2, which is finally launched here In the UK, so basically, if you’re skinned and desperate for a new mobile phone, then it’s a glorious time to be alive. The Nokia 7.2 costs around two hundred thirty quid right now from the likes of Amazon and Carrefour, and yet it boasts a triple n Zeiss branded camera. A 6.3 inch HD already display and stock Android with a guaranteed three years of software updates. But is it really as chuffing awesome as it sounds well, I’ve been using the Nokia 7.2 as my full time, personal handset for a week now – and here is my in depth review and for one day it’s, the greatest tech. This new poke, subscribe and ding that notifications Bell cheers now. First up, the Nokia 7.2 is some serious eye. Candy hmd has shuns the popular glossy finish and gone with a metallic style Sheen instead, which really does shine when it catches the light. I especially love this green model, though you can also pick up the Nokia 7.2 in white or black, if that’s just a bit too much color and excitement for you, the Nokia 7.2 isn’t actually made from metal, despite that, she knows why she constructed from a polymer Composite which is apparently even lighter than aluminium other 180 grams, the Nokia 7.2 definitely still has a pretty decent heft to it and to make sure it’s. Really. No wimp H of D has smothered the front and back ends of this phone in Gorilla, Glass, 3 and so far, so good, because there’s only a single super light scratch on the screen itself and the back end is as good as new overall and is a Distinctly Nokia phone and, in my opinion, one of the best fucking budget bows of 2019.

So far, although, like every other smartphone also launched this year, it’s an absolute fucking unit, boot up the wee bugger and you have a choice between the rear, monitor fingerprint sensor or face recognition to get it unlocked. That’S kind of works, a charm, although admittedly it’s not the quickest around, and neither is the fierce recognition, which is often puzzled than anything but reliable light, and still once you actually do unlock your bra you’ll be greeted with this lovely stock version of Android. It is, after all, an Android 1 device, which means that you get 2 years of guaranteed OS updates and 3 years of security updates for extra reassurance. Unfortunately, however, the Nokia 7.2 is still stuck firmly on last year’s, Android 9. So no swanky gesture navigation or dock board in sight just yet updates. Android 10 come sooner rather than later, because after all, it’s not like there’s any kind of clunky overlay to tweak or anything like that nature. Diaz left the Android OS pretty much untouched here by the addition of that fierce recognition. You do get a bit of bonus gesture support as well for not as much as a Motorola blower. Nor is there a dedicated one handed Moore’s elique at least dragged down. Our notifications bar by swiping that, where a fingerprint sensor, which is definitely a godsend, because this thing is flipping massive – you also get a dedicated Google Assistant button right here on the left edge of the Nokia 7.

2 as well, something that I’ve never really seen the point In to be perfectly honest because it’s so exactly much of a chore to say, hey, Google and if you’re feeling a bit self conscious about talking at your smartphone you’re, probably not gon na, be using the Google assistant anywhere so yeah. If you find you that you keep accidentally knocking that button or whatever you can actually disable it, when they, the Nokia 7.2 settings menu button for she, can’t remap it to another feature or preferred app, which seems like a bit of a missed opportunity. Still in better button use, the power button also doubles as a notifications like Glore, whenever something is demanding your attention, which is very cool indeed – and I also quite like the Nokia some point to 6.3 inch. Full HD screen as well visuals, also reasonably crisp there’s, not too much notch. Action intrusion up on the top there and on top brightness is definitely powerful enough to stun a yak not that I actually tried to stun in a yak just full disclosure, their colors. Look perfectly natural and impressively the screen is apparently you’re, 10 compliant as well, which is pretty damn route. This price point are those streaming services like Netflix don’t offer each to your support for this blower, the Nokia 7 by Duke an upscale STR content on the likes of Netflix and YouTube near itch your levels of contrast as well I’ve got to admit.

