This device comes with the latest features and loss of technology it’s, the company’s new budget smartphone expanding its existing is leaner. The surprise came from the rising as it’s just cost 80 and unexpected price featuring a sony, entertainment of excel quad camera phone without a further ado here is a black view. A 80 pro it comes with a impressive set of specs let’s, see what they have. What what’s, even more impressive, is that, besides the charger, you get also a pair of earphones, a case and a screen protector in the mouse. The black view, 80 pro is an affordable, mid range smartphone with a 6.49 each s, nibblers resolution, which is good for the market segment. The front panel, which is a ninety point, three percent screen to body ratio device, has the water dropping notch overhead, where the selfies sensor is kept. Speaking about colors a tip arrow comes in a four color variations: blue, green, black and red eighty bros course. Ninety nine point: seven twenty points on antutu benchmark and there’s, an excellent score for a less than 80 smartphone. But besides the benchmark score, real life performance like gaming, seems to smooth and fluid the 80 pro is running into a nine PI out of the box and comes with other features such as a I face ad, a real fingerprint scanner. Do you SIM card with a full support for a 4G Volta network, make to buy a 4 GB of RAM and 64gb of internal storage, which is expandable via microSD card? Also, it supports 4680 milliampere big battery.

Despite its 8.8 mm slim body, they’re too big battery should last more than a day on a single charge in terms of a cellular coverage. It supports a global LTE network bands, which makes it suitable for travelers or a businessman feebly. Fioretti pro has a PHY camera sensors for behind and wonderful front. The camera on the back is a combination of a 13 plus 2 plus 0.3 and plus 0.3 megapixel main sensors with a dual LED flash on the front. There is a single 8 megapixel sensor for selfie or videochat. Lastly, it is equipped with USB type c port, which is a rare to find in this category, as well as an LED notification light and the 3.5 mm audio jack. Definitely a very decent device in its price range do share your valuable opinion and feedback in the comments section down below. I will leave a link in description if you wish to check out stay tuned for more further updates in the future.