So recently I have been using and implementing a lot to use my phone in my videos, so let’s see if I am showing my perspective or showing backside of the camera screen, then it’s just a bit too much to carry another camera just to show backside of The screen, especially if you are shooting outside so I’ve, been using my phone a lot for that purpose and also just to go, live on Facebook live or maybe sending a video replies to someone. I have been using my phone and that’s where this case comes in because for using my phone for capturing the video there are a couple of issues that I wanted to be fixed. One is that I want a better audio in my phone, so if you know phone microphones are good enough. If you are capturing it closely enough, but if you go away from the phone, then of course your voice fade away or it starts to get loud, but then it also captures stuff, but there are noise around you and secondly, I wanted something that I can put It on the tripod – and I know you can use a gorilla port or maybe just a small smartphone tripods, but I really wanted something better. So I wanted to put this on a regular tripod, so that’s where this case comes in, and that is the reason I bought this case it’s a very basic designs: nothing fancy it’s, really huge, but it gets the job done so let’s talk more about it.

Also. I’M testing this new microphone for the next videos, so don’t bother about them. So let’s talk about the universal cage itself. First of all, let’s look at the design, so it’s a single piece of metal and a unibody design and it’s, quite big actually and between the frame. We have a spring clamp to attach your phone and the claim extend up to 63 millimeter to 86 millimeters. So this is my iPhone 11 and it fits easily in betweens. But if you have a thick case on your phone, then it should fit easily as well. It also has the rubberized material in the bottom, as well as on the top of the clamp, and there are a couple of strips here, so it won’t scratch your phone, but the clean force is really high, so you should be careful while putting your phone in, But once your phone is in the place, it’s not going anywhere as far as the mounting options, we have 14 H holes on top as well as the bottom. So there are about 15 of this, and then we have a to cold shoe adapter on each side and on the side we have one hole if you want to attach the handle or some of the accessories. But this is also a quarter H and then we have a space here to pass your dongers or maybe some other wires. We don’t have much ports these days, but you will be using either of this and then on the bottom of the cage.

We have a couple of linear attachments, also on the back. We have some carbon fiber finishing so just to make it look good or maybe to give it lightweight. Ok, so here is how I’m, using it to fix issues that I had with the phone. So, first of all I have a tripod plate in the bottom. Then, if I want to connect it to my gorilla port, then I will simply remove this type or plate and connect this plate on the gorilla port. And then I can ship it to my gorilla pod instead of a regular tripod and then to fix the audio issue. I am using it with a road wire let’s go, so let me just show you quickly my setup, so the iPhone 11 goes right in between this cage and you will need a couple of adapters. If you want to connect your rode, wireless go to your phone or iPhone 11, and if you want that, I will put these links in the description below if you want to check that out. But, first of all, you will need this dongle to convert your lightning cable to 3.5 millimeter adapter, and this will go inside your iPhone 11 and then we have this. I think it’s SC 3 cable from role that will connect to your old wireless scope and I can simply clip this receiver on top of my cage. So this goes on the top and then you simply connect this cable on the other side.

And then I can simply use this clip on myself if I’m, using it for just quickly playing someone on a video or maybe going live, and this has a microphone built in and it will simply start recording and sending audio to my phone itself. If I don’t want to use the clip itself, I can simply use lav mic with it, but I think just for the casual purpose of usage clip should be fine it’s, not that much visible if you are trying to put this other way. So if you are trying to just use it this side so now, basically your transmitter stays in the back of your clothing and just the clip is visible and if you just put a gaff tape on top of this, then this trip won’t. Be that much reflective. Now, if I’m, just using my phone to record myself like a very short distance, then I can simply slide this clip in front of the phone itself and then you can use this microphone in front of it. So it is still better than the microphone from your camera, so it will still give you a better sound. So let me just start my phone and I’ve been using this for quite often so you will see this in my videos, but let me just show you a simple clip art. You will get Val using this setup, so this is by the way front facing camera. It’S still 4k, but it’s, not as good as the camera on the back.

