So what we normally cover flagships on this channel today, we’re looking at a more budget device and an incredible one at that, the Xiaomi mi 9 lite global version is currently priced at 248 pounds or 296 dollars and it’s an incredible phone for the money. Well, we don’t have flagship everything in this phone. We’Ve got perfectly capable hardware with decent display and cameras. If we start with the unboxing, you can see if we first get the phone itself and I have the Aurora blue color here you can see the back of the device changes in color shifts is the light, hits it at different angles, and I have to say It looks great we then get a package with the warranty card instruction manual, TPU protective case and a sim removal tool. Finally, we get the wall charger along with the USB type c cable, so the mean line light has a six point. Three: nine inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 by 2340, giving us 403 pixels per inch, it’s capable of 600, and its max brightness has HDR and it’s protected by Gorilla. Glass. 5 it’s got an optical in display fingerprint scanner, and this does work pretty well it’s, not the fastest finger print scanner, I’ve used, but it’s accurate and unlocks the device reasonably quickly. The phone also comes with a screen protector pre installed to the device. You can see. We’Ve got a water drop style notch to house the selfie camera, which is a 32 megapixel sensor.

This has an aperture of f2.8, Oh supports HDR and it’s, able to record 1080p at 30 frames a second. If we switch over to the rear, you can see. We’Ve got a triple camera setup in the vertical alignment. It consists of a 48 megapixel. Wide angle is the primary camera, and this has an aperture of f 18 we’ve got an 8 megapixel ultra wide, along with a 2 megapixel depth sensor when it comes to video recording we get 4k at 30 frames. A second 1080p at 60 frames, a second or super slow 720p at 960 frames, a second on the rear, there’s. Also a Xiaomi logo in the bottom left, that’s, also a notification light which you don’t see on many devices, and I think it is a great touch. The back shift colors to give a cool effect when the light hits it at different angles and overall, it is a good looking phone. The phone feels reasonably light coming in at 179 grams and it’s comfortable to hold thanks to the slight curves on the back. The phone dimensions measure in at one hundred and fifty six point eight by seventy four point: five by eight point: seven millimeters. When it comes to the rest of the specs, the phone uses the Snapdragon 710 system on chip. It comes with six gigs of ram and a choice of 64 or 128 gigs storage. It also has a dual SIM that allows for expandable storage using micro SB, and this supports a further 256 gig.

It is powered by a four thousand and thirty milliamp hour battery with 18 watt fast charge support its USBC has bluetooth 5 NFC and a great feature is a built in IR blaster, allowing you to control TVs and other electronics with your phone, the phone ships with Android 9 Pi in the form of me UI 10. There is, however, an OTA update available. That already brings you to me ui 11. Another great feature of the device is that it does have a three and a half mil headphone jack. So great news for audio fans, so I’ve been using this phone for about a month now on, while I normally use flagship, I have to say this has been great and better than I expected in the price range. The display is incredible and goes bright enough to use one in heavy sunlight. The phone is very smooth and responsive and it’s been a pleasure to use overall watching HDR media on the display looks stunning, as you can see from the video here, and the audio quality is good. Although volume wise it isn’t the loudest I’ve used, but it does still go loud enough. The RAM management appears to be good and I can switch between the apps and they all reload nice and quickly, when reopening to unlock the phone. We’Ve got the usual security methods, along with the in display fingerprint scanner and a face unlock both work very well here. But, of course the face unlock is the 2d method is only has a single selfie camera.

