But I swear I’ll, never fine! Today we are going to look at the evolution of gimble and a few years ago, DJI launched the original Oslo mobile gimbal, which I absolutely adore until this year, because this thing’s was very liable and used it for all. My travel vlogging, including my New York trip last year, and I really do like this guy. However, since I upgraded to a bigger phone like the eye from tennis max and then this guy’s starting to show his age, because first of all, the motor is not strong enough. The climb is too small and too tight for fitting a bigger phone, and it just wouldn’t work with any add on lenses without having a counterweight, so it just not great for modern mobile filming these days and sorry, I was starting to look at some replacement and 2019, I did check out some of the folding gamers and later designs like weather from DJI. Also the pen roll three excess light, which I reviewed. I did mention about some drawbacks of falling gimbal and then quite like because of the physical design, but things change when Xion announced the q2. I did meet up with them in London and tested out the q2, and I really do genuinely love it, and I got it here and I’ve been using for the last few months, and I can tell you now. This is really is my favorite Music. So what makes a good gimbal? Well, apart from having a physical design, putting stronger motor, I think you also need this software to accompany the gimbal, to make it and more united experience.

You know and that that’s for me anyway, so because you can see across the board now, if you look at all the different electronic gimbals out there on the market today, and they all looks very, very similar and I do believe they all operate in a very Similar manner anyway, so I think the DJI falling gimbal and also the Ben rolls free excess light gimble’s. They are very identical because they are both folding and they all operate. Similarly, but what sets the DJI apart from the Ben roll? One was this software so because they, the DJI software, does appear to be much smoother much better in kind of almost in all the features they do has in their software are better than the pen roll. So when you talk about zine, you know I’m gon na they’re, not only the software size better. I do believe that the gimbals are also better, so let’s look at the build quality of this thing first and I’m, not joking! Now, since the original DJI Osmo, this is the first gimbal in Gears. Do you have full metal design, and this is completely made out of aluminium, which is super nice to hold? You still feel a little bit of waiting, even though it looks tiny, but it does have the kind of nice feeling in the hand, very well balanced, gives got a very chunky handle here, which is very, very good for if you got kind of my size of Hand, you know, and which is kind of, I would say medium sized hand, would be quite comfortable with that.

It doesn’t come to a tripod, so it’s quite short. This is this: is the size of it, but you can’t actually get an optional tripod or in fact any tripod. You can get on the market, so you does have a threat at the bottom, so you can just mount anything on it and then the old clam, the motor housing and everything is completely made of metal, which means that to me at least is scream quality. Fitmin is perfect, I don’t see any wobble rattle anywhere, and there was one clever think they also do is that, instead of having a physical locking button like their other bigger brother lady, we black and also in Weber les crane three, so it doesn’t have a kind Of mechanical and not mechanical magnetic safety thing so here’s go, you see it doesn’t come off, but you can check it off like that. But there is a magnet there to kind of hold it in place was, I think, it’s quite quite clever, but overall, the build quality is fantastic Music Music. So what about the performance of this little guy here well don’t be fooled by his small size and it packs a punch. Actually, the official loading capacity is 290 gram, which is sufficient in today’s smartphone market. If you have a like an iPhone 11 or equivalent sizes. No problem whatsoever, even if it’s off balance, you can even add the moment, lenses or San Mac lenses that you know I’ll review before and then that kind of add on lenses.

It will still be fine with this guy, so you don’t have to use counterweight whatsoever, which is brilliant, even if you have the bigger film like the the 11pro max or equivalent. It will work no problem with this thing, but when you start using a don lens, it will start to throw a little bit of off balance. It would still work to an extent, but he was starting to see a little struggle there. But having said that, it’s impressive, for how much power these motors are in this tiny little thing so before I get into the handling of the joon kyu. Let me talk to you guys how clever the designers are, and they do think about the users, because this is unique to the q2 and no other mobile gamers on the market is like this, because it has a detachable mounting plate for the mobile phone. You can see just by unlocking the red lever here, you can take out the mounting plate. This is it. This is how tiny this thing is and it’s fully extendable, so it does fit almost any smartphone and part from tablet of course, and so let me demonstrate how to put this onto the gimbal and also balancing it. I have the Apple 11 Pro max here, which is quite a large phone on itself on its own, and then it does have a leather case fit onto it as well, but it will fit into this thing.