But if I am putting this on the tripod, then it should be fine to use the camera on the back. But, as you can see, even though the video quality is not that good. The audio coming out of the phone is really good and improved compared to something that you will get from the regular phone microphones and another good thing is that you can go as further away as you want, or maybe up to 70 60 feet and your voice Quality will remain equal, so that is really a good thing if you are trying to go live or maybe, if you are trying to show some demonstration on the phone – and this is really helpful and better to use compared to microphones inside the phone itself. So this is the one of the issue that I had by losing my phone, and this is how I resolve it, while using rode by let’s go. I also have one more phone clamp. Let me just bring that so. This is the clamp that came with phone tripod and I can simply attach this to top of the cage and then attach a battery bank on top. But one of the downside is that I am already using the port for better audio, so I just have to use a battery bank in between. But if you are not capturing audio and if you are just shooting, then you can simply attach a battery bank. On top – and you can attach your lightning cable and get a better battery life, small rig also sells couple of more accessories.

That goes with this case, so they also have a side handle that goes on the side of the cage. So if you want to have a more crepe, then you can attach this on the side, and this is specially made out cut out for that as well, and but you have enough crepe on the sides, once you put your phone in, so you will have enough Grip without handles as well. One of the issue I have seen is that, while using with my iPhone 11, the volume buttons are somewhere else around here. So you will need to keep your phone all the way to the left, because if you don’t, then it will be associated with your video and it will maybe start or stop recording or something like that. So you will need to avoid that. So you will need to keep your phone all the way to the left, and then there is no much space left on the left side, which is okay but it’s, one of the downside of using this 8. I really wish they could have found something else, or maybe a smaller clamp in between just to avoid this issue, and they also have one more accessory to keep these wires in place so right now, I’m, not connecting it properly, but first let’s just go inside this Space on the side, then, you can also attach a clamp here that will keep this wires in place and not let it remove.

So if you are moving a lot, then there is a chance that this cable will come out, so you will simply attach that clamp on the side and it will keep these cables in place. One more downside I won’t talk here is that there is no mounting hole on the side in the center. So if you want to use your phone in the vertical position, then there is no way you can mount this on the tripod or maybe a gorilla port, and this is a huge gap. So there is no way I can mount something in between. So if you are someone who used your phone vertically, then you will have to come up with something with gorilla port. It is possible if you want to go all the way around, but I still really wish there is mounting holes on the side just to attach our tripod plate or a gorilla port plate. Besides that, if you want to attach a handle on the top, then you can simply attach a handle with a quarter it screws. And if you want a quickly removable one, then you can simply attach our NATO rail and then you can also attach a they don’t handle on the top. But after that I don’t think you will need much more with your phone as far as the audio. It is resolved, and maybe you can attach a light on top of it, but I’m, not really a believer or for testing light right on the top.

I would rather keep it on the side or somewhere understand, but if you want to attach on top it is really helpful because, as you know, our phones are not really good with low lights, so attaching light may give you a good result now. Finally, let’s talk about one more downside, and that is the price of the cage itself, so this is 55 and the cage on my Sonia 6500 or maybe few other cameras cost about 30 or 40 dollars sometime. It goes up to 60, but this is just a cage for a smartphone and still costs more than 50. Is it worth it? Maybe if you go on Amazon and if you buy something, it immediately starts showing you other items that is related to it. And if you buy this item or if you even look at this item and if you show other cages for the smartphone – the costs around 15 20 dollars. So this is like a 40 costlier than that. But if you look closely to each cage, they are all made out of plastic, and that means they are not reliable and strong in long term, and one more thing is that, since the cage are plastic, they don’t have the mounting holes all around it. So if you want to attach more accessories than that cage offers, so usually they all have this too cold shoe adapter on the top and that’s pretty much it maybe a hole in the bottom just to attach a tripod plate.

But besides that, you won’t be able to attach any other accessories, but if that is all you need, then you might find this cage costly and there is another alternative, so you can simply buy this clamp and it will have a cold shoe adapter on top. So if you see this, this is all I need if I just want to resolve my audio issue, because this goes on tripods and I can attach something on cold shoe. But if you want something more Universal with more mounting options, then this is definitely the case that you should be looking for and one more issue, I think, is that it’s still big, even if it is a useful, and if you compare this to my iPhone eleven It’S, the kind of double the size of your phone. There is no, you can put this in the pocket, so I really wish it. They have like a tapered down design of this, which can still give the functionality of a cold shoe and some of the mounting holes, and I can keep this small if they have a side. So you can get more grip, but I really think if you just want a smoother shorts, then you will go for gimble or stabilizer for phones, and this will give you better result if you are trying to shoot something handheld. But if you just have your phone in the cage, it will give you a better result with the batwave, so I still think they should have gone with somewhat smaller design compared to this, so it’s still pocketable and you can still attach the accessories on the top And that’s pretty much it hope that was helpful.