Review ADONIT Dash 3 | premium stylus for any smartphone or tablet, even for Tab S5E

So if you have a screen that doesn’t support a stylus like it’s the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5e, you can use this a doughnut, let’s unbox. This package and let’s see this magic pan that will work with any device with any touchscreen. So this is the package this is the pan […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8/8T review

But what makes them special and are they worth getting let’s find out in our four review, the node a to node 8 T our mid range phones going for a budget prize. Each version is for a different market. There are a few small differences in design and, besides the looks there are a […]

Top 5 BEST Smartphones To Buy In Early 2020!

I am lucky enough to get my hands on and review hundreds of different smartphones and, as a result, I often get asked by a lot of you guys, what’s the best smartphone what’s good for camera, what’s good for battery etc. So, instead of answering everyone individually, I thought what I would do as […]

Minismile YT01 360-degree Rotary Car Mount Air Vent Phone Holder

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Redmi 8 – Full Review – The Absolute Best Budget Smartphone for $130!

Now in my unboxing I initial impressions, video of the remi 8 as a different exceeded. My expectations for iphone to have a micro USB supports fast charging. The 5000 williams battery a good design for 131 dollars of 48000 era, it’s unheard of so does this phone live up to the hype? Well in […]

Make better Videos with your Smartphone – Sandmarc Hybrid Filter Review

My name is AttiBear and welcome back to yet another episode in today’s episode. We are going to talk about how you can improve the quality of the videos you’re shooting on your smartphone, so that they look more cinematic. The issue with shooting video on a smartphone is the following. We now have a […]

Vivo U20 REVIEW – The Most Powerful Budget Smartphone?

U 20 review! In September this year, vivo announced a new budget, smartphone called the vivo u10, which was powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 that also powered the two most popular budget phones, at a time that the redmi note 8 and the real me 5, as you can guess, vivos Entry into that […]

Alcatel U3 3G Android Smartphone (Review)

This smartphone aspire brand code, Alcatel modern numbers, you free and it’s a free G, Android smartphone. Now this smartphone is a budget price. Mid range, smartphone; okay, it has a decent specs for its price range they’ll go through and I will just show you exactly how he operates: IFIF, he’s, too slow, etc. […]

Vivo U3 Smartphone Reviews || Vivo U3 Specification || Vivo U3 Features || Vivo U3 Details (#31 MR)

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REVIEW: TCL LX 4G Budget Android Smartphone, 18:9 Display! [$20]

A few days ago. We did a review on the Samsung Galaxy, a 10 II, which i think is one of the best value smartphones for around 50 bucks. But if you’re on an even tighter budget believe or not there’s a smartphone that you can pick up without a contract using Amazon Prime for […]