I didn’t really notice any obvious difference when watching video on the apophysis side by side comparison reveals any little improvements to the quality with things look at a bit brighter in certain areas. As for the speaker, setup well, it’s, just a single damn words fire in mono speaker and it’s, not the most powerful or punchy around unfortunate let’s. Just try a bit of a quite a quiet environment like this, but once you go out into the noisy outdoors, suddenly kind of struggling to hear what’s going on, but hallelujah you do get a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack up top and the Bluetooth connectivity proved to be Perfectly dependable here on the Nokia 7.2 as well: komm snapdragon, 616 chipset powers, then akio san point to backed by either four or six and gigs of ram. This is the more basic four gigabyte model and unfortunately found over the previous week. The performance was about as smooth as a Badgers ass. I didn’t see any horrendous crushes or anything like that during my time with the Nokia 7.2, but just like last year’s, 7.1 handset, you will notice lots of little stutters and pauses as you skip between apps scroll through your websites. I’Ll do pretty much anything at all. It can get rather frustrating at times as for gaming. Well, it is perfectly possible to play the likes of pubsey mobile on those lower detail levels, but you’ll once again see a fair few stammers, as you dawn about the place cap and falls and having a merry old time.

That’S for the battery life, absolutely no complaints. There, the Nokia 7.2 packs of three thousand 500 milliamp cell, which isn’t one of the biggest around but it’ll still easily give you a full day of use, even with the best skype action, media stream and all of the good stuff. I’Ve got to say. Manufacturers of budget blows have ready up to their game on a camera front recently, but the likes of opera and Jeremy thrown out triple or even quadruple in the past few months. The Nokia senpai do is definitely keeping stride with it on trial and setup complete without usual bitter zeiss Brandon. Here you get 40 megapixel primary shooter, backed by an e megapixel ultra wide angle, snapper and a 5 megapixel depth sensor all housed in a neat sticky out circular chassis. The photo chops are definitely comparable to rival handsets from Motorola upper and the rest. The colors look. Nice and natural and vibrant subjects really stand out and while the data levels could be stronger with quite soft results, would you zoom in to a pick your shots will still look pretty crisp and checked out on a laptop see, of course, the usual foibles do soon Crop up in door snaps appear quite flat, while low light is also a struggle. Thankfully, you do get a dedicated night mode which really helps out produce a brighter, yet more balanced results and the portrait mode is pretty reliable on the whole, with a variety of swirly effects to choose from including some Zeiss brand that efforts so op tonight.

Ultra wide angle, lens, though, and you grab a different viewpoint, but the colours really suffer as do those detail levels. Frankly, the test photos were grainy and a bit dull and why you can use the night mode with this lens? It doesn’t actually really seem to do anything at all. On the video front, you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage, although you better be pretty damn still. While you do it. The image stabilization is next to non existent detail. Levels are nice and sharp and colors am actually reproduced. Plus you got that also audio feature, which does a solid job of capturing everything happening all around you overall from budget blow, ain’t bad, although, as usual, you want to avoid shooting at night, because the results really in great there’s, also a 20 megapixel selfie camera, which Can grab decent looking pics at any time of day, with a screen flash mode to help out at night time the budget? What actually works pretty well, despite that lack of a depth sensor, it didn’t get fooled very often at all. So, after a full week of using the Nakia some point as my personal handset, would I recommend it to you, find fog well, it’s kind of a tough one I really do want to like it there’s lots of great little bits in there. But overall it is a tough sell that old, Android setup will hopefully be saw it in an update, soon and there’s lots to enjoy from the grip battery life to the sleek design.

But the raw the shonky performance makes for a more jittery experience than you’ll, find on rivals from like Zeus, Jeremy up or and Motorola so that’s. What I think of the Nokia some point to pour about you, lovely people out there. Have you got the lock you some point do stashed in your shorts or your handbag or wherever you stash your smartphones, actually be great to hear your own personal thoughts and opinions and, if you’re tempted by the Nokia 7.