So if we take a look at the camera, performance, we’ll start with the video. So this is the rear camera of the Xiaomi mi 9 lite it’s on 4k at 30 frames. A second just wanted to see how the video comes out on what the stabilization is. Like I’m also not gon na touch the audio, so you guys can hear the audio direct from the microphone, but obviously I’m not gon na be able to see what it looks like until we get it on the computer. So we’ll just go, have a look now. So for 4k at 30 frames a second, it performed pretty well for a device in its price range. We have the sun shining at the lens and it still recorded decent quality footage and the audio quality. It was surprisingly good as well. One thing I would say, however, is the stabilization was very minimal and we can really see the camera shake from my walking we’ve now changed it to 1080p at 60 frames. A second so see how it performs on this see. If the stabilization is better in 1080p than 4k is at most likely is at 1080p. It performs well and again, the audio is sounding good. I was hoping that the stabilization would be better in 1080p, but it actually seems to be around the same as the 4k footage now we’re gon na test, the video on the selfie camera. This is, of course, 1080p at 30 frames, a second that is the max quality for this we’ll see how the audio comes out as well it’s a very bright day, so it should do well.

There is a bit of wind we’ll, see if that comes out. Of course again, I won’t know until we put it back on the computer, the selfie camera, while not the best, gives a perfectly satisfactory result again. There may be some slight stabilization, but we can still see plenty of camera. Shake from my hand when it comes to photos, the device takes some great photos with plenty of detail. I’Ve taken a variety of shots, and these were just simple point and click photos without changing any settings or focal points. We get a nice amount of detail that allows us to zoom in on the photos with some pretty reasonable color accuracy. Of course, it’s not comparable to the high end flagships, but we do get some really detailed photos for this price bracket when taking portrait shots. It performs well well most of the time it does do a good job at blowing the back grounds. I did, however, find that mainly when taking pictures of objects, we sometimes do get a bit of strange blurring. As you can see here when it comes to gaming, it this device performs great well, it doesn’t have the latest flagship chipset. It is powered by the Snapdragon 710 it’s, a perfectly capable device or not a mobile gamer myself. I’Ve tested this with asphalt 9, where it played very well or some slower devices do tend to produce a lot of stutter. It continued to play flawlessly at ride.

Call of duty mobile and again it played very well these sort of games that definitely need smooth gameplay to fully enjoying compete against the enemies and the Xiaomi mi 9 lite has not led us down here at all. Finally, I played pubg mobile in high graphics settings and again it played perfectly one thing to mention is that you do have to be careful of how you hold this phone. When gaming, though, given that the speakers are on the bottom, I found myself covering these up a lot and reducing the volume when gaming, but have calls for more serious gamers we’ve got the three and a half mil audio jack to plug in your headphones battery life. I found to be great and the device easily lasted me the day. I generally have my phone at high brightness levels and had no issues with battery Jane, well synthetic benchmarks, aren’t everything they do give an idea of the phone’s performance. So I ran the Xiaomi mi. 9 lite through antutu and Geekbench, and these were the results in antutu, we received a score of two hundred nine thousand three hundred and ten and that’s broken down into seventy one thousand four hundred and eighty for the CPU. Fifty four thousand nine hundred and nineteen for GPU, forty, seven thousand seven hundred and ninety two for memory and finally thirty five thousand one hundred and nineteen for the UX. If we then head over to geek bench, we got a single core score of ‘5 and a multi core score of one thousand five hundred and twelve other than that there’s.

Not really too much else to say the Mi 9 lite works well, and the phone overall is a pleasure to use using the phone for general use such as browsing the web social media, it’s very responsive and looks great. The cool speaker works well and cool quality. It was very good at whenever using the phone we’ve got some nice animations for the fingerprint unlock the charging and when you look at other devices in the price bracket, the Xiaomi mi, 9 lite really is offering a lot. So in the price range. It is a very competitive device. I, like the notification light on the back and the fact that we have an IR blaster to control. Infrared devices is just another advantage, so hopefully I’ve covered everything you need. The phone was sent to me by banggood and they’ve currently got it on offer for 26 percent off making it 248 pounds or two hundred and ninety six dollars. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say how long this deal is on for so, if you’re watching the video a later date, it may have actually gone up for anyone who would like to purchase one though or simply take a further look. I’Ve placed a link down in the description below and the great thing about. Banggood is it’s, free international shipping. Of course, if there’s anything I’ve, missed or you’ve got any questions at all, please leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can, but thank you for watching the video.

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