The link is in the video description below here is the box from all sides. The most important details can be found on the back cover if this goes too quick for you tap on post and set your device to full screen. More details are available from the manufacturers website in the box. There’S, a small bag to protect the microphone, a deaf cat and a short user manual. The microphone makes a solid impression. It can be tilted by 180 degrees ideal for blogging or to recall a presentation with the main camera of your smartphone or tablet at the site. You will even find a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack hard to miss is even a mute switch. If this light is green and the microphone is active, if it lights up red, then the microphone does not pick up. Any audio now have fun with the following clips. So that’s me again now recording with an external microphone by kaamika, which is the vs0. Nine behind me is the skyline of Frankfurt at the mile, which is a shopping centre in the city centre of Frankfurt. So the important question is: do you need such a microphone and my point of view, if you film yourself, quite often, and when it’s really windy outside? That makes a lot of sense to get an external microphone to your smartphone, especially if you’re vlogger or something especially for Instagram, because it looks quite amazing. The question is: does it have a good quality or not? I have no clue, but I will figure that out at home later on now it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth buying it.

How do you like the audio quality compared to the normal microphone of the hilum 820? Pro I’m curious about a you feedback. As always, you will find a link in the video description below thanks to mano and you for watching see you soon and all the best from Frankfurt.