channel, please consider using the links below but yeah or in that this is honestly amazing film. So thank you for watching. Let me know the comments again.