. The good thing about the built in mic is it’s, stereo, meaning I can speak to you from one side of your ear or on the other side.. Otherwise, my favorite microphone is actually a headset …, the Logitech H111.. Let me plug this into the phone and then I’ll tell you the 3 reasons why I like this headset. Reason, number one …. It comes with a long cable … about 2.3 meters, long …, so that I can speak from a long distance like this. Reason. Number two … it’s, not just a microphone …. It comes with two earphones … so that I can play back my video immediately without fumbling … plugging in and out my earphones and microphones into the phone … too many phones. Reason. Number three is the most interesting.. The headset is not an expensive headset …, so the mic is not sensitive enough to pick up sounds coming up from the outside …, which means it picks up my voice. Clearly …. So its weakness is its strength. Look it’s only 10 on Amazon. Go ahead. … click the link below to get one for yourself right now.. If you liked this short and simple demonstration. Click the like button. … leave your comment and question down below … and share it with someone who can gain value from it.. This is Adrian Lee from VIDEOLANE.COM..