Do the full review of this redmi note 2 heat probe, and I know guys. I took my time with this one. The reason is that when I initially got this device, I had some touch issues, but with the first update that was completely gone, but I just wanted to wait again. So even after that second update, I no longer have that touch issue, so I have now used it quite a bit, but again, most of the time I was using it with a single sim, not with dual SIM and let’s, get into the review, and I will Divide it between the pros and cons, and I have to say right away: it does offer some very good value because, yes, there are some cons, but again the cons are sort of very less on this device. Considering the price point and the performance that you are getting and Before we jump into the pros and cons, I here are the quick specs. I won’t go in depth about the physical over you and all those things, because I’ve already posted the unboxing video that has all the details, leave it in the description area, so watch that for more info. But before we proceed here are the quick specs. As you can see, this redmi note 8 pro is part of the new mediatek helio gene IDT chipset, and it comes with that six point of five three inch IPS LCD screen and comes in various storage is like 64 or 128 andromus.

Good thing is that base is 6 gigabytes and it also goes up to 8 and other specs are on the screen, so let’s jump between the pros and cons and again, as you can see, this one is also having that big screen that’s the thing that we Are seeing these days so it has that six point: five three inch screen and yes, definitely it’s a big device. As you can see, you can’t reach all the way over to the edge, but I got used to it. Then the weight distribution is fine on this device. As you can see, and I like the fact that the screen quality is a good one, it’s an IPS grade screen, so the viewing angles are also actually good on this one. And if you notice, the edges are like curved, like this, so it’s easy to hold. In the Hat it doesn’t poke you so again in terms of in hand, feel, I would say, it’s a good one and also the back is slightly curved. So, though, it’s a big one, I would say it’s easier to hold, but definitely when I was typing fast or something I had to use it in two hands. So that is something you have to note and then again it comes with me. Meanwhile, 10. As of now, you haven’t got the update for the meanwhile 11, but we’ll be getting that soon. Hopefully so now let’s move to the next point, and that is how is it in terms of call quality, and I tested this for the most of the time with a tell in Hyderabad, I would say I even traveled one day to actually Delhi and there also.

I used it and the call quality from the earpiece is actually really good, it’s crystal clear. So in terms of the year piece I did not have any problems even at the maximum volume I was keeping. It was good. So no issues regarding that and even the microphone that is there, is actually good. The other parties never complains that the. What do you say, sell you a call as muffled or something like that even took some call to our speaker for that’s adequately. Now it’s a single speaker but adequately loud. So in that area I did not have a problem now. Let’S talk about network reception. This is different from call quality, and here I would say, it’s neither the best, not bad it’s. Good enough. I would say in this room: as you know, this is a soundproof room, most of the phone struggle with signal and that’s the same case even with this one, as as you can see, this was the air time and it’s showing half part. So I can get a call and I can pick the call, but I have to move out of this room and then it becomes clear, but in most other situations this is an extreme situation. I would say the coal quality is actually good on this. So network reception, I would say, it’s neither bad, not the best I’ve seen it’s good. I would say now: let’s move to one more thing that I like is this phone still retains that IR blaster? That means that has that remote control functionality these days, you’re not finding a lot of phones with that, so that is something nice that they have retained on this now moving to the performance of the phone yeah.

Here I would say this is typical me UI, that you have seen so nothing much different in that it’s typical me UI, and this one, as I have told you still on me, white 10 that’s on Android 9, but in general I use it. I would say the phone is very responsive. I did not have any issues of lag enos or anything on this. Even the RAM management surprisingly has been done. Well, as you can see, the app stay in memory and staff, so that way, I’m like very happy with the performance. This is running on the new media, deck g98 II, it’s, actually very powerful, chipsets, it’s sort of gaming chipset and again it shows I never had any issues of lag enos or anything. On this one hand, I’m happy to say that, even though it’s running on me UI, the ROM management has been done been on that so in terms of day to day performance, I would say I did not have an issue with the phone, but again it’s me. Why so I’ll talk about some of the me UI stuff in the later part of the video, but in terms of general performance, as you can see, it’s a very fast and fluid phone DRAM management as good? I actually didn’t have a problem with the phone, so the chipset handles everything and I mean – and the base variant also comes with 6 gigabytes of RAM. So that’s not an issue now let’s move to the next point.

