I highly recommend that you go over to the new hot pepper mobile Facebook page because they’re giving away a hot pepper ghost, so you should definitely enter into that to win all the details will be on their Facebook page so again check that out and make sure To like it now, if you’ve never heard of hot pepper, hot pepper is a new brand offering budget smartphones in the u.s.. In fact, you should go over to their new Facebook page at hot pepper mobile and give it a like and tell them the Kevin breeze sent you, but essentially every phone they’ve put out so far has been named after a different hot pepper. So this is the hot pepper ghost named after the ghost pepper. They also have the hot pepper serrano coming out there as soon as well, but anyway, a pretty unique name for the company and a unique way that they name their actual devices. Now what’s really cool about this phone is that it’s actually factory unlocked and will work with any of the four major US carriers, so it’s gon na work with ATampT t mobile, Sprint and Verizon and any of the NBN those that are under those carriers. So the price for this phone is 1.99, but if you do plan on using this phone with Verizon and you activate it within 30 days of buying it Verizon will actually give you a two hundred and fifty dollar rebate. So you pay 1.

99 for the phone and you get 250 back, so you essentially make a profit of fifty one dollars by buying this phone and then activating it on Verizon’s network within 30 days, so that’s a pretty unique deal. Of course, if you’re using this phone with any other carrier, besides Verizon, then you will not be eligible for that rebate, but definitely a cool opportunity there for Verizon customers. Now the phone features a six inch display at 720p. You get a ppi of two hundred and sixty you and an 18 by 9 aspect ratio. So a nice large display with the hot pepper ghost the display gets very bright as well, and even though it is 720p, the display itself is super clear. So everything looks good you’re getting nice colors with this phone and it’s great for browsing the web, going on social media and watching video content. Now the phone does not have a notch. You can see that we do have some bezels on the top and bottom, but overall I do like the design. Definitely if you are looking for razor thin, bezels and a notch, then this phone probably isn’t the phone for you, but some people definitely prefer to have a notch list design a little bit more of an old school design and if you’re one of those people, then You’Ll definitely like the hot pepper ghost now up top here. The phone has a 5 megapixel front facing camera and later on in this video I’ll be showing you photo and video samples from both the front and rear cameras.

Now the device comes with 32 gigs of internal storage with SD card expansion. There is no wireless charging with a hot pepper ghost, but we do get a fingerprint sensor on the back, so it’s, a very quick and accurate fingerprint sensor. Definitely a big fan of that. Also on the back is the 13 megapixel rear camera. There is no portrait mode with this phone now the device features 3 gigabytes of RAM and the mediatek helio p22 processor. Now I did romney antutu benchmark test for the phone and got an overall score of 8 to 8 for 4, with a CPU score of 4 1 to 0 2. So what I recommend you doing is downloading the antutu benchmark app on your existing phone, so that you can see what kind of scores that you get with that and then compare those scores to these scores with the hot pepper ghost. And if the scores in your existing phone are lower than these scores, then you’re definitely gon na be getting a performance upgrade by switching over to the hot pepper ghost now in the past, mediatek processors have not been overly impressive, but the helio line of processors from Media tech are actually pretty decent and beyond this phone I’ve also used the Helio P 22 on other phones and it’s been a very reliable budget processor. So it definitely does get the job done, and I do like it now. Video recording with the device maxes out at 1080p at 30 frames per second, the device features a beefy 3850 milliamp hour internal battery, and the software on here is a stock version of Android 9pi, so what’s, really cool about the hot pepper ghost is that there is No bloatware so no junk that you have to uninstall after getting the phone you just get stock Android.

So I really like that a lot, and I know that many of you that watch my videos also like stock Android. Now that we’ve talked about the specifications of the hot pepper ghost, let me give you a tour of the hardware here, so I already talked a lot about the front here with that large 6 inch display at an 18 by 9 aspect ratio, then up top. We have the earpiece and front facing camera now on the left side of the phone. We have the slot for the SD card and SIM card. Then on the right of the phone. We have the volume button and power button, then, on the top of the phone. We just have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then on the bottom. We have the speaker, microphone and USB C port for charging, and data transfer definitely really cool to see that we do get USB C of the hot pepper ghost then, on the back of the phone we have the camera module here, which is 13 megapixels. We have the flash, we have the noise cancelling microphone, we have the fingerprint sensor and we have the hot pepper logo. Now this material on the back is plastic, it’s kind of a glossy dark blue color, and I definitely think it does look very nice. It does pick up some fingerprints, though so keep that in mind now I’d, like to also show you what comes included in the box with the phone.

So here is the box. You can see ghosts right there on the front. Then we have the hot pepper logo. You can open this up, then we have the ghost Quick Start Guide. We have a clear plastic case included as well so nice to see that is included for free. We get a SIM card removal tool, we get a USBC cable for charging and data transfer and we get a USB wall adapter. So you definitely get a lot of good stuff included in the box discount from the original retail price. I know that everyone’s looking for great deals and thankfully metros, offering some great discounts with the Alcatel 3. So one of the biggest surprises with this device is how loud the speakers do get they don’t get quite as loud as a flagship phone would. But of course you wouldn’t expect that anyway, with the phone that’s under 200 dollars, but the speakers are very nice and clear, and this phone is great for watching video content. You know definitely a good phone if you want to just sit on the couch and watch youtube videos or Netflix or anything so good job hot peppered, with putting some very good speakers in the phone. Like I mentioned before, this phone is great for browsing the web. The display is really clear and text is nice and crisp, so the colors as well make it good for browsing the web too, but definitely a great phone for content consumption, but overall for the price of the phone.

I am happy with the performance that we get. The camera quality from the hot pepper ghost has definitely been a nice surprise. I think it takes very nice pictures, especially for a budget device. It definitely gets the job done, and I do especially like how, in video mode, we get auto focus, but the photos are certainly not drab at all. You are able to pull out some great colors of whatever you’re taking photos of this phone definitely be a great travel companion if you’re looking to take photos on your vacation and you want to post them on social media. I could definitely see this phone being a great phone for that let’s. Now take a look at some video samples from the hot pepper, ghost hi everyone. This is Kevin here coming at you with a front facing video test from the hot pepper ghost. So let me know what you think of the quality with the front facing camera on the device and also, let me know what you think – of the microphone quality from the phone hi everyone. This is Kevin here coming at you with a test video from the hot pepper ghost with the rear camera. So let me know what you think of the quality from the device: we’ll try out some autofocus in video mode and we do get autofocus with the device. So that’s really cool so no need to tap on the display to focus, so is the hot pepper ghost worth buying? Well, definitely, if you’re and Wireless customer it’s a no brainer, because the rebate that you get by buying this phone is literally more than what you’re paying for the phone, so you can make a little bit of a profit with that rebate.

As for other carriers, I think it’s definitely appealing that this phone is unlocked and works on every carrier, because you don’t see that too often – and I think overall, there’s really no red flag about the Spohn. Everything gets the job done as advertised. It would have a nice, though, to see a little bit more RAM and a processor that’s better than the Helio p22, considering the price of the phone, but the software is very nicely optimized with the hardware. So overall you’re gon na have a good experience using the hot pepper ghost. But definitely let me know what you think about the phone I’m really excited to see a hot pepper expand into the US market. I think the company has a lot of potential but make sure to give this video a thumbs up.