A series. Lets talk about it., Music, First glance, its a huge phone like the big guys of Samsung, the Note 10 and the Galaxy S10, Its a 6.4 inch Super AMOLED panel, protected by Gorilla Glass 3.. As is the case with every Samsung phone, the 19.59 aspect ratio display looks amazing in person. Great color accuracy, contrast vibrant colors and is hell bright, which makes it very much easy to use the phone in broad daylight.. The only downside it doesnt get very dim even at the lowest brightness., So its not easy on your eyes when you are in a dark environment and scrolling, maybe Reddit. The display is flat, which many of you like with rounded corners, and it stretches itself as much As possible towards the edges that results in the minimized bezels leaving a small – U shaped notch for the selfie camera! The reason Samsung calls the display Infinity? U display.! It comes with a screen protector out of the box, but dont worry. You can take it off and your phone should be working fine, quite an upgrade from the Galaxy Fold. From the build quality perspective. Samsung has done a decent job, particularly the weight of this phone is well balanced despite the size, so it is not uncomfortable to hold in one hand aided by the curved sides at the back of the phone, so it feels quite good to hold it. And the Galaxy A30 comes in 4, different colours, red blue white and black with this cool reflective design.

As we have seen in most of the smartphones in recent years., This one has been dipped in one color. Only so it doesnt change colours just reflects a 3D pattern. When light hits at the right angle., It is made out of polycarbonate but looks like it is a glass back feels premium and really looks amazing when you are in a well lit environment. And whats. More amazing about the A30 is that it has kept the headphone jack alive., So dont throw away your old school wired headphones just because the port is disappearing from most smartphones, because if you are using or intend to use this phone, you might need those.. The single bottom firing speaker next to the USB C port is not even one of the mediocre quality ones that I have come across in a midrange phone. Btw, thanks Samsung for the USB C. The speaker sounds rough kind of like something is obstructing the speaker, grills And Spotify, music, YouTube videos or just anything sounds like a voice recorded using a bad microphone.. So headphones can give you a massive boost in the sound experience, considering the fact that you also get Dolby Atmos sound quality with the headphones connected, be it be wired or wireless.. Speaking of wireless, you can also pick one of the new Galaxy Buds that get along with this device very well., And this one has got a fingerprint scanner mounted on the back. Instead of the trending in display optical fingerprint scanner.

. Also, the front camera can be utilized for face unlock, but thats less secured. So I will stick with the fingerprint. Its not very fast. To be honest and also the unlock animation kinda makes the overall unlock seem slow. And the position of the scanner doesnt bother me. Its easily reachable nothing to complain about., But that is just me.. You might have an different feeling about it.. Next up the camera.. The A30 has got dual camera setup with a primary 16 megapixel camera at f1.7 and a 5 megapixel ultra wide camera at f2.2. With 123 degree field of view., I must say I have mixed feelings about these cameras.. The primary camera takes good pictures in well lit conditions, good color, reproduction saturation and dynamic range is okay.. It has got the built in scene optimiser that boosts the contrast and saturation depending on the subject to make the photos look more appealing, which is perfect for social media.. However, in some conditions, the photos turn out to be washed out and overexposed a bit. And things dont get any better in low light. Conditions. The photos, lack details, sharpness and a lot of smoothing is done to reduce noise, resulting in a poor picture quality. In case of portrait mode, dubbed as the Live Focus its okay and as expected edge detection is always a hit or miss.. Switching from the primary camera to the ultra wide one leads to massive quality drop and it is quite obvious, 16MP sensor to a 5MP sensor and you can easily tell the difference by looking at the very less detailed pictures from the ultra wide camera.

. But there are a lot of good things about it., First, a different perspective.. I am actually glad that Samsung included the ultra wide sensor instead of the depth sensor.. You can now pack more of your surroundings into the camera frame and take some darn cool shots.. The white balance setting for this camera is fixed at a cool color temperature. So if you are not the kind of person who tweaks the pro camera settings, you may like the output of this sensor more in some cases. As the pictures look more appealing, color wise. Drawback, It allows no focus adjustment and pictures turn out really noisy when the light level drops below a certain threshold and, as mentioned before, lacks details. Its good for use in daylight only.. The selfie camera is a 16MP shooter at f2.0 and there is nothing notable about it.. I wish there was a HDR toggle button, easily accessible from the camera app interface, instead of switching it every time by heading to the camera, settings. Sad.. Apart from that, the camera app is a bit slow, but fine to use.. The overall UI is easy to use its smooth. If not the smoothest, Android skin. Samsungs UI has improved a lot over the last few years, and this is their latest optimized version. The One UI. There are certain features that are just not straightforward, like the screen recorder and the default app lock. Separate official Samsung app needs to be downloaded from the Galaxy Store to have the default app lock feature available throughout the system.

While the native screen recorder is not available system wide., This should not be the case., Except that I, like the skin its super easy to use and feels very responsive.. There are occasional hiccups though, but I guess those are due to the internals of the phone.. Ok, the specs now. Exynos 7904 chipset 4 gigabytes of RAM 64 gigabytes of storage expandable via microSD 4000 mAh battery.. So the specs look good on paper. In real life scenario. That chipset is more than capable for daily tasks.. You can play games on medium settings.. Everything seems fine, except resource, demanding gaming and heavy multi tasking when it starts to lag a bit, and I feel Samsung should have done better. Here. Phones of the same price category as this one with Snapdragon processors offer much better performance. And theres. This massive battery. 4000 mAh. Its fascinating. How slim and lightweight the phone is yet it has got room for so much power inside.. It easily keeps your phone alive for a day and a half, and you can get more if you switch to the dark mode and turn off Always On Display.. It also supports 15W fast charging through USB C, which is a massive PLUS, and this mid range phone comes with a fast charger right in the box, unlike the iPhone 10 lineup and the iPhone 11. Overall. This is a solid phone from Samsung., With a sleek design. Dual camera setup: a stunning display great battery life, easy to use user interface.

I think its a good mid range phone for most users out there., So the question is: should you get the Galaxy A30? Well, that depends on your daily tasks. If you do heavy gaming on your phone or consider performance at the top of the stack, then you should be looking for alternatives, maybe the Galaxy A50 or A70., But considering normal everyday tasks, its not very difficult to recommend the Samsung Galaxy A30.. So thats all about it.