As my primary smartphone, I started using it from 18th October and just today the news was that Motorola has also come out with a foldable phone. The razor it’s doesn’t for like this, but again that’s, also a foldable phone I’ll post. My thoughts about that one in a different video but let’s talk about this one and I really wanted to use a foldable smartphone and see what is the experience, and now I have mixed experience. In fact, I would say it’s much better than I thought I thought this would be a write disaster kind of an experiment I purchased. This is not a review in it or anything, and I thought the entire money that I’m putting is going to go down the drain and after some time off 2 to 3 weeks posting this video. I will sell it off but I’m going to retain this phone because it is much better than I thought, but again, it’s not perfect, so let’s get over this and I won’t go about every detail about this phone because I’ve covered a lot of aspects in the Unboxing video I’ll leave the link in the description area so that you can check it out, but let’s look at this one and, as you can see, this is the one you get like this it’s a candy bar like thing like this, and this is always on Display that have enabled shows you, the time, notifications and stuff it’s a little bit of the bulkier side.

As you can see, it is like two phones actually sandwiched. So yes it’s a little bit on the bulky, but again you can hold it comfortably. In a single hand like this, because it’s not very vital, so you can hold it like this and the fingerprint scanner is over here and it took me a couple of days to get used it, but it’s very fast. As you can see, and this is sort of the mini screen and it actually has two screens – this is completely independent of the internal screen, so you can have your different apps over here and stuff. So I put some of the apps over here, so it’s fully functional and you can do quick replies and stuff over here with this one. But as you can see, this is very, very compact and yes, you can reply. I can write stuff, but again the keyboard here is a little bit crammed to my liking. I got used to it any smaller SMS whatsapp replies. I do reply, try this, but I wish this was a lot more wider. It would have been lot more easier to talk, but again, this is not the main thing. The main thing is that you unfold this like this, and this is how you’ve got to use it normally, and here is the advantage again as it’s foldable screen it’s a plastic OLED screen. So you have to be careful with this one again, you don’t poke it with your fingernails or do something like that.

Again, a watched, unboxing video. There are a ton of warnings given so be careful, but now I’ve being it now using it regularly I’m, not babying. It on anything but common sense, stuff, like when I’m folding it. I use the hinge like this to fold it, because what I’ve noticed is that lot of friends have took this phone check. They didn’t know how to do it and what they were trying to do is close it by pressing it here on the screen, or something like that, you should do that. You have to use common sense stuff. A little bit I mean it’s a fragile phone. There is one thing that I noticed on this phone that none of the other reviewers mentioned, and that started happening after about almost 2 weeks of use age. Again, as you notice, the entire mechanism is based on this hinge, so you fold it well let’s find the hinge works as you can see, but now, after about two weeks, I started notice saying a slight creaking noise over here. Let me see if the microphone can pick it up as you can see. So this is something that worries me a little bit. It was not there when it is new, but now after 2 weeks it started but it’s the same now after about now it’s, almost four weeks since I’ve been using it. So that is something that I have noticed and again I hope in the next version they make the hinge a lot better, but when you unfold it like this it’s, a very good experience, I would say you can do actually some multitasking, for example, I do browse Of that, and sometimes I open the whatsapp over here and even Twitter over here – and I can do two things at the same time – you can actually add a lot more.

You can reduce this a little bit and make this wider if you want, but those are some of the things that you can do so it helps you in multitasking, and the biggest thing for me personally is that if you be noticing lately, I’ve been actually wearing The glasses got some reading glasses now and with almost every phone in the normal mode. Some of the phones are so small that I have to actually wear this a lot of times, but on this one, because my name unfolded, everything becomes a lot bigger on this. One, as you can see so I’m, actually able to just let me remove this and open in the full screen mode, use it without the glasses. So again, the bigger screen does make quite a bit of a difference and one unique thing that I’ve noticed after getting this smartphone is that I generally also have the iPad pro 10.5 and I’ve also got the new Samsung Galaxy Tab. But after this one I have noticed that I’ve stopped almost using those to our devices, so this one is acting like a mini tablet to me and in that way, it’s actually really good. So many times I used to always keep the iPad in the. What do you say, my back and but now it’s just sitting here on my desk as you can see, so it has reduced that it’s, not a true tablet replacement, because I finally feel when you open a TS.

