It is a portable printer from insects, the same guys that make those rad little snapping cameras, okay, it’s 1999 round and today I’m, going to show you some of the cool features. It has quick disclosure. While this video is not technically sponsored brand hub, which is an online retail store, does pay me to aggregate our content that allows sure not to be here to make these videos look way cooler than they should and to make me not look like an idiot’s like I mentioned before this is just a mobile printer. It uses the same photo paper that you would use for an insect’s camera, it’s, really really cute and simple: to use it’s rechargeable, so there’s a little battery port there. If you have a USB hub and then you connect it via bluetooth to your phone and you can print photos I’m going to show you how to print photos on this and some of the features that has as well as this like really weird cool matchmaking thing That it does as well so take a look at this pretty simple. You need to download the mini link app when you open it you’ll see all the settings that you can expect there’s a couple of things I like. So obviously you have to link by a bluetooth which I’ve done it tells you how many prints you have left we’ve got. Five gives you battery as well in simple things, pretty much like an insect’s except now on your phone, so you can do a basic print, which is just take a photo from your phone and print sets.

You can also take photos directly from the app and print them and then there’s a couple of cool things that you can add as well. You can add frames, video prints, quite a red one as well, so that allows you to take a specific moment or frame from a video and print those I’m going to show you some of the cool frames you can do so if you want to mess around And play a little bit just click frame prints and you can choose the frame that you want to use so we’re gon na use some of those cute, weird cat things and then I’m gon na find a picture of Snorlax and and Princess. You can see there that we added the frame hit prints simple, as that you know how this works it’s, exactly like an insect’s camera. They have added some little win and wonderful features, or so I want to show you those as well so the frames you saw the filters or lactose after there’s another little thing that they’ve added to this party print, which allows multiple funds to connect to the prints And everyone to go to print Matt but there’s also something called a match. Taste. This is kind of cool, so you can taste with one further or you can test you. Two photos. I’M gon na show you both. So if you want to do two photos, we need to do is hit there in going to your camera roll choose the photos that you want to use so we’re going to use Snorlax for this one and me, and then you get next now you can do A precision diagnosis.

This is where you have to answer a bunch of questions, or you can do a quick diagnosis for this one specifically we’re gon na do a precision, diagnosis, and you can do these with your friends. So you’ll see there that you have to hand your smartphone over to the person taking the match test I’m. Just gon na talk on behalf of Snorlax. For this. What would you do if you saw someone crying give them a hug find out what’s wrong, make them a drink, listen to them, leave them alone, Snorlax sleeps a lot so I’m presuming you’ll just leave them alone. If you could be anywhere. Where would you want to be right now? He would want to be on a bed, so home, sweet home what’s. Your preferred way of holding a conversation with someone he doesn’t so texting face to face. He doesn’t. If that should be an answer, I’m gon na say texting because I read Snorlax ghost people a lot, would you ever run a marathon or hell nurse Snorlax is never running a marathon. How do you prefer to study? I definitely don’t study he sleeps. Okay. So now, he’s gon na give the phone to me I’m gon na answer these questions so it’s good. What would you do if you saw someone crying make them a drink, Purvi alcoholic? If you could be anywhere? Where would you be right now? Definitely on a tropical beach what’s your preferred way of holding a conversation with someone, but even or not over the phone because I’m, weird and old school, like that, would you ever run a marathon? I have actually run a marathon once so.

I have completed one, but the answer is no. I won’t do it ever again. How do you prefer to study reading books? There we go now. You just need to print to see the results and I’ll show you what it looks like Music it’s not fully developed, but you can see there we’re a 44 match I’m a bit concerned. Apparently, conversations and sensitivity are where we’re closest matched, but when it comes to studying and values. This is a deal breaker I’m a little bit concerned, but there is another way to do it. This is testing with one photo of the two of us together, so we’re gon na try this out. If you hit there we’re gon na go into the camera roll, I happen to have taken a huge amount of selfies with Snorlax, so we’ll just drop that in there and move it over. There click Next. This time, we’re not gon na do the test so I’m. Just gon na do a quick diagnosis and see what happens still developing, but you can see there according to the quick prognosis we’re only a 40 match. It claims that we don’t match and impulsiveness actions or dreams. So awkward cuz, someone X was my favorite Pokemon, but according to the mini link, this relationship is never gon na work. The matchmaking thing is cute and it’s fun, but let’s be real for a moment. Ok, 1. The cost of these photo print papers is exorbitant.

You know this already if you’ve got an Instax or if you’ve ever looked into one, the printing paper costs way too much money to be wasting on little matchmaking tests. Also. I think this could be very dangerous to those of you, I’m presuming who want to use this to match with your boyfriend, like it’s, not gon na end well, for either of you so I’m, a bit concerned about that. But it’s, a cool fun feature right. There’S a couple of things that I really really like about the mini things, so the first one is the fact that there’s a party mode, so all your friends can link to it. I think that could be ready fun if your arts and abouts or you’re at an event where you could all print your own photos, that’s cool. I like the fact that you can add the frames I’ve always liked that about insects in general, adding the little frames and the funky boots, and I like the fact that you can print straight from your phone because a lot the time you’re not carrying a big Bulky Instax camera with you. Those things are big. They’Re annoying you’ve got to carry them around. If you can just pop in your pop photos off your phone and print them, that’s, rad that’s, so cool it’s also really well priced one triple nine is pretty decent. However, there is a part of me that thinks that the magic of an Instax camera is the fact that you can’t print these photos.

You can’t edit them, you can’t, add filters to them. You have to snap it with that big camera and you’re good to go, and I worry the first month take that magic way. However, if this is something that you’re instant you’re looking for a portable printer, it’s, really well priced for what it does just remember that the paper will end up costing you a small fortune down the line. But if you want to check it out, it is available. It is on sale now in South Africa. If I listen to your end and you’re gon na have to carry a portable battery back with you, because the battery doesn’t last as long as you’d think but there you go it’s a little portable printer.