This is the Motorola RAZR released in 2019 one’s, an evolution of the other, so let’s dive in the Motorola RAZR 2004 was a vanguard and design minimizing flip phone clamshell technology into something you could take with you a real fashion icon. The new one is a different kind of icon, clamshell foldable. Now this is one unbroken screen elongated to a 6.2 inch display now it’s, not the most advanced foldable out there and in fact, it’s long instead of wide, so it’s not going to be appealable right. The same way, but the nostalgia factor is huge here: question is how big is it let’s start with the obvious? Yes, it looks a lot like the old razor just bigger for modern hands and modern sensibilities, it’s going to act and operate a lot like your typical cell phone, except you can close. It there’s a lot more function out of get into later, but it really inherits a design language of satisfying clips. The flips open. This hinge has been rated to open 50 to 100 times a day for well past the phone’s lifespan. It doesn’t feel flimsy it’s, pretty smooth it doesn’t feel like it’s, going to break down in the way that some other fold goes out. In fact, all the design engineering languages within this hinge so don’t expect anything particularly advanced in terms of internals terms of camera. In terms of speed, it really is the novelty of having something in your pocket it’s about half the size, your normal smartphone.

So how useful is this big unbroken display? Well it’s, not quite wide enough. Like the samsung galaxy folder made X, you don’t get that tablet like screen the Real Estate’s more like a standard smartphone. So you scroll through and talk on it like normal. The novelty is really when you fold it close you’ve got this tiny display on the front text. Messages: music, emails, quick replies, stuff like that, in fact, it’s a lot like a SmartWatch in which you get a little bit of functionality, but a preview. It really changes. How you use the phone? Otherwise the razor is a lot like most big smartphone keys. It’S got a camera in the front and a selfie camera in the side. The novelty is when you flip it closed, then using the Motorola spinning feature to some of the camera. You’Ve got a selfie camera with a screen on it and then, if you are a video chatting, for example, you can flip it open this seamlessly. Transition to this, the razor packs, some solid, mid range, internals, Snapdragon, 710, 6 gigabytes of RAM 128 gigabytes of storage, which seems a little lower powered compared to other smartphones. But we haven’t really noticed difference. In fact, they went with a lower powered but still solid, mid range chip, because this thing is tiny: it is 14 millimeters flat and, of course, about seven when you unfold it, which means the more advanced chips could have generated, more heat, use, more battery, etc, etc.

It’S being a battery you’re, only gon na get 2500 milliamps here, that’s, not a lot, but because you’re only checking that small front screen. Most of the time. The guys motor oil anticipate you’re not going to use more than a day’s worth of battery we’ll, see how that checks out and it’s coming up pretty soon. Pre orders start in December for the US release in January, starting at 1500. They haven’t released pricing or availability, but we know it’s coming to Asia, Australia and elsewhere, and they’re really depending on demand here, which means, if you wanted a sport, but for the razor’s 15th anniversary. This is pretty cute and fun. They past wrapped in the present whether you want or not, is kind of up to you. The price range is you know three times what a normal Motorola top end. Er would cost you or twice as much as leading flagship smartphones.