You thought it was the Meno. 10 bang, bang. Now people. This is a different price point. Of course it comes from Xiaomi. This starts at five hundred and fifty bucks. So why don’t? We do it, oh by the way, this one midnight black 128gb of storage and six gigs of RAM up to 256 and and in different colors. I assume Aurora Green glacier white and midnight black. This one’s midnight black okay. What is cool about this phone? Well? Actually, look at that a hundred and eight megapixel ultra high resolution camera with a one by one point: three three super sensor you’re about to be stunned. Well, Penta, camera all scenario: imaging system 10x hybrid zoom with oh, is you heard it correctly: Penta, Penta, that’s five, a five camera setup I’m gon na compare this setup to some of the other smartphone setups that are out there. 6.47 3d curved AMOLED display and look at this one, fifty to sixty milliamp hour high capacity battery with 30 watt fast charge. Now, of course, we’ve seen faster charging than 30 watts in the past, but good enough for a lot of people, and particularly when you pair it with an enormous battering, my goodness gracious this one doesn’t have the top tier Snapdragon processor either. So you kind of make a trade down, so look that’s, pretty reminiscent of some other stuff that’s on the marketplace has been on the marketplace. One: two: three four: five camera setup: there’s a 5x zoom 2x zoom.

You have your standard camera with the crazy 108 megapixel sensor, there’s a macro camera holy moly. Look at this wide ultra wide telephoto, telephoto macro. This is what we’re talking about the other day now does protrude a little bit as it would it’s got. This mirrored finish. The midnight black a USB type c connector for the 30 watt fast charge, there’s also a headphone jack on there there’s, also an infrared sensor which these things still pop up here in there we’re gon na get case and some paperwork. This is a basic one. To get y’all get you up and running it’s got the smoke color to it. Although this thing still gets its very own, fingerprint so see that well it’s, your very own fingerprint right. There quick charge power – brick, as I said: 30 watts, the type c cable and that rounds out. The most exciting for me is to test out all these cameras, because it’s just it’s kind of wild, all the mainstream flagship devices expanding in the camera department, even Apple who people were skeptical when they first saw the mock ups. People were going crazy, they can’t do all that they can’t have all those cameras, then they did, and everyone bought it this right here with the five camera setup. You might be seeing this sometime soon on your other devices as well. A different plant Kirk just displaced the famous fake plant with another, a real plant spare risky.

This could go sideways alright, so this gives us our first glance at the screen to body ratio. You can see the type of notch that they’ve gone for it’s, that little teardrop it’s it’s about as small as it can be. No other fancy, sensors embedded in there it’s just a front facing camera. Of course, you can use it for face unlock optical based face unlocked and your selfies they’ve, also hidden the speaker unit right above there it’s ever so tiny let’s just get to the comparison so here’s the iPhone one, two three, four: five that’s, the BRE that’s. Five. Obviously, they’ve gone for the square dimension, like many other manufacturers this over here, that’s the pixels and as you can tell that’s how they implemented it again. Quite large, always latest the mate 30 Pro which to me it might be the most pleasing of the bunch that’s. Four cameras there’s a lot of text there too, a lot of text on this phone you’re walking around town with a hundred and eight megapixels. You got ta, let people know they do that’s a lot of mega pick. You don’t want to wait. Megapixels you got there. Yeah yeah registration taking a few more taps here. Maybe it wants to be more accurate I’ll. Do why not rhodium yeah? Okay we’ll? Are you ready to rock? No, yes, the display extends over the edge of the phone. Some people worry with devices that really push that edge where they’re gon na grip.

This one I can grip. I have some room that I can feel the metal. This is Kirk’s plant that he’s keeping alive, and he has decided that this plant deserves some attention because he’s taking such good care of it. Here we are 1x ooh, a nice little satisfying sound when it grabs the focus ooh. I, like the sound effects xiaomi doing here very subtle here we go to eksu, okay and then all the way in that’s, a 5 X boom we’ve already used three cameras and we ain’t done yet. Okay point six boom. What is this? Oh macro macro? Oh yes, so macro whoa, alright, so I kinda have a thing for the macros. I have a thing for the macaroni. Ladies and gentlemen, look at the cold, hard steel, Jackie ever seen, cold hard steel that’s, the ultra wide, obviously a very wide photo as it would be that’s the idea. The 5x zoom. Allow me to examine that. Okay, the 2x zoom interesting whoo, the main camera is the nicest looking by far. If you look at it, it has. It has slightly more dynamic range, that’s tremendous versatility, that’s, really the story of this phone. Although you probably expected that coming into it, I got ta. Keep your mind: it’s five cameras on the back. What you’re, really hoping for probably as a user, is to be able to take advantage of this creativity. Now I understand there’s all kinds of techniques for things like zoom in the software computational hybrids and so forth, and they do work but take macro, for example, there’s.

No real computational version of that that I’ve seen that can replicate a proper macro photo you’re gon na feel confident having in your pocket. If you want to do something cool well, like you, could have an iPhone sitting here, you’ve got to get right on that and now all the sudden you’ve got dust particles. The focusing distance is just bananas, actually look at all part of couples: fibers there’s fibers on their horse, skin flakes yeah, of course, it’s. This is how you know the detail. This is what you should be demanding if you’re watching any type of smartphone video and you don’t see smudges and you don’t see particles you’re, not getting the real test. You understand. This is not an apple. No, you put the cloth away because that’s actually it’s funny. It’S those imperfections it’s like the beard, hair test it’s, actually, those imperfections to really analyze the camera performance, that’s a fun camera. Interestingly enough, there’s a hundred eight megapixel option which they keep as separate, but they keep it. They put it by default very close to the typical photo mode snap, it you know there’s a processing going on this taking time. Okay, it worked, though, I suppose, if you want to get crazy with your crop, but if you’re not gon na get crazy with the crop you’re just making your life miserable, storing, underneath the pixel photos, obviously yeah twelve thousand by nine thousand pixels. Sixteen point one seven megabytes per photo that’s trouble.

Now, of course, we’ve also got tried the front facing camera. For obvious reasons we Came, we saw we conquered we’ve done it before we’ll. Do it again, those right there, our beard, hairs, alright, let’s, listen to the speaker on this. I believe it’s, only a single speaker setup. It was a double tape. It was a I scrolled eyes. I scrolled again. I know I know it’s all coming out of one speaker, it’s one speaker units not the best. I ever heard it works it’s I mean it’s clear. You can hear it. I don’t remember what the renders were, but there were so many different ones. We talked about yeah, but keep in mind. You got the headphone jack classic headphone jack, so you got options fingerprint speed. Hmm, you have to obviously start with the price it’s around 500 bucks 550. This one says no. They say you can live with the 700 series. Snapdragon processor, so what you really need is camera versatility, that’s. What you care about the camera is your number one party, possibly the battery as well here’s the thing how many people truly take advantage of the top tier spec from the snapdragon standpoint I don’t know. I guess that’s up to you to determine it’s up to you to decide, but I will say at least in this preliminary testing. The phone feels plenty fast and snappy. You can do smart phone things on here, but what you can do on top of that is camera things that other smart phones can’t do so it’s, really a smart phone camera decision as much as it’s an overall smart phone decision.

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