That is regarding gaming, because this has that gaming chipset, I won’t, go in depth regarding this I’ve, already posted a dedicated gaming review, where I played the heavy games like that path, cheat and even call of beauty and, as you can see it handled it without any Issues and the good thing is that you can keep these games at very high settings and then also it works. So gaming has no issue on this phone now. Moving to the speaker, it has a single speaker here and I would say the speaker is adequately loud but again it’s, not a dual speaker. Let me actually show you it can get actually really loud, let’s display in my last video Music, so the speaker is actually adequately loud but again, it’s, not a stereo speaker, but again at this price point it starts at 15000. I would say at the performance is good enough. Now. Let’S also talk about the battery life on this one, and I have told you guys, I’d be very transparent it most of my testing, with the single cell, because others say as a secondary sim was on my galaxy 4 and I would say, with this single sim, The performance is actually really good on an average. It was lasting me for over about 2 days and this test I wanted to do. How does it last if you are just using it Julie, I’ll, just give you a live example. I think so.

This has been like quite a bit about three days since I left it for charge and still it’s showing about fifty four person that’s crazy. Let me show you: if I go to the power usage yeah let’s meet, let me show you: these are the apps. This is the hardware. So yes, let’s, look at this, the history so it’s saying it’s on the battery from three days: twenty three hours or three days, twenty one asked almost four days and still it has 54 person battery life. Yes, this is not very heavy use. It I would say last three: four days was chill: we can install and didn’t get a lot of calls, but screen all time. I think about to us seven minutes and once calls about 15 minutes so decent usage. So the thing I want to say is that battery life is really good and, if you’re sort of a casual user also, it should give you about one and a half to two days of battery life without any issues and if you’re sort of very light user. You can expect about three days of battery life on this one which actually surprised me so in that respect the MediaTek g90 T in terms of idle power drain. They have optimized it very well now let’s talk about the cameras, because again this is a camera centric smartphone – and this is the first smartphone from red, mean to have that 64 megapixel sensor.

Apart from that it’s a quad camera setup. You also have that ultra wide angle lens and to make a pixel for depth and 2 megapixel form macro. As you can see, the main camera is here and the other two cameras are here. This is not a camera. This is actually a fingerprint sensor and we have the fourth camera over here. Let me actually also show you the fingerprint sensor before I show you the sample shots. The fingerprint sensor, like most Xiaomi phones, is very fast, but the thing is that I don’t like the location of this. I have now gotten used to it because I’ve been using it for almost four weeks, I’ve gotten used to it. But again initially I was just smudging up this lens, whereas it’s very close to so they should have kept this fingerprint location a little bit different. It just merges with that one, but anyway that’s nitpicking now let’s talk about the camera performance. So let me actually show you some of the sample shots that I have taken with this one and, as you can see, the primary camera that’s, the 64 megapixel that’s. Actually, a very good job, as you can see, with these sample shots, how do shots come out really good? We have a lot of DPL at them and even the wide angle lens is decent in outdoor conditions, as you can see, and also when moving to close up shots, it actually does a very good job now.

The biggest surprise for me was that, yes, most of the cameras, smartphones actually do create an outdoor lighting conditions, but when we even move indoor lighting conditions, as you can see, some of the sample shots that I’ve taken here – and this is not that good lighting here – Also, it perform actually really well compared to the competition our under 20000, I would say the camera performance was actually really good. As you can see, the only thing I would say is that, as you can see, that ultra wide camera lens in these artificial lighting conditions was just bad, the colors were off as you can see, and this is even after the two updates. So the wide angle lens performance, the color washout thing – hasn’t been solved. But apart from that, if you look at the regular shots that you are getting even portraits, I feel even an artificial lighting. It did actually a very good job now, moving to the front facing camera, the front facing camera performance was also very good. As you can see, the pictures are very, very sharp, as you can see, and even when you invoke that portrait bouquet mode, it does a good job, and that was the same case surprisingly even in indoor and artificial lighting condition. So if we just talk about static pictures with this one, I would say it actually did a very good job and Xiaomi has managed to optimize that image processing for the 64 megapixel camera.