So you see how much these guys actually extends and yeah it fits it without any problem still have some room, so you’ve got even bigger phone. It will fit so let’s mount it on to the gimbal. So you just by sliding it back again, just like how I detach it, and then you just push that right leave again, just and lock it and that’s that way. It is very, very secure! You won’t come off, and now you can see these completely unbalanced, but no worry is very quickly. You can just by sliding a phone left or right depending on the weight distribution of your phone and then as long as not moving and then you’re done so it’s got a little bit and then there you go. I think that’s nearly there. Oh No, there you go that’s fine, so all you needed to just hold on to the power button three seconds and it will turn on by itself and even if you off balance by a little bit, you don’t have to worry about it, because the strong motor Can take care of the any like imbalance issues, so there you go very straightforward, there’s! No, no! You don’t have to get it exactly right, like I mentioned, and so that helps in terms of handling, because you don’t have to constantly thinking about the the battery drain issue, the motor struggling unless you starting to use add on lenses that’s. When you have to balance your phone just a little bit more carefully to make sure that you’re not straining a motor to is limit and then that’s when you start and see a little bit wobble or hearing some vibrations coming through, but in terms of handling.

I do love the thick handle because you do hold it quite nice and secure when you add on to the optional tripod thing or any tripod you may find on the market. You can extend it, so you can hold it at the bottom and use it as a selfie stick, which is actually good when you’re filming yourself walking just like. I did in my last photography 101, so I was holding it basically just like this and then no problem you can still get most of yourself into the frame perfectly fine, so handling great, again, Music piece of me: Music, I’ll, just Rangers Music. So now let’s look at the feature of this new guy here and that, even though Dean has employed a minimalistic approach by having only two buttons and a joystick on this thing and it doesn’t have all the features you would expect from a high end. Gimbal, like the webinars, if you haven’t seen the preview with you every time the lake is up there, so you can check it. Okay, so I’m gon na go through very very briefly because we really demonstrated in Louisville as a video, so it does have Penn follow. Knock follow a point of view and also the vortex mode. So if you don’t know what they are, let me quickly demonstrate them for you guys so, first of all ease the pan follow. So, as the name suggests that it will follow me when I’m panning left and right so basically, if I don’t do left and right, it will follow, it will lock the till axis, so it will not tilt, and so that will give you very nice and cinematic Smooth movement, shots so that’s, really good and then it’s lock mode.

What that means is it locked all the axes and then it will. You can kind of manipulate a slider saw, which is quite useful when you don’t have a slider in hand so, like you, can just basically do left and right while maintaining the same angle of view. So that is pretty cool here and then the next one is follow mode. So follow means that he follows me anywhere so whether I’m gon na be left and right, just like pan, follow but also does up and down as well. So that is pretty good. If you want to get just a little bit more flexibility there and now it comes to the point of view, which means that it kinda like follow, but then it asks the rotation so, instead of just left and right up and down, you can also now do Rotations, so we students that you can actually do kind of like a running gun thing. Very natural movement shot while maintaining the smoothness of the footage, which is actually pretty cool and then finally, is the vortex mode, which is like a Flash gun thing. And then, as you can see, you can actually rotate in the D phone 360 degree non, stop it’s, limited usage with this particular mode, because then you can’t keep using it. People would get dizzy and but it does add a little bit of dynamic into your footage. If you do use a particular effect, so yeah using sparingly can be quite useful, so there you go.

This is kind of all the motor. I want to show you with this particular thing and oh one more thing: it does have something quite unique as well which they they haven’t really shout about it, but it does happen what they call the wide angle mode. Actually, no, the latest iPhone the 11pro or Promax do have an ultra wide angle lens. So you can see this little. Motor housing here does get in a wavy change to that particular wide angle, but you can avoid it by either in a pan. Follow tilting it down, so it kind of the housing go downward, so it won’t see it or when you’re in follow or the POV mode. You can actually enable what they call the wide angle mode by pressing the record button three times. So if I do that now three times you see it kind of tilts up, so basically you emulate the same action digest it with the pen follow so the housing is moving downwards. So you can’t see the the thing is blocking the actual wide angle shot. So now you can film normally without having to worry about the motor getting in a way least work beginning of a brighter day, letting in a feelin man than what we bring fishin and this Music. Can you see now let’s talk about power works? I mean electricity power, of course, because these things are all run with electricity. So this G in QT does have a 16 hour battery like this long and who can actually hold the gimbal 16 hours straight.

