Now, before we go ahead with the full review of the vivo, u 20 be sure to subscribe to the guys sky, 16, youtube channel and click that Bell icon so that you’re the first to know when we have a new video. I found the vivo. U 20 to be way too bulky and hefty, while using it daily basic things such as the power and volume buttons and the rear mounted. Fingerprint scanner are a bit too difficult to reach. I also didn’t like the fact that the vivo – u 20, has a microwave before this point. All my devices have a USB type c port and buying a smartphone with a dated port did not make sense. On the bright side, the 6.5 3 inch display has a full HD plus resolution, which is still quite uncommon in this price segment. While the display is not as punchy as the AMOLED panels on some other smart phones such as the Samsung Galaxy n 30s, it does get right enough. When outdoors, I did enjoy watching videos and playing games on this smartphone. However, the speaker’s aren’t really loud and they do sound tinny now’s a good time to talk about the gaming performance. I played pubsey mobile on the vivo youth 20, which defaulted to the high preset with graphics, egg, 2, HD and frame rate set too high, and I did not notice any issues at these settings, but the vivo. U 20, it get slightly warm after gaming on it.

For 20 minutes, this could be due to the processor, the Snapdragon 675, which tends to heat up on the load, even in other smartphones, Viva. U 20 also has some neat software enhancements for gaming there’s, an ultra game mode, which is filled with cool features, and one of these is off screen autoplay, which lets a game run even with the display switched off. So now you can take breaks without worrying about losing the progress in various themes. You can also block notifications and answer calls automatically and scream or to minimize interruptions while gaming. Now, if you don’t want to be bothered, you can simply configure the ultra game mode to automatically reject calls to this mode also has a sound localization training center, and this is the first time we have seen such a thing on a smart phone. This feature is for pubsey mobile and it trains you to recognize sounds from the game in an attempt to improve your performance. If you are a serious gamer, you might find it useful, whereas casual gamers can ignore it. This was one of the few good features of One Touch: OS 9.2, based on Android 9pi, on the vivo. U 20, I just don’t like fun touch OS overall, it has way too much reloaded bloatware and I kept getting lots of spammy notifications from these apps. Its UI is very different from stock Android and it can get confusing to use. I really hope vivo fixes this.

In the future versions of fun touch OS with our usage, which consisted of an actor whatsapp account playing pubs emo by taking a few camera samples and using GPS for navigation. We were left with 45 at the end of 24 hours. You know HD vpu, toothpaste, the smartphone managed to go on for 14 hours and 59 minutes. He takes half an hour to charge the five thousand milliamp hour battery to 33 and about an hour tops at up to 67. A full charge takes around two hours. Finally, let’s look at the cameras on the vivo: u 20 there’s a triple trio: camera set up here with a 16 megapixel primary sensor, an 8 megapixel super wide angle, camera and a 2 megapixel macro camera photos taken with the vivo. U 20 look good, but it did not have the best details. The wide angle, camera does deliver a wider field of view, but we could see distortion at the edges and the sensor failed to capture details, low light camera performance, isn’t great either the vivo. U 20 missed out on details and delivered a grainy output. Switching to night mode did result in brighter images, but they weren’t significantly better kilos of shots, fared better as the phone managed, good detail and a natural depth of field between the subject and the background photos taken with the macro. Camera were good but restricted to 2 mega pixels in resolution for selfies it has a 16 megapixel camera, and even this is a little disappointing.

Selfie is short indoors were below average in quality and he will notice green on zooming in video recording maxes out at 4k. For the primary camera and KDP for the selfie shoot up, we found video stabilization to be adequate when shooting in the day, but focusing speed could have been better in low light. There was a significant shimmer effect, which was also visible in the viewfinder. To sum it up the vivo: u, 20 has powerful hardware and good battery life, but it’s for software and camera hold it back. I wish it had a USB type c, port, no bloatware and better camera, and these things do stop me from recommending this phone to everyone. If you are specifically looking for a gaming smartphone on a budget, the vivo – u 20 is pretty good, but you can also look at the VL v 5s and greatly note 8 as possible alternatives, and that was our review of the vivo.