Smartphones. We’ve had so many good smartphones this year and as I do in the end of every year, SuperSaf Style I’m gon na be putting together a list of my absolute top five.. Now a few disclaimers before we start. I’ve, of course used a lot of smartphones. This year, as you can see, but I’ve not used every single one, so this is my personal top five list.. It might be different for yours. That’s, absolutely fine.. We can still be friends. Drop, your top smartphones of 2019 in the comments below.. Also, this list is not going to be in any particular order.. These are just my top five. However, I will be revealing my overall favorite smartphone in an upcoming SuperSaf Style collaboration video.. If you want to see that first then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell icon, so you don’t miss it. Let’s, get straight to it. The first device on my list once again in no particular order is the Samsung Galaxy S10, as well as the S10 I’M, combining them because they are both very very similar, and these are some of the best all around devices that you can buy this year. I had the S10 in my pocket for a very, very long time.. The S10s are also some of the only devices left. This year that have 3.5mm jack as well as expandable storage.. This is something that we’re really not seeing much of in this smartphone space, but that aside, these are great.

Phones. Amazing displays with a punch out which I actually don’t mind, so you do maximize that screen to body. Ratio. You’ve got a great built in design the water and dust resistance fast charging fast. Wireless charging reverse wireless charging, great all around consistent cameras with good overall performance., Now they’re, not perfect.. I have talked about the differences between the Exynos version, as well as the Qualcomm version, so you will be getting a different version of the S10 depending on your region and in my experience they did differ quite a bit, especially when it came to battery life.. Now they might not have some of the other fancy features that other devices on this list have, such as the high refresh rate screen fast charging, faster storage speeds, but nevertheless the S10s are very, very good devices and I can definitely recommend them. The next device. On my list is a device that I’ve actually enjoyed using a lot this year, and that is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’m. Also gon na include the iPhone 11 Pro because they’re very, very similar.. Now, although we might not have a drastic design change, especially from the front, the other devices on this list might have smaller bezels and better displays overall, but the iPhone 11 Pro Max is such a good device, especially for the cameras. I’ve said this before. But it shoots the best video on any smartphone.. I do find it the best all around camera package when it comes to video the versatility of images, the consistency between the images, low light performance stabilization.

. All of these things, I think the iPhone does very, very well and that’s one of the reasons why it’s stayed in my pocket., But aside from that, you’ve got amazing. Improvements in terms of battery life. Apple are now including a fast charger which they haven’t done. Traditionally. You’ve got wireless charging. You’ve also got better water and dust resistance compared to any of the other smartphones on this list., And I also like the speed of performance.. The A13 has been super super fast and very, very smooth with iOS 13, and I really enjoyed using the iPhone 11 Pro Max this year.. There are a few things that I’m, not a huge fan of on the new iPhones.. I would’ve liked to have seen a more updated design.. I would’ve liked to have seen a larger base storage option, which still starts at 64 gigabytes.. Also the price., The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the most expensive smartphone on this list. So it is quite pricey, but nevertheless a very, very good overall smartphone.. The next device on my list actually comes in at quite a reasonable price point in my opinion, and that is the OnePlus 7 Pro or the OnePlus 7T Pro.. Although the price of OnePlus devices has been increasing year on year, OnePlus has been giving us more and more features year on year and this year the highlight has to be that super smooth 90 hertz display. That, along with the pretty much bezel less design, makes it One of the best displays on the market right now, and it is definitely fast and smooth like OnePlus say.

You’ve got UFS 3.0 storage, you’ve got the 855 or the 855 Plus, and all of that combined with Oxygen OS, makes this one of the fastest smartphones out There easily. Now some of the areas where OnePlus devices do fall back a little bit. Firstly, has got to be the cameras., Although they’re pretty good for most situations, they’re, definitely not as good as the competition which, in my opinion, shoot much better images and video., And also we still don’t have wireless charging.. This is something that I’ve become very used to.. It might not be a big deal to you., But OnePlus just seems to be concentrating on fast charging, but really putting aside wireless charging, which pretty much every other device on this list has. Now next on. My list is a device series which I’m sure a lot of you guys know I’ve been a fan of for a long time, and that is the Samsung Galaxy Note. Series. The Note10 and the Note10 are very, very good devices.. Now, although we might not have a high refresh rate screen, these are still some of the best displays because of the minimal bezels.. We have that punch out., But the main thing that separates the displays of the Note series versus others is that these displays are very, very bright. They’re. Some of the brightest displays out there and that’s a compromise that I was personally willing to make when using the Note devices. Aside from that, you of course have great internals overall, as well as the S Pen.