Nobody, but it means that you can use it for the whole day without having to worry about battery life, and it has enough juice. Actually to power your smartphone and I’m, not actually joking, because you can use it as a power bank more almost and then because the behind the smart phone plan. It has a mini USB slot, where you can actually plug the cable in there and charge your phone at the same time, brilliant isn’t it. So that means that 16 hour made reduce a little bit while charging your phone, but it will get you through the day without having to worry about. You know you know running out of juice, but even if you do, you can use the you know the included USB C cable and plug it to your power bank. You charge your gimbal and when it runs flat you can recharge the whole thing in three hours. So that is not bad at all, so you can basically go and have lunch and come back is almost charged up and continue. Shooting that’s, that’s that’s, really good in terms of maintenance, that’s. Another cool thing about the Jean Coutu as well: adding cuz, I don’t see any main strategies doing the same thing these circuits they have built in batteries and which is not user removable. So when it dies, it basically dies. You just have to chuck away. Then Jian can allow you to change the battery inside, so you just by unscrewing the bottom here and take out the battery and swap with a new one, very good.

You like that. You see the reasons why I like the znq, because it’s tiny is small it’s. Well, built fully metal rugged so and also very, very powerful that’s. Why I like it? The one thing I haven’t mentioned as well is that the the gene killer uses bluetooth five and then, which means that it connects to your phone in no time and also once it’s connected. You can use the record button on the gimbal on any native camera apps. In your smartphone, and which is brilliant, and also what other third party apps as well so I have tested with the filmic Pro and also moment apps. They also work so which means that is cross compatible. How good is that Jian, and I think this is a brilliant feature and just to throw it into the mixer. We see how small this thing is. This is the Weeble s. So sorry, I have the tripod attached to it, so you can see how tiny this little gimbal really really is it’s so portable that I cannot see a reason twice and leave it at home because you can always carry with you and do this cinematic footage wherever, Whenever you want so two more things I want to highlight to you, guys is pretty cool. Actually, first of all is the vertical mode yeah for those Instagrammer who want to do. I GTV when the film vertically, so you can basically just rotate your phone vertically and you can see it’s also stabilized in this position.

It’S new, not my thing, sorry, you know my thing, but there you go if you want to use it, but second second thing is pretty awesome: it’s, a sleep mode which is actually very good. If you want to let’s say if you’re filming and you want to stop for five or ten minutes, I have a coffee or have a discussion. You can’t do that we’re gon na set us like using more power. We can put it in sleep. So all you need to do is basically when you’re operating turn it vertically. Almost I selfie, but not quite, and then you can see now. It’S wobbly is nothing going on the lights actually flashing, which means that it’s still powered but not powered don’t know if they make sense, but anyway it is in sleep mode. So if you want to kind of turn it back on again, all you need to do is rotate the film back and now is fully functional again. How clever is that they need, so I could celebrate, never know, feeling better least worth beginning a better day Mendon. What we bring earlier, I talked about, you know how a modern Gimbels to stand apart from other competitors not only by physical design, but also software, so Jian is no difference. There, Z, the zy play app, is actually very, very good and very capable. It now has the the tracking capability, which is actually very useful, I’ve demonstrated with my last photography, 101 and the whole thing was filmed using face tracking, so object tracking, so it tracks my face very well, and this always stays sticks with me and there’s.

No losing me there anywhere and I can almost relying on it when Tracey is not around, which is the good thing. So Tracy actually not worry, so you still be fine so anyway, so I’m thinking, the ABI self does have a lot of features like like most of the apps out there. So that will allow you to do generic photos. Video most slow motion time lapses. Most and time lapses. All the features are there. You can set different frame rates and stuff, although there’s. One thing I do see is lacking at the moment is the inability to allow you to change the lenses on the latest iPhone, but I mean I can forgive them. Hopefully, the future update will enable that, because they, when they develop this software, the iPhone 11 Pro max wasn’t, all the 11pro that is not out yet so the three lenses weren’t coming into play. So hopefully, that will allowing us to change lenses where in the future updates. So at the moment, if you do want to use different lenses on your smartphone, while filming you will have to use a third party app or the native camera app for me, I think the best option element is the moment app a moment after stalin’s to click Different lenses, we want to use the outer Y or standard or tele lens. You can actually choose the lens you wish. So there you go, and hopefully this update will come in the future version of the zy play app.

That will be awesome. Hope you guys enjoy this particular video we’re, certainly not enjoying the weather, so yeah don’t forget to subscribe by putting that subscribe button and hit that Bell button to stay notified. When we have a new episode out until next time, we have to find somewhere woman yeah. I can’t standard color Music pigeon that pigeons that’s. How he walks hand follow knock, follow well. Why would she do it doing that pressing that three times these allow you to do that? Can you do that? No doesn’t! Oh this! Oh there you go. Is it doing it? Yes, it is Music they’re trying to do a three point. Turn and that’s gone. It’S freezing okay come portrait mode, so he’s actually pretty cool there, and I forgot how to use it.