It becomes a little bit bigger 7.21 screen, but still, I would say, it’s not a true tablet replacement. If the screen would have been bigger it here or 8.5, it would have been a lot better, so it’s great for consuming content. Erm, for example. Let me just show you: the audio is actually good. It has stereo speakers. This is one con. That I’ve noticed is that, though the internal screen is supposed to be quad HD screen the maximum resolution that I’m seeing on YouTube is just 720p. I don’t know if it’s a bug or something, but that is something that I have notice in terms of colour, reproduction and everything it’s actually really good. I don’t have a problem I’m doing a lot of browsing on this. It handles everything. Fine, the good thing is that it’s, a very powerful phone and Samsung has thrown everything they have on this one it’s having the Snapdragon 855 SOC, not the plus, and it has that massive. What do you say? 12 gigabytes of RAM so in general day to day usage. Never you noticed any lag on this phone, maybe it’s the Samson request to alinka bytes or France on their phones, but yeah, jokes apart, I didn’t have any issues of lag eNOS and you have that app continuity, for example. This is the reverse I’m doing. Let’S say this app is over here and if I forward it will come over here, but this is not on by default, but you can set this, but what happens is regularly let’s say: you’ve got a mess eight or something – and you open it over here.

Reading this, if you just unfold it instantly, it comes to this screen. So again they have that continuity thing, and I thought it would be really really buggy, but they have implemented it very well. Also again, the folders got – and I know many of you might be asking about this crease that you see and if you notice, if you look at it straight, you don’t notice this crease, but again, if it’s on an angle or if you have really white or Total black things, then you will know, does the screen. Frankly, speaking again, this crease is like a notch. After a couple of hours, you stop noticing and I can did consume a lot of media watching your YouTube, videos, Netflix, etc. And again I had a very good experience. So again you forget about the crease. But yes, if you look at it from the angle, it is definitely visible. So that is regarding that – and I don’t like this big – not yes, they do have two cameras over here. I wouldn’t come mind if they just had a single camera, but this just looks ugly, maybe in the next version they should just remove it and it has a lot of cameras. I won’t get in debt. Regarding camera, I mean the camera setup. The rear camera, which is the main thing, is almost the same as the note pen plus. So I won’t get into detail so again, if you have noticed the pitches with the note 10 plus that’s the same case with this one and the fingerprint scanner is really good on this one.

And apart from that, there are some other things that I noticed on this one. It also has what do you say MST so with Sampson P, I have added my credit cards, so it works very well on this one. I just swipe it and tap on a machine and it works, so that worked very well also. The wireless charging is actually pretty fast on this one and I also used reverse wireless charging, as you can see, I’m wearing the Samsung gear watch, and I the charger is mostly in the office, so I don’t carry it, but I was able to charge it quite. A few times with this one so actually works very well. So these are the things that I have no test. The only thing is that worries me as of now is that hinge. There is very slight plea that I’m noticing, when I push it a little bit I’m, noticing that one that was not the case when I got it purchased at that new started happening after two weeks, but it hasn’t deteriorated. So that is one very have about this. One and again comments and stuff it’s, not water resistant. So again you have to be careful that not to put around the water – and this area is fine. The outer area is fine it’s having the Gorilla Glass and such so. This is durable, but I mean the internal screen is a plastic OLED, so you have to be a little bit careful not to point it with pointy objects or fingernails, or something like that.

