I am in the shop today because I have a cool thing to show you you guys I finally got to try out the Bosch smartphone hub on an actual ride on an actual bike. The Bosch smartphone hub is one of the pieces detect that I have been most excited about for 2020. It is an updated version of the Kobe integrated bike system that only a couple of bikes die. At least I only ever saw it on a couple bikes carried in the last few years, and Bosch has bought out that company and upgraded it, and I am going to show you how it works today. A lot of people have been talking about this and they’ve been doing walkthroughs and stuff like this and here’s what the Bosch smartphone hub looks like. In fact, I did one of those videos of myself and you can go watch it if you want so I’m. Only mocking me, and not any of you other guys, making my videos out there yeah a little bit everything changes today. You are gon na get to see how this system works in real time. As I GoPro myself on my entire commute, I was pretty impressed by it, but I’ll. Let you guys make your own judgments hey if you’re excited about this video and my content in general go ahead and give that a like I’m, not asking you for anything else. Just that just press that, like button, if you want to see more box related content, of course, go subscribe to my channel press the bell.

So you know what my videos come out and if you want more of my dumb dumb jokes, give me a call or subscribe to this channel. Okay let’s go check out the Bosch, smartphone hub Music, okay, guys so we’re checking out the Bosch smartphone app. I did notice one thing already: I will open the video to watch a little demo, video and I’m conveniently only able to listen in German, so that’s not going to be of much use to me. So let’s see what else we can do on here: okay, cool! So it’s got us in the app, so we want to go to the Bosch smartphone hub I’m, assuming press the hub icon until you see press up button until you see the Bluetooth icon, okay, great so I’m gon na pop the bike on let’s see what happens Here that was pretty easy, so we’ve got the Bluetooth icon going there’s gon na be a pairing request. So we’ve got a pairing request on here, so we’re gon na go ahead and pair I’m, assuming that would be yay successfully connected that’s fun. I love that keep it fun. Bosh is good allowed display notifications let’s. Definitely do it I’m. Basically, a lot of do everything it wants to my phone, because I want you guys to be able to experience it all you’re a successfully connected let’s activate our hub. That worked like a charm. This is great copy, guys hats off Bosh, it really big stuff like that.

Okay, let’s talk about your bike, great! What kind of bike you have so? I am gon na be using the recent Muller delight, mountain or sorry super to light Mountain. I was called it a mountain bike that is probably the closest to what it is. It was oh wow. They actually knew that’s really really cool you guys, so they actually knew it was a recent Muller. Just by connecting to that, I don’t know if Bosch is to thank for that or if that is a recent Muller thing, but I think that’s, extremely cool, so exclusive recent Muller designs and features have been unlocked for your bike. I did hear about these. I don’t know specifically what they’re going to be doing, but basically I get like skins and stuff. My apps gon na be more branded for recent Muller, as opposed to branded for Bosch. So my understanding here is that recent Muller is going to be able to develop within the app to improve the experience on the Bosch smartphone hub specific to recent Muller bikes. So nice little feature each manufacturer is gon na. Have the opportunity to do this, which i think is awesome yeah, I think it’s yeah it’s a nicely but kind of like keep you in the family of each of these brands. Let’S roll! It let’s see what this is choose. My favorite color. I like the line. Cuz I’m, a lime kind of guy what’s, your bike’s name, let’s name, it Scotts bike; sorry guys I’m, not as creative, oh, but just as called Scott.

Alright. So my bike is gon na, be called Scott cool. Now you can change your settings at any time. Recent Euler mountain bike let’s go okay cool, so this is going to be my answer warning to be cautious and stuff like that, so this is gon na be what it looks like on here. Let’S set it up on the mount real quick before we go ride. Okay, so you guys can see right there. It says we are an app mode very easy to mount. I already tried it so you just pop in here oops got a look at my face again there we go cool and it is ready to ride. As we see so, I’ve got my weather in there it’s. Actually, that is correct, so US 101. I wonder what that means. It was my location. Google Maps frequently thinks I’m standing on the 101 when I’m in my apartment. So no big, surprise there sixty degrees, Fahrenheit. That should be about where I am, I would say I can get a Futurecast. It looks like maybe yeah, okay, I’m, not sure about that let’s see what this guy does. No battery battery no battery battery manual, alright let’s check out what’s going on in there rotate your phone to landscape, and I did oh you know. Maybe this is me: oh, this is gon na, be all the instructions. So basically, this is everything it’s going to do. I’M, not gon na bore you guys with figuring all these out I’m gon na, take a break real, quick and read them, and then I will be back to you so we’re gon na be able to see our speed.