. The S Pen is something that I don’t use. Every single day, but it’s so so useful when need it for signing documents remotely triggering the camera and the cameras are really really good.. They’Re, similar to the S10 s so great overall cameras, lots of versatility between all of the different lenses., An amazing, build and design.. In my opinion, one of the best looking smartphones out there, this year. Now the final smartphone on my list once again in no particular order – is the Huawei P30 Pro.. This is a very, very good smartphone.. It has, I believe, the first five time, optical zoom, on a smartphone and it’s, really amazing. How they’ve achieved this through periscope technology., An amazing, build and design. The gradient. Look that Huawei introduced a few years ago is now being copied by lots of other manufacturers, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Amazing, amazing, battery life.. This is something that Huawei is very, very good at, along with 40 watts super fast charging. That charger comes out of the box. You don’t have to buy it separately, like you have to do with some devices. Very fast wireless charging as well.. Now, personally, not a huge fan of the display. It’s, pretty good, but there’s lots of other better displays out there. And the cameras, although I do like them, especially for low light they’re, not amazing for video., I do still find that they tend to smooth out your Skin, even if you have beauty mode completely switched off – and this is especially the case for the front facing camera.

– And that is my top five list, but it’s not finished as yet.. I do want to pick a bonus., So we’ve got the top five, but there is a bonus, a smartphone which I was super super excited about. And the reason why it’s a bonus and not part of this top five is because it’s something that I think not Everybody is going to buy because it’s so so expensive and that is the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Now don’t get me wrong I’m. Fully aware that it’s, not perfect., It’s, very fragile. The front display is also very, very small, but I hadn’t been this excited about a new smartphone in a long long time. And in my opinion this is the biggest innovation that we’ve had in the smartphone space for a long time, too. It’s so amazing. To have that large display, which I can just fold and pop in my pocket – and I think Samsung – have implemented this really really well. It’s, still only the proper foldable smartphone that you can buy. And, aside from the folding factor, it’s a really really good smartphone.. You get 512 gigabytes of UFS 3.0 storage, which is massive, so technically speaking, you’ll probably be spending a lot of money. If you try to buy a 512 gigabyte smartphone anyway., It has very similar cameras to the other Samsung devices. So we’ve got some very good overall cameras.. It has great battery life and the battery’s actually split across the fold, which is really interesting.

. It has fast charging fast wireless charging, reverse wireless charging. It’s, just a really really exciting smartphone that we’ve had this year. And once again I know it’s not for everybody and it’s a first generation product, but it gets me really excited about what’s to come.. Now there are a few honorable mentions that I’d like to highlight.. These just didn’t make the top five list, but nevertheless are very, very good smartphones overall.. Firstly, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro a great overall device, but because of the issues with the Google Play, Store it’s a device that I’ve not been able to fully utilize and fully been able to use, because I just didn’t have that smooth experience.. Hopefully this is something that’s gon na be sorted out very, very soon.. There was also the Redmi K20 Pro, which I know a lot of you guys are gon na, be mentioning in the comments.. Unfortunately, this came very, very late to the UK and it’s, something that I didn’t personally get a chance to test out., But for the specs that you’re getting on that device at that price point it’s a very, very impressive device, no doubt about that. And in the Gaming space, the ASUS ROG Phone II – by far in my opinion, hands down is the best gaming smartphone. You can buy.. I play Call of Duty on it all the time. It’s great, to see a smartphone built from the ground up for gamers and if you are somebody who’s into gaming, that is the phone that I would recommend.

. So that is my top five list, as well as a bonus and some honorable mentions.. What are your top five smartphones of the year Definitely drop me a comment below and let me know your thoughts.. Do you agree with my list? Do you disagree Once again? We can always be friends., It’s, so exciting to be at this time when you’ve got so so many options.. As I mentioned towards the start of this video, I will be revealing my personal favorite smartphone of the year in an upcoming SuperSaf Style collaboration, video with all of my friends, and if you want to see that first then be sure to subscribe and hit that bell. Icon, so you don’t miss it.. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it useful.. If you did then do it that thumbs up for me. Thanks for watching.. This is Saf on SuperSaf TV and I’ll see you next time.