A brand called early phone model number is armed or x5 and it’s an Android smartphone. The I’ll be reviewing now this smartphone it’s an upgraded version of the previous ones that they made and they had our mo x2 x3. But this one else leaves more upgraded, more features, quality and I will go free everything, ok, it’s, a rug phone and it’s designed for more like builders and when they drop it won’t break of the Canon. So you can see by the design of it. It’S dustproof shockproof, it’s, waterproof and I’ll go for all the features he has now. What comes with? It is a user manual, as you can see here, it comes with a warranty card. If you contact your phone – and it comes with like a instruction of how to use under water – comes a phone charging instruction, it comes with a tempered glass screen protector. He also comes one that’s already on to the screen and the phone already but it’s, not a it’s, not a tempered screen doesn’t really need a case. I don’t think you will find a case for this kind of design. It comes with micro, micro, USB charging cable. If you had the USB type c, I think this phone would have been even better, but you know that’s one of the downsides mains plug and it comes with this pin. You opened it the SIM card slot. Okay. So when you open this up, it’s quite difficult because mostly they’re all free and you know put on in a way where it’s gon na come off that easily, you know things gon na break.

Okay, let me see if I can get this just show you. I can’t believe is Korea, okay, so when you get it out, you can see that here think there is push this in and this will come out when it comes out. You can just pull you out. Okay, so when you pull it out I’m, not really gon na pull you out, okay, but that’s, where you can put two nano Sims or nano sim or a mag, and a micro SD memory card and pour a memory card up to a 256 gig extendable micro Sd memory card, so that’s pretty good on the left side, you got a customizable button here. It also comes with the charging port, the button on the right side. It has the power button, the volume up and down button at the top. It takes a 3.5 millimeter, headphone jack and everything’s closed because it’s waterproof it has a dual camera at the back with a flashlight and the speaker is there on the bottom left corner IME eyes, as you see, and a serial number at the front has a front Camera as well – and let me switch your now so I can go through all the features now. This has a built in free, gig, ram and 32 gig internal memory, but you can also extend it with the micro SD memory card. It has a dual camera, which is a 30 ml pixel and a 2 megapixel the front camera is a 5 megapixel I’ve taken couple of pictures and a video video, and I would I will show you that as well.

Ok now the pictures come out quite a good video. It lags when you’re moving so that’s the downside of it, but if the quality is ok, when it takes the pictures yeah, he also comes with a micro toolbox because more all their drug robbed, but smartphones would come with the micro toolbox. Ok, this is more specifically made for lab builders and stuff. Ok, you has its GPS go into that and let me go to the crazy micro, okay, outdoor tool box. Ok, now inside this you have the compass, you have the gradient with a flashlight, the hanging painting. You could height meter the magnifier, the alarm bill, the plumb bob okay, and on top of that he has a GPS. It has a Bluetooth and it has a bubble level. Okay, it also has TJ built in as well. He also has NFC between, so you can use Google payment with this and pay contactless. So that’s another great thing about this smart phone. On top of that it has a face unlock as also you can register your face, unlock and use. This is 4G compatible. So you can use 4G sims and on this smartphone, its glove more, it has glove more built in. It has split screen function as well as a built in he has a billion Android 9.0 software’ bit went to this and it has IP 16 ip69k waterproof feature. Dustproof shockproof the screen size is 5.5 inch, 18.9 aspect ratio and he has between 5000 mAh battery capacity, so giving you a good long usage time of this smartphone.

Now, if you had a USB type c built in it would have been even better, because that way you can actually charge you up very quickly after the charge runs now, but it will take a bit longer to charge it up. But when the charge is about to go, you will take a lot longer that way. Okay, so let me go to I’m, get all confused right now, so the gallery files, no okay, he five all right so he’s here that’s the picture I’ve taken. Okay and he’s. Pretty good, okay: this is a night show with the Lampoon really fun so on all my x5 essays in the left, corner and and the quality is good I’m, in my opinion. Well, the video recording is so bad. I mean if he should have had better stabilizer stability program be went everywhere. You know it doesn’t lag when you’re moving all right. There are some kind of the foods like GoPro because there’s a lag this one likes, but it’s not really made for camera. So well not made for video cameras, but when it comes to camera is decent build. Quality is probably one of the best you won’t break that easily and it’s only in the only cost around hundred pound UK currency. Okay for a phone like this, so that’s all the features that this product has. If you are interested in this, I do highly recommend this competitive oval rub phones, because he has a lot of good features, including face ID NFC, 4G compatible.

Okay. So thank you for watching my video.