But when you talk about the video, I am NOT that happy. Let’S first talk about the front facing camera, so here is a sample for a taken from the front facing camera. Hi guys recording this video with the redmi note 8 pro’s front facing camera on it’s, pretty sunny here. So let’s do one thing: let’s move to a shadowed area and the audio is also being recorded while it’s internal microphone and guys, as you can see, I am just walking around Wow. This generator switched on and is gone so anyways. What do you guys think about the video recording with the front facing camera of this redmi note 8 pro, the audio is also being recorded. Why the same? Do let me know in the comment section so, as you can see, the video that we got to the front facing camera was actually really good. I didn’t have a issue. The audio pickup was also good, but now let’s move to the cons and I’ll have to start that with the rear cameras. Video performance here is a sample that I took with the rear camera, and this is after that 2 updates. Initially also, it was bad, but this is after the latest update. This. Is the sample recording this video with the rear facing camera of this redmi note 8 Pro and guys I’m recording a track 1080p at 30fps. There is also an option of 60fps, but when I do that when I’m walking, the image is not stabilized.

So if you want the stabilization, keep it to that 30fps and yes, it can also record in 4k and let’s, see how good focus is let’s. Just go closer to the subject: yes, it is in focus and if I’ve moved out that’s also in focus, so the focusing won’t be a issue I’m just going to walk again to give you an idea. How is the recording you guys? Let me know how’s the recording, because now I’ve got two software updates, and now the video recording looks good, but before that it was horrible, but you guys, let me know what do you think about the video recording at 1080p at 30fps. So, as you saw that video quality was simply not that good, the picture was simply not that sharp the colors were weird, and this happened in everything when you have all the modes but what’s the use of these modes, even in outdoor lighting conditions, when the lighting Is so good? The pictures was just weird, and this is a very surprising because that’s happening for the main rear facing camera. So I don’t know if they can solve it because they haven’t solved it till now, after two updates, but the video quality from the rear facing camera is surprisingly the biggest disappointments at half with this smartphone now let’s move to the next thing, and this is regarding The Gorilla Glass protection Swami says that it has Gorilla Glass and the back is also glass.

So again, at least in this white color, it does hide the fingerprints, but again Xiaomi does not apply any screen guard or anything. So I have been using it like this. Very roughly I was using putting in the back and, as you can see now, if the camera is able to capture, we can see some scratches on this one. So again I would say if you bind this smartphone do apply a screen guard on this because it can get some scratches. So that is something you have to be aware of now as it’s running on me, why you do have those ads situation, but I can watch my unboxing video if you follow those steps and disable all those options. While you are setting up the phone, you should not see a lot of apps. I do see some stuff in the notifications here, some of the me. What do you say, video notifications and stuff, but apart from that, I do not see ads. But again, if you want to use some of the specific me apps like the me, video and stuff, you will see ads in that. But apart from that, I did not have any major issue of ads on this one. As of now, apart from some unnecessary notifications that I see from time to time here, why me apps, but I didn’t get some full screen apps, while I was using third party apps like this regularly, so that is regarding the ad situation.

12 now let’s also talk about one more thing, as I’ve told you initially, when I got this phone, I had some serious touch, lat issues, and only one other user has also mentioned about that. To me why a Twitter, but as I’ve told you now after that got 2 updates and now I’m not having any touch issue with this one. So I think so that was solved with the software OTA update. But again, I just wanted you guys to let you know about it. So, overall, as you can see again, this is something that you have because it’s me you and this I don’t like you go over here, you get the shortcuts and stuff not again. This also recommends you a lot of chunk, apps and stuff like this. So these are some of the things where Shawn is trying to push some of the unnecessary apps and stuff like this. So you’ve got to be careful about it. Use your head don’t install junk apps on all this things, because you will get a lot of recommendation, so that is something that you have to be careful because of me UI. But apart from that, I would say overall, this is a very good smartphone. In fact, it surprised me in some areas, for example, for static pictures. I would say this one had one of the best performance that I would say in a mid range Android phone apart from the video performance with the rear facing camera.

That is simply very, very pure, but apart from that, the general performance is actually really got. The battery life was good and even the gaming performance was very good. So, as of now, I would say at that 15000 price point. If you are okay with me UI and some of the silliness that you have with them in UI that ad situation, I would say this is one of the best phones that you can get. If we talk about price to performance ratio at 15000 rupees. So that was my review of this redmi note. 8 pro. If you are already using this redmi note 8 pro do, let me know what’s your experience in the comment section below and if you guys are still not subscribed to my youtube channel hit that subscribe button.