Selfie camera is this cheap phone you should buy or it should go with another option. Let’S, take a look at all the pros and cons of the honor 9x, so we can make it buying decision yourself. The phone ships with the charger and a case keep in mind that the contents of packaging may vary depending on the region. Once you pick the phone up, it looks and feels really nice and premium in the hand. Although the honor 9x follow a trend, the design language of 2019, it has a really unique looking a holographic pattern on the back, which is made of glass. The frame is made of metal and the bars are nice. The overall build quality of the phone is excellent in a mass of LCD display is really beautiful. To look at both indoors and outdoors. The panel is sharp vivid and I like pretty accurate, color reproduction. There are no notches or other cut outs because the phone uses a 16 megapixels pop up camera. On the back, there is a triple camera setup that has the 48 megapixels main sensor wide angle and depth camera lens. I will talk about image quality in just a bit other features, including fast and reliable, fingerprint scanner that sits on the back of the phone, a hybrid dual SIM card, tray, USB type c port for charging and a headphone jack it’s worth mentioning that the honor 9x Has only one bottom firing speaker, I wouldn’t say that the quality of sound is the best, but is quite good one feature.

I wish this phone had a notification LED light. The Korean 710 F is at the core of this device. The Yuki model has four gigabytes of RAM and 128 gigabytes of expandable storage. Gaming performance is pretty good, as I was able to play games like asphalt, extreme Shadow fight, three on the highest graphics settings without any issues, but she runs spying on medium graphics, but he may see a few skip frames, but no major lag as far as software Goes the honor 9x ships with the emui 9.1 that is built on top of Android 9 with Google services working out of the box as usual to honor phones. There are quite a few customization options, settings and tweaks to play with. I also got used to gesture navigation in just a moment. My experience with the phone so far it’s been fast and responsive on the daily basis. I usually install from 20 to 30 apps on each device. I test and the online access has been performing really well. So far, good overall performance for a budget phone overall image quality is pretty good. Keep in mind that I could only test the camera on a cloudy day, meaning that the lighting conditions were not perfect, so the camera is capable of taking some nice pictures. There is a 48 megapixel small if you need an extra level of detail, but I would use 12 megapixel small for everyday shots. Wide angle pictures look nice, but the lens could capture more detail.

Well, this is the budget phone after all, portrait shots. Look quite nice. Thanks to nicely blurred background and decent edge detection in most of the situations, I suggest using a dedicated night mode for low light shots as it takes much better quality pictures wide angle. Camera quality does not really impress in low light, but that’s expected at this price point. Edge. Detection may not always be perfect in selfie portrait mode, but you can still get some nice looking shots for social media 1080p is the maximum resolution. This phone can shoot videos at, and I wish there was 4k video recording the overall video quality is pretty good, but I wish the footage was more stable. You can also record videos with a wide angle lens if you wish so 1080p selfie video quality is decent for a budget device in terms of connectivity. The phone has been excellent call, quality signal, reception and GPS have been great, and there is also Bluetooth, 5.0 and FM radio, a major shortcoming. For some users. There is no NFC, so you won’t be able to use the honor line, acts for mobile payments. The battery life has been really good thanks to a huge capacity power bank inside the phone on average. I could get about nine to ten hours of screen on time. If you use the device just for the basic stuff, you can get over 12 hours of SOT, which is a very respectable result. Inside the retail packaging.

There is only 10 watts charger that fully charges the phone in more than two hours, which is not the best result out there. Overall, the honor 9x is a very good budget phone, but let’s summarize all the pros and cons. First of all, I wish the device had NFC I’m, also a little bit disappointed that there is no LED notification. Light no 4k. Video recording and charging speed is limited to just 10 watts now the pros or why you should buy the honor 9x for the Yukie price of about 250 pounds. The phone looks and feels nice. The display is beautiful to look at. There are no notches or cutouts that many people hate the overall performance has been great. Cameras are capable of taking nice pictures. The battery life is very good and, overall, I think that the honor 9x is a great phone for the price. Despite a few shortcomings, do you agree with me or not tell me in the comment section down below also like the video, if you liked it, please drop me a comment down below. If you have any questions, follow me on social media and, as always, it was lioness.