This brand is really well known in Asia for releasing well made budget and mid range phones at pretty low prices, now they’re coming to Europe and promising to shake up the markets. In fact, they already have caught a lot of attention with the real me x2 Pro, which is in that hyper competitive flagship killer. A part of the markets. However, with that you might have totally missed its mid range sibling, the real me x2. So is this? The phone and get a 300 euro, or should you look at something else, I’m Angie for GSM Erina – and this is our review of the real me x2 Music. The real me x2 is a very pretty phone. The back is an eye catching pearl white with colors that reflect differently depending on the angle. The cameras and texts are all lined up on the back, so nothing looks awkward. Unlike underhill me, x2 Pro it doesn’t look or feel cheap. Despite the price it’s made of Gorilla Glass 5 on the front and back with a plastic frame that mimics real metal, extremely well there’s, no IP protection, certification and as far as general durability goes I’d definitely use the case included first it’s see through. So you get to enjoy the gradient and second there’s, quite a bit of wobble without it. So a case makes phone use on flat surfaces much less irritating in the hand. The x2 feels relatively light and comfortable the edge protrudes a little, but it doesn’t dig it to your palm, but the screen of 6.

4 inches it’s a little smaller than the x2 pro, but not by much still. General one handed use is quite comfortable. The x2 isn’t top heavy, so you won’t, feel like it’ll, fall out of your grasp when you’re typing with one hand, if you swipe down from the middle of the phone and get a search option for the entire phone or if you stretch a little, you get A full screen notification shade that actually requires fewer swipes, depending on what you’re. Looking for the x2 has two types of gesture navigation options, along with the classic navigation button, so scrolling through the phone feels easy. The actual buttons are clicky, but not amazing and you’ll find an expandable microSD card slot right about the volume buttons. Actually, one thing that is amazing is unlocking the phone. The optical fingerprint reader is one of the fastest we’ve tested and definitely the fastest in its price range. You can choose between two animations, but from what I can tell the flash animation feels well faster, so something I don’t really talk. A lot about is typing, but this phone has a very nice haptic vibration system, so typing is incredibly satisfying, and so is gaming, at least with games that take advantage of it. On that topic, the phone has a Snapdragon 730 G, which is a pretty competent mid range chipset, that performance standard for the class it’ll handle everyday use cases with ease and supposedly it’s better for gaming than the vanilla Snapdragon 730.

Although you probably won’t notice too much of a difference in the real world, the 6.4 inch full HD AMOLED display is a really good one and has excellent color accuracy in the so called gentle mode. The knotch, isn’t, obtrusive and you’ll still see most of the notifications. Just fine, however: brightness only goes up to 430 nits, which is decent but not very competitive. For instance, the me 90 has a notch list display that goes up to 646 nits. Well, the real me x2 pro has an insane 90 Hertz refresh rate and brightness. That goes up to seven hundred and eight minutes. On the audio front, the x2 has a single bottom firing speaker and a headphone jack. The speaker has rather good sound quality, but it’s, not one of the loudest handsets around sound with wired. Headphones is good but not mind blowing, especially if you’ve got hi fi headphones. The phone supports bluetooth 5.0, but sadly there’s no aptX, HD codec here so audio junkies. Should look elsewhere, the real me x2 has a four thousand milliamp hour battery and got a good hundred and five hours of endurance. We actually expected it to get more because it doesn’t have a display with the 90 Hertz refresh rate, and it has a more power. Efficient, chipset, still it’s a good showing and once the battery hit zero charging is amazing. You can get from zero to sixty seven percent in half an hour and the full charge takes less than an hour and 15 minutes.

The real me x2 features color OS 6.1 on top of Android Pi in general, it’s, a pretty snappy skin, with plenty of options and features. For example, there’s a system wide dark mode which can even get applied to apps. That don’t already have a dark mode in Android 9, like the Google Play Store, there is also the choice of an app drawer or having everything available on the homescreen on the homescreen itself. You’Ll also see an optional side bar with a few shortcuts and options. The real me x2 has a quad camera setup, but really it’s strength is a 64 megapixel main camera with an F 1.8 aperture other than that it has a macro camera and ultra wide and a depth sensor. The main camera outputs, excellent 16 megapixel photos with rendering similar to the x2 pro color is dynamic, range and detail was generally great, but there was a bit too much noise and some corner softness. Zoomed photos don’t hold up to optical zoom cameras, although you can get a decent image if there’s enough light, the ultra wide camera had very different processing from the main camp. Colors were punchier, more highly, contrasted and had underdeveloped shadows. Photos were softer, especially at the corners and there’s a lot of noise. To some extent, this was expected because ultra wise at this price range haven’t done amazing. So far, the macro camera is there and allows you to focus in on subjects from really close up.

But here colors are washed out and images as a whole were underexposed. The main camp had punchy, colors and low light, but photos were noisy and looked darker than we expected them to that said, the dynamic range is nice, even without resorting to night scape, and there are nicely preserved, highlights ask for a night scape itself. It produced brighter images and extracted more information from the shadows, but it made images softer and created something of a jittery effect. The ultra wide camera really struggled at night and produced very soft and oisi images. Colors were nice. At least nightscape is available for it too, but it doesn’t do much for it, as it makes photos even softer portraits. Had a natural look with nice bokeh, the edge of detection was impressive and is best when you leave the slider at 60 for key videos had natural, looking color as plenty of detail and okay dynamic range. However, some highlights were Clips due to overexposing we’ve seen, but our 1080p videos and detail was lacking, but at least the processing was the same as in 4k. Stabilization is only available at this resolution and you can’t turn it off. So if you want the wider field of view, you need to switch back to 4k selfies aren’t. All that impressive, due to the narrow, dynamic range dull color, is in a semi permanent beauty effects at least there’s plenty of details and night scape for poorly lit environments.

The real me x2 is an excellent phone with its one weakness being a decent but mediocre camera setup. It beats most of the competition with ease, except for the Xiaomi me 90 lem me 90 has a slightly better camera system and a brighter notch list display. So in the end, it’s gon na become a matter of priorities. Do you prefer the fast charging and expandable storage of the real me x2 or the cameras and display of the Xiaomi me 90? I think a lot of people are actually going to go with a me 90 because of those factors and because Xiaomi is a better known brand in Europe. However, if the real me x2 is caught your eye, I think this is definitely one of the best phones at this price, thanks for watching.