The show me chin too so it’s not Queen Qi and spells chin in Chinese. So we can spend a CH. I am to be exact okay, so this is like I told you it’s a Kickstarter project which I back in the shall be open platform. So I got my for my contribution. They sent me fo, and here it is we’re ready to unbox this little phone join me as I open this box. Okay, as you can all see, there’s a logo here which signifies it’s the version two of the team, a I like the or the chamois open tin, to which we can see here, it’s a collar red and supports LTE, 4G and yeah. This is the Xiaomi AI logo. We have here it the there’s, basically no specification and here’s the phone itself, look it’s, so good, it’s, so small, sorry yeah. It reminds me a lot of my memories back there for Nokia, which one hold something as small as this one or even smaller than 60 to 50. I remember but there’s a keypad here, yeah it’s, pretty small, looks just like a remote controller, it’s an extended screen of five incher and looks so cool. So on top we have the IR blaster noise cancellation, mic. Five megapixel camera LED flash the team logo. Okay, fully supports show I it has here: the volume rocker, the black is the power button and other one is the AI button. So, on the other side, we have a single sim slot and no front camera, and underneath we have USB type c, take note type C, Mike N and, of course, that’s bigger other than that there’s.

Nothing else. Okay, so have the sim ejector pin here the red cable looks so good: okay, kissing for free and user meadow and that’s all inside the bus, there’s, no wall charger, sad to see it’s for cost cutting. Probably they took it out. Okay, so just see some features. We have on the phone sliding down. We can see, of course, Wi Fi, Bluetooth and some less there’s location, smart saving mode hotspot and, of course, to the Sabre. You can use this as a hotspot phone for hotspot, okay for sharing Wi Fi. This. Of course, the settings basic settings here battery we have the 2100 minuteearth Barry then take some tour around it system it’s running key, so it has one gig of ram. Android nine – and this is running Android, go key, so it’s a very much vanilla and drawing yeah. So you can see this is really more of an AI for buddies in China. Recall this ask the student phone, which ad Bai me home, ka remote and Alipay. Some of the other apps that we need basic is really basics of the camera. App let’s see that it’s really pretty decent, taking some decent pictures. Okay, so photos are pretty decent for a 5mp camera sensor, whether files. So here some installed file, we tried running the Play Store, but unfortunately we still cannot get it to run. Okay, so probably with still need to explore a little bit more so let’s just check quickly and to to is it just have a fifty six thousand points which is well cortex? Chip set it’s already, not bad it’s, really, morally an entry level phone so see the hardware configuration clean concedes shall meet Tim to kill.

The RAM is one gig of ram 32 gig of storage. Cortex a53 CPU model is a c98 32 e 64 bit four cores. Quad core yeah, the render is Valley, it’s, an AR M for sure 5 inch phone, pixal, ng, 284, rear cameras, five key, very basic CAPA Magica, bashes 2100 and yeah that’s about it. I drank the time these are the NFC, of course, okay. So this one is more really mainly focused on being a. I keep more of how you use this to control your gadgets at home, your IOT, so it’s, the internet of things. Can you can see this one? These are everything I have a home. I have another TV, a smart plugs shall be AI speaker and dr. Cooper yeah. I can basically use this as a remote to control everything. I have the robot vacuum. The kids say I watch the power line. The lights are purifier refrigerator. He and, of course, several other smart gadgets you can install on this well, try to run you down on some of those awesome. Gadgets with Xiaomi has, of course, CCTV. Ip cameras even have yeah. These smart plugs the switches, the lights. These are some things that you can connect and use this as a remote it’s, pretty nice. To be honest with you yeah. These are the lights in control hubs; okay, routers power lines, repeaters door, locks curtains and I lost device, remote control device, doorbell device relay control device yeah.

I are safe that or vault refrigerators, microwaves, electric kettle, water, purifier, coffeemaker, rice cookers range hood, induction stoves pressure cookers. Oh there’s just miss my pressure cooker down key juicer, oven and a lot lot more after it’s too too many to mention air purifiers, the sensors, entertainment, the TVs see how the clients help the vines IR, remote and others, okay, so yeah. This is the basic function of them. Show me: chili it’s, really really cheap key and mean 599 Chinese yuan, and I can get a phone like this. Okay, so yeah. Given you a lot preview about this phone, it’s, really good it’s, really like that’s me something you like to have a second phone, something not expensive, something that just like and besides that pocket and it’s just a hundred grams to be honest, it’s really really like, and The battery is not bad okay yeah then you seen for the whole thing. Just still have 84 percent left in my tank, not bad. Okay, so yeah it’s, just a really good meal, our phone, only with one same with with a not so powerful processor but y’all rods. Okay, you’re not really got ta play some games on this and can even watch you chew on this one, and basically this is it for the xiaomi team. So if you like, this video do like my the click, the like button and, of course, subscribe and hit the like on so you don’t miss any of my other good content.

So this is me, mr.