It looks like they said. I could do a music overlay, so let’s see what that looks like not playing not playing. Hmm let’s see play okay. So maybe I need to connect that with my Spotify or something like that. We’Ll get back to you on that. So you’ll see this later in the video it does connect to Spotify. If you start Spotify, if outside of the app I don’t know, if there’s a way to make it the default music streamer the default one on the iPhone, though, was Apple music. I long press down here, that’s gon na, go ahead and show me a power dashboard. It looks like pretty cool presents. Also. Does it get back to your dashboard, but let’s see what’s going on in here, so I can check my heart rate. I will see if it connects, with my monitor I’m gon na check that out, for you guys alright yep. This is where I’m located. I might blur this because this is actually where I live. Don’T Docs me, we got 2d let’s even go to 3d here. That’S, probably the best setting, I would prefer let’s go ahead and do a plan route, so I went ahead to work, which is 55 62 Hollywood Boulevard, that’s interesting so I’m, not sure what’s, going on with that, I can go into. Dealers recently learn the other dealers nearby that’s interesting. No dealers found within 20 kilometers. That is incorrect. As we are a recent Mueller dealer.

Okay, la flyer rides would be let’s. Just type in LA fly rides let’s. Try that so it did seem to work just typing. In names of businesses, I would like to see it updated, or maybe I was just doing it incorrectly – that you can also do addresses if it’s an address that you just happen to know. But it does make sense that the names of the businesses or the names of where you’re going would be the priority, because that’s what’s most people are gon na be typing. So again, here we want to go to 55 62 Hollywood. Boulevard 7.5 miles is not the shortest, so we are going to say figure out. If I can redirect them here. Quietest is eight point nine miles shortest. Is that so that’s correct that is gon na, be the shortest route, it’s, not the safest route, but it is the route that I take. Cuz it’s two and a half miles shorter than the other routes, so that’s gon na be the route I take. So if I select this route, cool it’s, just gon na give me some really good turn by turn directions. So we’ll go back. I’Ll show you guys that when we feature it or when we actually hit that out for the ride, okay, you guys. So I was just messing around a little further he’s, something cool, so I was checking out there’s match. So basically I can get in here. Go into offline maps base is gon na go into North America.

I am in the United States and they have California about a Bing download, Los Angeles let’s see how long it takes here super fast. It looks like so far cool, so we were in and los angeles is ready to go. Another cool thing that i found in here was external sensors. We can add a new heart rate sensor, so you can look at your heart rate. Sensors. Oh, is this my Kobe watch that would be cool as hell. We got a cadence sensor, so that is give me two seconds guys hell yes, so this is my GPS watch that I use for heart rate monitoring, which means I should easily able to harden my eye like have chills right now: that’s, so cool, so we’re gon Na go ahead and pair with my coreos watch and then I’ll be able to track my heart rate on every ride, which, for me, is fantastic, a lot of chorus to display. Absolutely you can do that. So that means that I can now track my heart rate. Bosch said that it would work with most heart rate monitors I was concerned. Kouros is pretty new to the heart like the game in that regard, so I was kind of concerned that that wouldn’t be the case, but it looks like I absolutely can’t, which i think is fantastic. I like 10 at a 10 that makes me so happy. Okay, so all I have to do, though, is go into here bike.

I start my ride. It’S gon na wait until I get my heart rate going when it sees it and then it pops up on the app as well. Seventy three heart beats: you can see up in the corner there, so so so cool. This is awesome. I love this I’ll be able to keep an eye on it. This is one of the things that, like I try to wear my watches as much as I can, when I’m on my II bike to know how many calories I’m actually burning and stuff like that, because I do like to track that stuff so that later on. In the day, if I you know, don’t have time to do a run, I’m, fine and it’s all integrated right there, that’s so cool. I really did not think my watch would partner there with this, because it just is so new that’s like I that is like bag love that so we are gon na, go back into contacts music and that’s, it cool so let’s head up for a ride. You guys let’s see how it is and we’ll get back to you soon. Okay, you guys, so I am starting my ride. Everything is already integrated, very, very seamlessly its auto stopped right. Now I move for about three seconds and it all right hang on a second you’re not going anywhere quite yet and I’m waiting for my BPM to be showing up here all right there.

It was they integrated at the exact same time, this popped up, and then this popped up I’m gon na let this satellite integrate as well. Even though I’ve got it on here. The bluetooth on my headphones connected pretty much immediately I’m connected right, bye, bye, charging, so I’m gon na see how much I’m charged by the time I get there I’m. Currently a 92, so let’s see where it’s at by then. This is an album. I have not listened to in ages, that’s fine and then we can also look through, of course, BPM navigation, so we’re gon na put in our route right here we are heading to work, so that’s going to be LA fly rides. The other thing I figured out about this is basically you can like you just put in Adria. I mean you can put an address if you want, but it does more readily like names of places so searching 17′ public house is a restaurant and bar that I go to sometimes I was like well. Maybe if I punch on that and it did find it very easy ously we are going to 55 62 Hollywood Boulevard and we want to go the shortest route, which is going to be that cooling of pasture out that I mentioned we’re getting guidance and let’s. Do it and I am getting every time I go up – getting voice guidance telling me what level of assistance I’m in and, of course we are getting this pretty solid in terms of the turn by turn, it gives you some nice warning before you get to the Intersection so I’ve got an ETA.

