My name is Alex and welcome. Back in today’s video, we are taking out a very affordable phone from Alcatel called the 3v, so you can find this phone for just around 200 in the US and for about two hundred and twenty dollars in Canada and for that price we do get really good Value so, first of all, we get a massive six point: seven inch screen now this screen has a resolution of one 720p, and that is not the greatest resolution out there. However, we do get a very good viewing angles and nice and saturated colors not to mention that the screen gets bright enough um, so the phone can be used outdoors aside from that, we get a four thousand milliamp hour battery and when you pair that battery, with A very power efficient, mediatek, helio p22. You can easily get over ten hours of screen on time and that’s impressive for any phone at any price. The phone itself is mostly made out of plastic, so the sides and the back while everything, except for the screen on the back – that we have a physical fingerprint scan, something that we don’t usually see these days and the fingerprint scanner works great. You just have to touch it, and the screen will turn on end up. The phone will unlock and that only takes about half a second to happen. So the fingerprint scanner works great. At the top. We get a 3.5 ml audio jack, something that once again, we don’t really see these days anymore.

And next to that we also have an IR blaster, and that means that you can use this phone as a remote control for your TV. So that could come in handy in some situations. The phone even has dual speakers, so we have one speaker next to the USBC charging port and the second speaker done, although at the top next to the front facing camera in automation that right there, we also have an LED notification light. Now. The speakers sound okay, but I wish they would have been a bit louder and it’s a quick example. So you can see how the speaker sound Music performance, wise. Well, this phone is not gon na win any speed. The words um you get a score of 109 total score of about 90000 and that’s, definitely not the highest score that I have ever seen, but most applications that you’re gon na download from the Google Play Store should do. Okay, I mean you’re gon na wait them a second longer to UM to load some of those applications, but one some ones they load. They should work fine. So, to give you an example, scrolling through my facebook feed is done pretty okay without them without much lag. I even played games like pop G, and I was actually expecting that the phone is not gon na, do that great and before that game, but it actually does much much better than I was expecting so yes, the mediatek helio p22 may not be the fastest processor Out there, but since the phone is running android 9 and the skin, on top of that, android 9 is very life.

The phone does perform better than I was expecting and we are moving on to the front and rear cameras and, as you probably expect, and since this is a fairly affordable phone, the cameras are and the greatest thing about this phone. So if you have plenty of light, you can take some decent looking pictures, so the rear cameras do pretty good. We even have a portrait mode in there and the edge detection for the portrait mode is a pretty decent and better than I was expecting. But as soon as you don’t have enough light well, the phone has trouble focusing and the pictures become quite grainy, so average cameras for a phone around 200 and I would say now the phone can record the maximum resolution of 1080p, and this is a quick example Of recording that I’ve done with datum earlier today, this is a super quick video test to the Alcatel 3v. So this device cannot record the maximum resolution of 1080p, but we do seem to have an image stabilization at that resolution. But if you’re looking for a device that can do 4k well, this isn’t it so this whole recording from this device would look like outside plenty of light and walking connectivity wise. The phone supports dual band, Wi, Fi and, of course, 4G connectivity and based on the band’s own. Well, you shouldn’t have any issues of using this phone on pretty much anywhere in the US and Canada.

Now, unfortunately, the phone doesn’t support, NFC, so you’re, not gon na, be able to use this phone to make payments and that’s unfortunate, because NFC would have made them made a big difference, at least for me, because I do use my phone to make purchases every now And then for the GPS unit inside the phone and all it only takes a couple of seconds for the phone to find your location so that one works great but for sensors. And we don’t seem to have a gyroscope and once again as kind of expecting that. Because it could come in handy for certain games so to quickly conclude this video, the Alcatel 3v may not be the fastest phone out there. However, it is available and you can find it at a bunch of carriers in North America and that’s important, because you don’t import the phone because then it doesn’t have warranty and so on. Like this, you have a warranty from the manufacturer and so on, not to mention you’re gon na love. The six point seven inch screen, if you like, watching videos or playing games, end up that 4000 milliamp hour battery can keep the phone going for days. At a time on on one charge, so it may not be the fastest phone out there, but it does offer a really good value for its price. Alright guys, hopefully enjoyed this video.