You’Ve been requested a lot but, as you know, kind of difficult to get Huawei United States trade band type of stuff. I’Ve talked a lot about the trade dispute and so forth on the show downstairs on lue later so I mean you could go look at a variety of videos on that it is the huawei mate 30 Pro and the huawei mate 30. So the release kind of changed significantly because of that ban, so that that’s, the important piece of this particular unboxing video you don’t, have Google Play services. There’S. No Google Play Store there’s, no Google apps you pretty much can only buy this thing in China as it stands right now in aggressively curved OLED display on here sort of violet. Look to it the gigantic camera portion as well, which of course, we’ve seen in photos, but I haven’t looked at yet that’s the pro and we might as well let’s do this in conjunction here. Here is the non pro version that one looks like it’s just in black and obviously it’s gon na be a slightly different setup. The pro is substantially more slender, oh, the pro one actually comes with a case it’s an actual hardshell case, pretty slender, without covering up the edges and they’re calling the display horizon display. The encircled glass has an 88 degree ultra curve, a fairly powerful supercharged power, brick with a max 40 watt charge. You have a USB type c cable and they even include a wired headset.

Now this is not gon na be mini Jack because there is no headphone connector natively on the device instead it’s type C and in the non pro unboxing, the non pro model comes with the softer one that we’re used to seeing frequently power brick looks to be Identical yes max 40 watt supercharged, we do have a mini Jack headset, because the non pro made xxx does have a headphone jack kind of a mirror type of finish to it. It looks almost silver and then at others. You start to get some purple in there. So I’m gon na go with cosmic purple, but even cosmic purple it’s, not an overwhelming purple. The crazy thing here is that the wraparound on the sides is so aggressive that there’s no buttons. You actually only have one single button here and it’s practically it’s. Almost on the back side of the phone, when you look at it gigantic camera array, which they’ve done in a circular fashion, okay, I’m, giving a little juice to the pro model. In the meantime, let’s check out the non pro so for the non pro it’s about 600 bucks and for the pro it’s 800 battery life. I should mention 4500 milliamp hours in the pro model, which is an upgrade over the previous version. This one is 4200. This one is a more typical smartphone layout, this color, far more conservative it’s black it’s, a smaller notch on the non pro Huawei is one of the few manufacturers now that’s, maintaining a more advanced version of face unlock to provide a more secure type of face unlock.

I actually was surprised. The standard non Pro mate still has a pretty slim bezel going on. Of course, you do have the notch. This one is a larger, however, now in order to make up for that on the pro model, which it just supercharged up to 35 in a very short period of time, they’ve made up for it by going crazy, aggressive on the sides. Jack can pick this up better than anyone on the side angle. Of course, it’s kind of similar to what Samsung is doing mostly a WOW factor will oh yeah we’re doing cool stuff where we’re flexing screens around edges, we’re doing cool stuff, also less buttons. Its gesture base so, as you saw you’re swiping it’s iPhone esque. If you want to adjust the volume you double tap on the side here and then there’s also a tactile kind of feedback I’m, getting like a buzz. As I move up and down, we are looking at 2400 by 1176, that’s, F, HD plus, of course, it’s. An OLED display six point: five three inches let’s go ahead and try out this face, unlock I’m curious about it. You go to the side. Brown is missing over there over there can require eye contact or not, which is kind of interesting for a lot of people stressing out on the pixel that the eyes didn’t have to be open for the unlock, but people stressed out will let people paranoid, of course, There’S also fingerprint scanning capabilities in the display.

This is your typical stuff, that’s, an optical scanner. If I lock it and I’m not looking at it, I can go with the fingerprint, which is pretty quick it’s not like the optical face unlock. It requires the 3d. So the profile is not gon na unlock it. You have to be looking at it, but when you’re, looking at it, okay let’s try rays to wake just on the table, pick it up boom what that’s really fast, whoa that’s, quite quick, the cameras. Obviously, we got to spend some time there, because that’s really what people can be interested in it’s, become the characteristic that people care about most with smartphones and, as we know, this device will is constantly it’s near the top of DxO mark and it’s. Just it just referred to as a real player in the space take DxO mark for what it is right, it’s up for grabs, it’s off for dispute, but it’s hard, not to mention the fact that they put this device at the very top in video. A super wild, slow mo available to you and it’s got a variety of cameras to choose from lenses to choose from on the back and we’re gon na go ahead and take our first photo at 1x. Boom sharpening stay, steady, okay, so there’s some processing tape taking place let’s see. Here we go down to the wide angle, which is something I like to have something I like to use.

This is the 3x and last up the 5x, so many options there. I presume that at the far end of it it’s some sort of hybrid situation, even the 5x, as I examine it here, looks pretty good that’s your 2 X optical, look at the fibers over here see that so lots of detail. This is our wide angle. The contrast on the white actually looks pretty nice let’s see if we still are left over with some detail on the crop. Yes, we are, and then you also have your standard field of view and that’s. The stalk that’s gon na come out of the camera, so we’ve seen this before obviously but it’s interesting to see each year how it changes in the past when it sees it as greenery as it does right here Jack, you can make that out. It tends to kind of enhance the saturation it’s, making some smart decisions for you, based on track record and obviously whatever it thinks, is gon na produce the best results for your particular image, and in some cases this can be really useful. It could speed things up for you, the selfie camera over here it looks like I got some beauty stuff by default on the toggle that off it’s tracking my face right now within the image. It also has HDR baked into that that’s. A lot of detail on the selfie as well. This is up near the top from a performance perspective.

Just analysing this slim number of photos. I would be happy to point and shoot this thing so DxO isn’t completely off when it comes to this particular device. Now kind of the elephant in the room here is the fact that we’re looking at a device that has no Google Play services, the complexity of living with this phone goes way up. For anyone who relies on those services uses those services. Things like YouTube, so Huawei launched its own app gallery in the meantime. Is this a substitute I don’t think it’s gon na be a substitute for most people as it stands right now and that’s, probably the reason this thing launched in China and they’re in no rush to launch it elsewhere, because they probably realize that as well. Now, if you enjoy tinkering, if you’re the type of person you don’t mind diving in there, you could still get a lot out of this device if you’re willing to import it or if you choose to as far as being adopted in a big way, with all The press and the fact that the carrier’s pretty much have to stay away from it now it’s just it’s a major step back for the hardware, which is unfortunate. The hardware on its own justifies looking at it. It has a mono speaker, the upper part of the phone. The screen actually is delivering audio for phone calls. There is no speaker union at the top it’s this new tech we’ve seen it in other devices in the past.

All right so I’ve had some difficulty trying to get you two to work on here. It’S it’s strange, either way you still end up with mobile a mobile YouTube experiences. You don’t have nearly as many options for configuration as you would have in the app. The resolution is not there. This is actually not great, not a great res and all, and you have black bars yeah, you want the app. This is one of those circumstances. If you watch YouTube, you want the app. Maybe you just want to jump on the jump on the tik tok and then look you’re it’s perfect. I think this is a major setback for Huawei and it’s kind of an unfortunate setback.