My speed and it’s giving me range updates I to every time I every time I go up a level it’s gon na be a range updates, which I like a lot see how far you got to go. If I go all the way back, that’s as far as it’ll go all right, it’s a press and hold to get back into there and then I’m gon na go into my fitness just to see I’m working, not very hard. It’S telling me, which I bye, Music. I’M interested to see how the ETA works out, because Google Maps you never really get a solid ETA because it’s based off of acoustic cyclist. Generally speaking, so I am very interested to see how that works out in the end. That’Ll be cool to see. So we got in here my average heart rate 85. They have Wow, so they have my cadence, like I guess there I’m in video there’s a cadence sensor within here. So they can just tell me my cadence. I don’t even need any sort of power. Wattage let’s see here, let’s see what that was again, so that is my wattage I’m putting out and that’s my cadence again it’s very cool I’m in zone pumping or I was now I’m in pushing. This – is showing me my wattage, which is super super cool. I’D love to do a side by side on with a set wattage meter as well, just to see Music, Music and Buzz just so.

You guys know it is giving me voice updates every single time I switch if it doesn’t do it while I’m outside. I don’t think let’s see yeah. So, if I’m, outside of a given area of the app it’s, not giving me voice updates, which is nice, you don’t want every voice update ever but like with it. If you pop in to within, like this it’s gon na, tell me how much effort I’m putting out how much wattage I’m putting in very very cool feature – Oh ahahaha, so I was wrong. It does connect with Spotify it’s, showing me which song I’m in. I am so happy about that Kevin gates, this bride bought to you by Kevin Gerdes. That makes me so happy, so it does connect with Spotify. You guys, awesome let’s, see if I can switch tracks, yep fantastic. Just that makes me so happy. Music let’s see I’m at a stoplight. If it’s the same thing that happens, will it take me to Spotify Music yep that’s great, takes me right to Spotify, just like it did with the other, so really easy to get into Spotify it’s the same way it works with Apple music. Actually so there’s no difference there at all Music, so I still do get turn by turn without of navigation, which makes sense if they didn’t know then kind of crazy. Oh yeah, I’m taking a different route let’s see what happens was I’m taking a different route than it’s telling me to take yep updates really well, so it does look like it will always default to cycle lanes 100 of the time it seems to be.

I know I usually take Hollywood Boulevard it’s, trying to divert me to onto yucca Street, which I probably will take, because it is nicer to cycle on Music. So it’s actually found me a route that I kind of prefer it’s a little calmer I’m. Normally on Hollywood Boulevard, which is obviously nutty – and this is just like a back neighborhood – so look at that defaulting to the kind of psycho or more psycho friendly lanes I’m, actually very into alright. So we’re gon na go back in just to the regular navigation really seamless I mean I haven’t had any sort of like disconnections or anything like that really really well done telling me. I have reached my destination, I cycled five point nine miles, so I know that the one way we can do this is to pop in to just stop navigation, but I think you can also twenty minutes and 54 seconds, not bad. I believe you just pop it out: go this way tap and hold to end the ride. According to them, I burned 186 calories. That seems crazy, but I’ll take their word for it. That’S great. My bike is on Hollywood Boulevard, it’s, showing me exactly where it is. I love that not GPS and I may buy this GPS base, but it’s not gon na like prevent that. But at least you can tell if it’s being moved, awesome super cool. So this has been pretty well publicized, but I just wanted to make sure I covered it as well.

The smartphone hub does work without a smartphone. If you wanted to you know, maybe don’t want to mount it because you’re going a really short distance there’s. A number of reasons you might want to do it, but you don’t need it at just an LCD display that has all the basic functions. I also wanted to walk through the contacts. I think you can only call so I was only able to call basically it lets. You add up to 10 people. You can call from the app itself pretty useful. Also, the smartphone charging is pretty much the same as on other bikes. That claim to offer this. It wasn’t really charging, I would say it was which is still nice. I think it’s a great feature and it doesn’t pull too much from the battery. The difference is that Bosch on the smartphone hub actually does set you up with a chord instead of making you kind of find your own, you get an iPhone, lightning, connector and then also a USB see with the package. Alright let’s wrap this up back in the shop, so that was my experience with the Bosch smartphone hub. I learned a lot about it and I cannot wait until my bike comes in and I can actually use it on a day to day basis. I will keep you guys posted on that and how it goes. Please please, please, when you’re riding on these there’s, so much to do on this app stay focused on the road only mess around with it.

If you’re pulling over to the other side, everything is ready to go like it’s. Not like you need to be looking at anything you you got it, you can set it up ahead of time. You don’t have to do anything, set your navigation, get your music going and then hit the road and leave it alone, but it will still track a bunch of stuff for you, of course, that heart rate the wattage you can charge your battery. I think it’s a really solid system. I was very impressed by it honestly I’m more impressed that I was expecting to be. I thought it was kind of just be a little gimmicky, but I actually think it’s incredibly functional it’s fun to use again Bosch did a great job with the copy it’s the little stuff to me. That really counts with this. It shows they care and want you to have an excellent experience with this product, so make sure to check it out and tell these manufacturers that you’re excited about the product and that you want to see it more and more. I would recommend, if you enjoyed this video watch, the Bosch 2020 update, video that we have up also our Bosch playlist is a great way to get a feel of these bikes, the bikes they offer and the Bosch experience overall.