So let’s start from the boxing let’s go Music. The smartphone is available in three color magnifications. The design of the phone is truly amazing, so it frame is made from aluminium and the back is made from glass, qubit, X, xx, products really stylish and expensive, and it feels very good in a hand. However, the phone is quite heavy its way. It is 235 grams, keep in mind that the phone doesn’t have either mini jack for the headphones or a fingerprint sensor above the screen. There is a 10 day me Canon diet on the bottom, the rest’ IP port and little holes for dynamic. Although there are two whole sections, the dynamic is one, it is not stereo, qubit, X, xx, broken work was after tuned in a SIM cards, or with one and a sim card and one a micro SD memory card. The phone has six points, ranges IPS display with high resolution and it’s really great. The brightness and viewing angles are even better than in Sam mmx3. The colors are vivid and natural. The smartphone works on Android 9 enhances the bytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of ROM. It is a cube whose octa core processor, hello, PC state, which provides high performance in resource intensive games and applications. Asphalt. 9 works very smoothly on the high graphics settings without analogues. The performance in games and in general is very good. Everything works smoothly and fast. Music. Music here are some benchmark results.

The fold has virtual buttons, which can be hidden to increase usable area of the display. The result says: split screen option. What I also like is the option to zoom in the videos to fill in the screen. Face, unlock function, works pretty fast and without mistakes, Music, cubed, x20 bro has triple rear cameras and one front camera. In my opinion, the quality of the photos is pretty okay, but not outstanding at all. What I like the most is the portrait mode as the blurring is natural and realistic. Maximal photo resolution is 12 megapixels and if you should, with the white angle, camera the resolution is 8 megapixels make small video resolution is full HD. If you need original photos or videos. Just let me know in the comments and I’ll send them to you. The phone has 4000 million viewers internal battery, which is enough for two days of active use and three or more days of moderate use. Here you can see how the battery discharged, while I was watching videos on YouTube on the make small brightness of the screen and the maximal volume it takes 2 hours and 35 minutes to get the battery charged. So let’s sum up: cubed x, 20 Pro has stylish design amazing screen high performance and long battery lines. However, it doesn’t have 3.5 millimeter is jack, is quite heavy and the camera quality is controversial, but if it suits your needs, then it’s a good choice.