That’S the thing. So these are my impressions, but now let’s talk about what would I like to see in the Samsung Galaxy fold to and Samsung is working on the gore fold to it really should come out sometime in 2020. So these are some of the things that I really want, and this is coming from a user who has used this. For now. I would say: I’ve really want a slightly bigger screen here: it’s functional, but again as I’ve told you it’s a little bit on the crammed side, specially when you’re typing I won’t mind if this was slightly wider and they could have pushed the screen even towards the Edges because Samsung has those edges screens, but here it does not go till edges, so hopefully in the fall too, they make it slightly wider and push the screen almost to the edges. That would be a lot more useful, I would say, and when we unfold it now it’s having the 7.2 inches screen, it’s, actually good enough, I would say, but I would like it to be even bigger, because right now I would say this is not like a True tablet replacement. This is like a micro tablet, a 7.2 which screen is good enough, but again it does not a proper tablet to place, and I would say when it the if they were working on a new one and it unfolds. I would like it to be even bigger about eight to eight point.

Five inch screen that way you can do real work. Yes, you can do multitasking, as I’ve told you like this put one Maps. If you do that, like that, it becomes a little bit on the cramp side. As you can see, I would love to have even a bigger screen on this one, and I hope they do that. I am it’s easily possible, I would say if they just make this a little bit wider. Obviously the internal screen will become even bigger, so that’s one thing that they can do again: it’s still a plastic OLED screen. So I want a little bit more durability on this. I don’t know: Corning was teasing that they have. What do you say working on glass that is flexible, so if they can add that to the next, what do you say, foldable device that would be great and that will add to a lot of durability on this one. Apart from that, I would say, as I’ve mentioned about the hinge already, I would like the hinge to be even better on this right now, I’m, having a little bit of flex, which actually frankly, worries me. So that is something that they have to really work on and also the make the hinge even tighter so that it is dust resistant as of now it’s, not des resistant. So you have to be careful with that and I don’t know if they can do this. Remove the visible crease on this, because I was seeing the teasers of Motorola RAZR, the flip phone and on that one from the teases.

What I’ve seen the crease is a lot less than the crease on this one. So if Motorola can’t do it definitely Samsung also has to up their game with that. So that is something that will be a real improvement over this one. And lastly, this starts at 2000, so it’s sort of a concept phone and now the Motorola RAZR, which is also a foldable phone, not different. It doesn’t become like a tablet. I hope that the next fold, the Galaxy fold 2 or whatever they call – is a lot more affordable. Hopefully, if they can bring it around the thousand dollars price point, it will be create and lot more people will actually get into this folder the world, and but I have to say after using this smartphone I feel foldables are the future of smartphones. But the question is: when would that future? Come is a question mark because, as of now, this is very expensive again, we are testing with the form factor. Samsung has gone with this one it’s like a candy shell like this, you open it. It becomes like a mini tablet: Motorola is shown a different concept: it’s, a small phone open. It becomes like a normal phone, so we will be seeing a lot more form. Factors with this foldable smartphones, so it’ll be very interesting times, and I see in 2020 a lot more vendors will start playing with foldable phones, so hopefully by 2021. I don’t know if it is possible, it might start to become mainstream if they manage to bring the price down to about thousand dollars, and I don’t not some of the kinks that I have mentioned.

But again, as I’ve mentioned earlier, this has surpassed my expectations, for the speakers are really good on this one stereo speakers, so the multimedia experience consuming of content reading of content is was a very good experience and in fact it exceeded my expectations. I got to be frank: I thought that half watch is this and after using it for two three weeks posting the review, I will sell it off but I’m not going to do that I’m going to still use it, because this was one of the most unique Smartphone experience that I had and just opening the tap and using it I don’t have to use my glasses it’s, a big bonus personally for me. Anyways guys that’s it for now for my review of this galaxy fold, I’ll also post my thoughts about the news, Motorola RAZR smartphone. What do I feel about that so again stay tuned for that and again next week, some new phones are launching so stay tuned.