My name is Vic with phone arena and we have reviewed a bunch of phones throughout the year and these are our favourite budget ones will start this countdown at number, seven, with the LG stylo. Five – and this is a dirt cheap phone currently sold at just 170. This phone comes with a large 6.2 inch. Lcd screen and it’s superpower is a stylus that you can use to quickly jot down notes or sketch something right on your screen. Last time we checked the 1000 Galaxy Note. Template was the only other phone to offer such an option, so this definitely makes the cheap LG style 5. Quite special. Well thirty, five hundred million power battery onboard you should expect a solid battery life on it. Well, it’s weak size are the rather weak Snapdragon, 450 processor on board and the camera, which is just ok, a bit more expensive, but still firmly in budget phone territory. Next on the list are the Sony Xperia 10 and the larger Xperia 10 plus. These are two unusual phones. They are extra tall, an extra narrow making them feel a bit like holding a TV remote on the plus side in so narrow they’re, easy to grasp with one hand. If you want a phone that’s different from all the rest that’s it. You also get a taller screen with a 21 by 9 aspect ratio here, which is actually the exact format used in professional cinema. So if you’re watching Netflix on your phone, you love the size of the Xperia 10 phones.

Battery life is very decent here, and camera quality is above average, not quite exceptional. Next on our list comes the Nokia 7.2. Yes, Nokia phone in 2019 might actually be a great idea. This budget nokia has surprisingly good, looks for a device of this price and features a clean version of Android. The battery life is solid, has a sharp good looking screen and it comes with a whopping, 120 onboard storage and there’s. Even a dedicated Google assistant button it’s, not the perfect phone doll, you should get it if you like the looks, but it was sometimes that are a bit and if you find a great camera, doesn’t quite cut it. Next, we have the moto G 7, a phone that has traditionally been everyone’s, go to budget phone, and this is also true this year, it’s a great all around budget phone, but we feel that others is really stepped it up with devices that offer a bit more Flair and the g7 while reliable, looks a bit less exciting performance is zippy, the software is clean and enjoyable. The displays decent and the camera can take some good shots during the day. This is still a budget workhorse. But what is gone is the excitement with this. In mind, we’re entering the most interesting part, the hotly contested top three at number three, we have a device that will absolutely blow your mind. If you look at the specs, the redmi note 8 pro by xiaomi.

First of all, the phone itself is an absolute looker covered in glass at both the front and guru glass, five on the back with special coating that makes it reflect light in the mesmerizing way, it’s, absolutely beautiful. Under the hood, you have a media tech chip, but while media tech, processors don’t get a good rap, this particular one is actually surprisingly good, surprisingly fast and it beats chips like the Snapdragon 820 5, which was a flagship chip a year or so back after that, The biggest battery of any phone in this list, a massive 4500 milliamp hour cell and all four cameras on the back, including an ultra wide angle, camera and you pretty much – have the full package at number two. We have a device that has become the symbol of the Samsung comeback in budget phones B: galaxy a 15 after really dropping the ball in the last couple of years this year, Samsung has absolutely nailed it with this phone. A 50 features a big and absolutely gorgeous. Six point four inch AMOLED screen that looks every ounces, sharp and beautiful as a flagship, maybe only not quite as bright it’s, got a big four thousand milliamp hour battery as well. That ensures very solid battery life. Camera performance is quite great during the day and overall, this phone exceeds expectations. However, if you want the very best, affordable phone right now, who would have to go with a device that did something? No other budget phone has done include the flagship camera.

That film is the pixel 3a. You can get it in the smaller 3a or the larger 3a XL version, and both those phones have a beautiful AMOLED screen they’re made by Google. So they feature the latest version of Android and are also guaranteed to get updates on time, but also they work surprisingly quickly and without a stutter. Of course. The big big feature here is the camera. The promise is you get the same camera performance as you get on a much more expensive flagship, Google pixel phone and get these Falls that look great during the day and at night, if you’re after the camera and the overall experience, the pixel 3a is the phone To get this year so that’s it a bird’s eye view of the affordable phone landscape which of these phones. Would you pick and what’s your personal favorite budget phone? Let us know in the comments leave a thumbs up if you enjoy watching this subscribe to see more from us. My name is Vic.